Thursday, June 13, 2013

Feminist Torch Being Passed To Girl Scouts of America?

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A recent Girl Scout sponsored event in New York City was billed as one that "would celebrate women and girls."

It featured a live screening of the documentary "MAKERS: Women Who Make America," a feminist, pro-abortion, pro-lesbian video account of prominent women who are described as "trailblazing" and whose "pioneering contributions" have changed America.

The lineup of personalities is extensive. While most of the featured women most likely fully support the agenda of the folks who made the documentary, perhaps some do not---however, the implication is that they all do.

And as you look a little closer, the documentary and accompanying discussion and speeches are not really about women who have achieved something, but more about the old, 1960's feminist agenda and indoctrinating a new generation.

This event in NYC was sponsored for the Girl Scouts by Girls, Inc. of NYC and PBS station WNET.

But it went further than that--much further. Girl Scouts of America got behind the event and promoted it extensively on the Internet and elsewhere across the country, as did the money behind "MAKERS".

The headline speakers were Marlo Thomas and Amy Richards. A closer look reveals that this event was not so much about women and their achievements, but about an unfinished agenda and a desperate group of aging women who led the sexual revolution in the 1960's who are looking for someone to take their place---stand in their gap---carry their torch.

And they have chosen the Girl Scouts.

To me it appears to be borderline child abuse. You decide.

The producer of "MAKERS" explained to the girls in attendance that they had created a strong presence online because they wanted to reach an audience like Girl Scouts. "And," the producer said, "Girls are online more than anywhere else."

This is a link to a 2.5 minute pro-mo piece about the documentary. It appears pretty nice---and benign. While the introduction emphasizes that it is the most dynamic "collection of women's stories ever assembled" and the process of their production "ensures that the make-up the library of stories includes women from all walks of life with diverse experiences and perspectives," the whole of their presentation looks very different.

This is a link to the entire documentary. It is about 54 minutes long.

While researching this story, I came across an article on Breitbart titled, "Girl Scouts Face Abortion Controversy." In reading it I found an eyewitness account of the event.

Mary Rice Hasson, with the "Catholic Stand," has a very different take on what happened at the event.

She says, "While it profiles the occasional businesswoman, politician, or athlete, the documentary shown at the screening is chock full of interviews promoting abortion, lesbian rights and sexual freedom."

"Not exactly wholesome content for Girl Scouts," she says.

Hasson says the documentary ends by proclaiming the women's movement as an "unfinished revolution."

It appears the old feminists who burned their bras in the 60's are recruiting their replacememnts.

Marlo Thomas, Gloria Steinem and that group are intent on passing the torch and they have chosen the Girl Scouts of America to become their surrogates.

Hasson said Thomas framed the past as "a time when women couldn't do anything" and took a swipe at Phylis Schlafly's pro-marriage work.

Marlo Thomas told the girls that as a feminist, she herself loved men but didn't want to be married because, "I can't mate in captivity."

The heart of Hasson's message to her readers is this: She asks, "So why is the Girl Scouts' promotion of a feminist documentary such a big deal?"

This is her answer:
Because the MAKERS narrative is so unabashedly pro-abortion that it strips away all pretense that the Girl Scouts USA is ‘neutral’ on the issue of abortion.

Let’s go back to the MAKERS series itself.

Although the series claims to feature a panorama of women, it reads like a who’s who of abortion activists. The overall narrative weaves the fight for ‘reproductive rights’ seamlessly into the fabric of American feminism, telling the story through the eyes of selected activists.

The “Groundbreakers” of American feminism, for example, include women like Sarah Weddington, the attorney who argued, and won, Roe v. Wade, the landmark case legalizing abortion. Weddington’s video segment describes the fight for legal abortion as “one of the most important and crucial issues in American life.” (The few pro-life women included in the series, such as Phyllis Schlafly and Carolyn Graglia, are cast as women who “opposed” change for all women.)

Other ‘Groundbreakers’ include Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler (of Vagina Monologues fame), Faye Wattleton (former President of Planned Parenthood of America), Dr. Ruth Westheimer (“Dr. Ruth”), Alice Walker, and Hillary Clinton.

But one “Groundbreaker” stands out among the rest as emblematic of the “visionary role models” now embraced by the Girl Scouts: Amy Richards.

Amy Richards was introduced to the Girl Scouts at the panel discussion as a feminist activist and co-founder of the Third Wave Foundation. (The Third Wave Foundation champions abortion, LGBT activism, and until 2011, maintained an “Emergency Abortion Fund” which gave women “grants” to fund their abortions.) But Richards is a MAKERS Groundbreaker not only for her activism but also for her “brave” decision to pursue selective reduction.

It’s chilling to listen to Richards, in her MAKERS video segment, describe how her “first thought” on learning she was pregnant with triplets was, “Is there any way to get rid of one of them?”

Keep in mind that any Girl Scouts who attended or watched the MAKERS panel discussion—in which Richards did not mention abortion—and who seek out Richards’ MAKERS videos will hear this ‘role model’ describe why it was so important for her to “get rid of” two of her three babies, aborting them in a process called selective reduction. They will hear her defend that decision, saying, “At the end of the day…what matters is that I was in control of my decision.” And they will hear Richards’ unapologetic moral ‘justification’ for her abortion.“

This is a link to Amy Richards comments. It is about 2 minutes.

Hasson's conclusion: "If abortion is ‘right’ for Amy Richards, and Amy Richards is ‘right’ for the Girl Scouts, can the Girl Scouts ever be ‘right’ for pro-lifers?"


And I would add-- once again, we see those who seek to redefine the culture showing no restraint and in their minds, their end justifies any means---including the indoctrination of little girls.

God help us.