Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Parent Alert: New "Indoctrination" TV Shows Now Airing

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There are a couple of new TV shows that parents and grandparents should be aware of.

One is targeting little children--preschool to young teens, the other targets a general audience, but specifically 18-24 year olds. This show, because it is set in a "family" setting, may also be attractive to younger children.

There are several people credited with discovering or inventing TV, as the technology that gave us TV evolved over time from German scientists as early as 1884 to several Americans in the early 1900's.

Philo Fransworth, however, is most often recognized as the person who invented electronic television.

Fransworth, in 1927, transmitted, for the first time, an electronic television image. The image was a dollar sign.

He went on to found Fransworth Television, Inc. in 1929.

In later years Fransworth often told his family and close friends, "There's nothing on [TV] worthwhile."

Interestingly, he told his kids, "I don't want it in your intellectual diet."

Television has now become the tool of choice for those who seek to secularize America and your family and undermine traditional values and institutions---particularly the redefining of marriage and family.

Here are two new shows that parents and grand parents should be aware of.

"SheZow" is a cartoon which targets younger children, perhaps as young as pre-school up to kids 10 to 12 years old. However the shows producers have announced that certain adult groups are also watching it because of its storyline.

"SheZow" airs on the HUB network which is available on most all cable and satellite services. HUB Channel is co-owned by Discovery Communications and the toymaker Hasbro.

"SheZow" features a 12 year-old boy who uses a magic ring from his dead aunt and the key is a reoccurring phrase in the show, "You Go Girl!" With that phrase the 12 year-old boy becomes a crime fighter female superhero named "SheZow."

The "One Million Moms" organization is organizing an effort to boycott and remove the program from television.

They say "SheZow" is "an attempt by the gay lesbian and transgender community to indoctrinate our children into accepting their lifestyles."

I agree.

They say, "The media is determined to pollute the minds of our children and there is no better way to desensitize them than through a cartoon program. Everyone knows children are drawn to animated shows; both boys and girls love superheroes. This character especially will appeal to both boys and girls since the superhero represents both genders by cross dressing and being transgendered."

Claiming the program will confuse young viewers, the pro-family group suggests that impressionable children will want to imitate "SheZow's" main hero character, Guy Hamdon (voiced by Sam Vincent). "It won't be long before little boys are saying, 'I want to be a girl, so I can help people and save the world!'" the Mom's suggest.

"SheZow" has attracted an adult following, with many viewers responding to the Hub cartoon premiere episode over the weekend with support.

This was posted on an adult's Facebook page: "As a trans woman, I see no harm in this show making some attempt at introducing the concept of non-binary presentation as just another thing that people can do, instead of lionizing it or demonizing it, either for shock value. If the only purpose it serves for an American audience is to get the conversation started from a place of acceptance, so American children can put a face to an idea, it's a good thing."

The link above has a 30 second introduction to the show. Be sure to watch it.

ABC Family is debuting a new Monday night drama series, "The Fosters," which is produced by Jennifer Lopez and her production company. The series, ABC says, tells the story of a lesbian bi-racial couple who raise biological and adoptive children together.

"It's about a biracial, lesbian couple who have biological and adopted children, all living together as a family," Lopez tells Entertainment Weekly, adding it "takes chances."

"There's something that every family can take out of this show and say, 'That's exactly what happens at my breakfast table,' or, 'I can't believe she said that! That's exactly how I say things to my son.' It's very relatable that way," says the series star Sherri Saum.

Kate Juergens, executive vice president of programming for ABC Family, told Marketplace last week, "I hope we are making it accessible. I hope we are making it seem normal. I think it's the job of this network to depict the idea of family in as wide a variety of ways as possible."

Unfortunately, many in the television industry feel it is their "job" to normalize that which is not normal and they will go to any expense and effort to do so.

To paraphrase Philo Fransworth, TV's inventor, I don't want this in your intellectual or moral diet. There's nothing much worthwhile on TV.

Be aware of what your kids are watching.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.