Thursday, December 13, 2012

The End Of The "Schrammie"

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After 35 years of broadcasting in Seattle, KOMO has let Ken Schram go. He said "goodbye" on Monday.

KOMO is buying out the remaining year on his contract.

Schram says he doesn't know what he will do next and, "I don't know what happened to be quite honest with you. It's never been fully explained to was strange."

In recent years Schram has become well known for his "Schrammie" awards, which he publicly awarded to those with whom he disagreed.

I can remember, maybe, a couple of times I agreed with him, but for the most part, particularly on social and moral issues, I could not have disagreed more. And I have often expressed my disagreement in our daily blog. And to him personally.

For that reason, I was often invited to be a guest on his radio show on KOMO.

While I vigorously disagree with his position, there is a point of respect I have held for Ken Schram.

In the run up to the vote on marriage, Schram took on his own Catholic Church for their pro-traditional marriage position, strongly urging them to change their biblical position on marriage---or at least not promote traditional marriage in the church by removing R-74 signature sheets.

I wrote a blog suggesting that in trying to tell his church what they should do and believe, he was trying to be "as God," much like the serpent was suggesting to Adam and Eve in Genesis. I said he was naked and should cover himself with fig leaves.

Within minutes after the blog was published, his producer was on the phone asking if I would come on air with Ken. We vigorously debated marriage. Off the air he laughed and told me he would give some thought to my characterization of him.

Perhaps he gave it some thought, but he is still wrong on the issue.

In his last day on the air, he suggested people like us who stand for traditional marriage, should "get over it."

That will never happen Ken.

However, to Ken I would say, thank you for the respect you always expressed toward me personally, both publicly and privately.

And if you have some extra time on your hands, I have a couple of books I suggest you read.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.