Monday, March 04, 2013

Abortion Is A Wish-Granting Genie?

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Abortion activists must be in a panic. It is true they are losing support from the younger generation. It is also true they are making some unbelievable statements.

But first, Hollywood got it right this time.

The first episode of "The Bible" series aired last night on the History Channel.

Super star producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice, Celebrity Apprentice, Shark Tank, etc.) and his wife Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel) have completed a several year project and have created a certain classic.

The Burnetts were faithful to the text and spirit of the text, yet delivered the message in a contemporary way that is emotional, compelling and spiritually moving.

"The Bible" will not only relate to Christians, but to anyone who watches it. The series will air each Sunday evening on the History Channel through Easter Sunday.

Hooray for Hollywood. They nailed it this time.

Americans, particularly the younger generation, is coming to realize it is, in deed, a baby in the womb---not the "fetal mass" Planned Parenthood and NARAL has described to a less informed generation past.

This generation has seen the ultrasound pictures. And so, now, have their parents.

Planned Parenthood and their maternal twin NARAL have abandoned their euphemism of "pro-choice" because they say, "Abortion is too nuanced of an issue to be called anything at all."

They have now launched a re-branding campaign focused on a more relativistic approach, featuring the trauma and emotion a woman experiences when she makes the decision to have an abortion. It's titled, "Not In Her Shoes." The ads are presently running on television.

As the previous president left NARAL recently, she expressed concern that the abortion industry was loosing support among this generation.

It's the comments of the new president and Hillary Clinton that are raising eyebrows.

Some of their statements are so incredulous and odd, they could, in fact, become an answer to the prayer.

Since Roe v. Wade, America has aborted over 55 million babies. You have likely seen the "Debt Clock," well, I have linked the "Abortion Clock" which shows the number of abortions in the country and world since Roe v. Wade. It also gives other numbers relating to abortion--- in real time. It is chilling.

To watch the number of abortions, etc. in real time, click here.

Abortion, as you know, has been called "choice," "reproductive freedom" and even "reproduction justice" for several decades. Now they are dropping all those terms and taking the narrative to a new level.

Hillary Clinton, speaking at a recent abortion meeting said abortion is "the most basic of human rights."


Actually the right to life is the most important and fundamental of human rights.

It is the oldest moral teaching in human history, being enshrined into human experience through the earliest biblical teaching.

All successful cultures have recognized the sanctity of life and deemed murder illegal. And have failed as they devalued life.

Our Founders recognized the sanctity of life when they acknowledged Life as the first mentioned right, followed by Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But IIyse Hogue, the brand new president of NARAL in her effort to resuscitate is making some unusual statements.

In an introductory video she said, "The rise of the Tea Party has surfaced a real desire on the part of a few, to ramp up the restrictions on woman's freedoms and to do what I call 'stuff the genie back in the bottle.'"

It's more than a few, Ms. Hogue. It's a growing number of people.

And is that how she defines abortion? A genie?


In her video, she equates abortion rights with women's suffrage and says, "The right for a woman to decide is foundational to everything we want for ourselves, our family and our country."

Apparently, she feels abortion somehow equalizes men and women.

She concludes her message promising NARAL supporters that she will, "not just keep the genies out of the bottles, we'll keep releasing more and more by igniting a movement to embrace pro-choice values. "

LLyse Hogue is a secular progressive's dream come true.

She has previously held high level positions with the far left progressive "Media Matters" and ""

However she may also be an answer to prayer for those of us who are pro-life. Although she is skilled with words and driven by passion, I'm not seeing how equating magic genies to abortion relates to the present thinking on abortion, particular among young adults.

More realistically her "genie" is being put back in the bottle in Texas.

Texas Right To Life, working with pro-life legislators, have passed a sonogram law, taken $64.2 million away from the abortion industry and have restored funding to pro-life pregnancy centers.

They say it has not happened because a "few" in the Tea Party wanted it. It has been a sustained effort supported by many.

Washington is not Texas, but a great starting place is continuing to work hard to elect pro-life candidates, including for statewide offices.

As the State GOP and the national Party as well seeks to find its identity, this is a time for people of faith and conservatives to be heard. And to help restore the Party to its former values.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.