Monday, April 07, 2014

Tolerance? Mozilla CEO Fired For Support Of Prop 8

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Brendan Eich worked his way up through Mozilla to recently become the CEO of the company.

However, he failed to learn one important lesson---until last week.

That lesson is described by a quote in the New York Times from a gay activist organization that helped bring down the CEO: "Those who seek to deny love and instead enforce misery, shame and frustration are our enemies and we wish them nothing but failure."

Eich had contributed $1,000 to Prop 8 five years ago in California. He believes marriage should be between one man and one woman.

This degree of freedom is no longer tolerated.

The lesson? Those who are driving the agenda to redefine marriage and family, and normalize homosexuality, love the word "tolerance," but only to a certain point. That point comes when they are asked to tolerate the views of people who believe marriage is between one man and one woman.

Those who seek to destroy small businesses such as Arlene's Florist and Gifts in Richland, Washington, various cake bakers and photographers, and large national businesses like Chick-fil-A, apparently see "tolerance" as a tool, not a virtue.

Brendan Eich, who recently became CEO of Mozilla, the company who gave us the Internet browser Firefox, was forced to "resign" because of what he believes about the institution of marriage.

The LA Times says those who think Eich was wronged are on a witch hunt and are trying to making a foolish case. The Times says he has "no right to be CEO and never did."

Todd Starnes at Fox says, "The left does not believe people who oppose gay marriage should be allowed to engage in the democratic process. And they have a proven track record of intimidating and bulling those who do."

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The Los Angeles Times tries to make the case that Eich's "resignation really wasn't about his beliefs regarding marriage."

Todd Starnes at Fox News says indeed it was. He says, "The road to political correctness is littered with the bodies of folks like Brendan Eich sideswiped by the tolerance and diversity bus."

What do you think?

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