Thursday, December 19, 2013

Why All The Distress Over "A Plastic Baby Jesus?"

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WLTX TV quoted military veteran John Sammons---"I don't know where a plastic baby Jesus could cause such emotional distress on somebody that they would want to get involved with the military folks and have them removed."

Probably only in America, Mr. Sammons, a country founded on biblical principles with the Founding documents framed in the context of a cultural Christian consensus.

Sammons said, "Many have died overseas today for the right for your religious freedom and it breaks my heart."

It's breaking many hearts.

But the heart breakers are at it again.

The removal of the Nativity scene at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumpter, S.C., came as a result of demands from Mikey Weinstein and his atheist Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Mr. Sammons makes a good point.

Should a plastic baby Jesus create such a stir?

Is there more than patriotism motivating these folks?

Why such a stir? If there is no God and Jesus was merely an historical figure, why the obsession to get rid of Him?

"Separation of Church and State" they say. Many now know that Jefferson's words have been revised, and what was intended to be an assurance that government could not interfere in the affairs of the church has been inverted and is now a tool for greater interference and the erosion of public expression of religion.

Recent polls, however, find that over 70% of Americans think there should be more Christianity in the public classroom.

Over 90% of us celebrate Christmas in some fashion.

Nobody wants a "Theocracy." We just want to be able to celebrate Christmas in some way.

People are growing weary of Mikey Weinstein and his atheist group.

WLTX TV has revealed some of the reasons people are growing a little weary of it all.

So has the Washington Times. One person wrote on Facebook: "Since Shaw AFB decided to buckle to pressure and immediately remove the Nativity scene....why bother acknowledging Christmas at all? No days off, no holiday leaves or schedules...all civilian employees report to work like any other work day."

Mikey is killing the Christmas party. And he is bragging about the fact that it only took him 2 hours to force the Pentagon to get rid of the Nativity.

But there are other reasons why Mikey is out to get the plastic baby Jesus and why people are getting fed up with his antics.

Sammons also told WLTX TV, "It upsets me first and foremost because I'm a Christian." There are several related news stories about this incident on this link.

So why the obsession to get rid of a plastic symbol of someone who doesn't exist? Is Mikey merely trying to be a good citizen and see that no one violates the so-called "Separation of church and State" law?

I doubt that many see Mikey as a pure patriot.

Jesus has always invoked strong passions. He is rarely ignored. In fact He, Himself said, "Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division" (Luke 12:51).

Jesus never attempted to be "politically correct" or to say what people wanted to hear, He spoke the Truth.

He did not adapt to people and social mores, He came to establish moral Truth and transform people.

Matthew quotes Jesus saying, "Think not that I came to send peace on earth; ...but a sword. For I came to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law" (Matt. 10: 34-35).

The relationship Jesus came to establish with the individual is deeper and more profound than even that of family members.

Jesus divides on a spiritual level. Those who accept Him as Lord and Savior become one with Him and with one another. Those who reject Him do not.

In Matthew 12:30 Jesus says, "He who is not with me is against me."

Our culture is often defined by "relativism"---no absolutes--everyone decides what their truth should be.

"Inclusiveness" is seen as a virtue today because it demands affirmation of behavior and belief, not merely tolerance.

Moral relativity, Universal religion and Naturalism are all a part of today's spirituality. Some times this blend is called Christianity. It is not.

Those who embrace a religion that embraces these philosophies find themselves at considerable odds with Jesus.

The gospel, or Good News, is the power of God that brings eternal salvation to those who accept it. This is very different than a mere philosophy.

The "Truth" sets people free. Pursuing the truth does not.

And at the heart of it all; the heart that is unwilling to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and God's Word, most often rebels.

And that is most likely Mikey's problem.

It is our choice whom we will serve. We can choose God and discover the true meaning of Christmas, or we can reject God and fight against the plastic symbols.

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

Merry Christmas.

Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Grateful. Be Blessed.