Wednesday, March 06, 2013

DOJ: Children Do Not Need, Nor Have A Right To Mothers

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As stunning as it sounds, the President of the United States and his administration is arguing to the Supreme Court that children do not need mothers.

President Obama, as I have reported earlier, has inserted himself into the California Proposition 8 matter that is soon to come before the Supreme Court.

Although the President had said he would not involve himself because it is a state issue, he evidently "evolved" and is fully immersed, and with the full force of the United States government, is asking the Court to strike down the will of the people and the Prop. 8 that they passed.

Those that support Prop. 8 and natural, traditional marriage, have argued that the traditional family led by a female mother and a male father is the ideal model, determined by nature itself, and is the best model for raising a child.

The Obama administration says that is not true.

They are contending that kids don't need a mother, nor do they have a legal "right" to a mother---having 2 fathers or 2 mothers is just as good as having one of each.

Here's their case:

The Obama administration says, "As an initial matter, no sound basis exists for concluding that same-sex couples who have committed to marriage are anything other than fully capable of responsible parenting and child-rearing."

"To the contrary," the administration says, "many leading medical, psychological, and social-welfare organizations have issued policy statements opposing restrictions on gay and lesbian parenting based on their conclusion, supported by numerous scientific studies, that children raised by gay and lesbian parents are as likely to be well adjusted as children raised by heterosexual parents.”

They say, “The weight of the scientific literature strongly supports the view that same-sex parents are just as capable as opposite-sex parents."

Then Obama's people disingenuously cite a policy statement by the American Psychological Association that supports same-sex parents and suggests they might be "superior" to heterosexual parents----then concedes there is little actual data on the results of raising children in 2 father households.

The administration also argues that, "In light of California's conferral of full rights of parenting and child rearing on same-sex couples, Prop. 8 already admits there is no distinction."

Terence Jeffery says, "So far in the history of the human race, no child has ever been born without a biological father and mother. Now, in the Supreme Court of the United States, the Executive Branch of the federal government is arguing that, regardless of the biological facts of parenthood, states have no legitimate and defensible interest in ensuring that children conceived by a mother and a father are in fact raised by mothers and fathers."

The brief the administration presented to the Court casts children as items controlled by others, not as human beings who have God-given rights of their own.

This is consistent with the rationalization for abortion. It's all about the woman with the unwanted pregnancy. The unborn child has no right to life in this thinking.

Now, an extension of that thinking is telling the Supreme Court, children of any age have no inherent rights, including a right to a mother and a father and that the only rights in question are those of the homosexuals who want to "marry" each other.

Jeffery says, "To take this view and be consistent with the principles of the Declaration of Independence—which recognizes the ultimate authority of the 'Laws of Nature and Nature’s God' and says that 'all men are created equal' and 'endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights'—the Obama Justice Department must advance the assumption that natural law and Nature’s God give children no right to a mother and father and no right not to be legally handed over by the government to be raised by same-sex couples."

America is on a path of self destruction. I believe all of this is serving as a wake up call to many people of faith.

Many do not agree, but I believe God can--- and will, turn the heart of this nation through the prayers of His people.

God help us.