Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A Triumphant Victory For Religious Freedom

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While I was on the radio live yesterday morning, the US Supreme Court released their ruling in the Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Wood Specialties cases regarding whether the families who own the companies were required under law to provide contraceptives that induce abortion to their employees, thus violating their deeply held religious beliefs.

I talked with my radio audience at some length about the significance of this ruling as it was being announced publicly.

Throughout the day yesterday, elected officials weighed in with their opinions on the ruling, while the media worked with urgency trying to manage the public perception of how important this decision really is for religious freedom in America.

Every person of faith and pro-life conservative should be informed as to the importance and broader effect of this ruling. It has significant implication in regard to religious freedom and the right of conscience.

Here are some comments from those who understand the importance of the ruling and from some who are trying to control and diminish the impact of the ruling.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Congresswoman from Washington's 5th Congressional District, called the ruling "A Triumphant Victory for Religious Freedom."

She said, "Today’s ruling marks a victory for religious freedom and for the American people. We live in a nation founded on the fundamental right that all people can live and work according to their beliefs – without fear of punishment from the federal government. This morning the Supreme Court defended liberty by ruling that American family business owners should not be forced to choose between their faith or unlawful, unnecessary government mandates. While we celebrate this triumph for religious freedom today, our work is not finished. We must keep fighting to ensure that the Constitutional rights of other individuals and organizations are also protected."

Jay Sekulow with American Center for Law and Justice calls it a "huge decision" that "people should not try to sell short."

But that's exactly what was happening within hours of the ruling being made public yesterday.

The media and the religious left were doing all possible to "sell short" this decision.

The media is calling it a "smoke and mirrors" decision that is meaningless.

Gloria Borger and Carol Costello were on CNN wringing their hands when the news first broke, then they began to settle down a bit with Gloria saying "not to worry, not to worry," Obama will take care of this. Somebody will pay, he just has to decide who is going to pay for it.

People who claim to be part of the religious left are directing words I won't even quote or link in this article, while some are urging people to burn down Hobby Lobby stores.

Sekulow said yesterday, "What's significant is that the majority of the Supreme Court said the Obama administration was wrong in compelling business owners that have religious convictions to check them at the door. And its a big win."

Indeed it is.

Washington State Senator Patty Murray was visibly upset with the decision.

She said, "Your health care decisions are not your boss' business---period."

She also said, "Since the Supreme Court decided it will not defend women's access to health care, I will."

The "mom in tennis shoes" promised secular progressives everywhere, "In the coming days I will work with my colleagues and the administration to protect this access, regardless of who signs your paycheck."

Last week VP Biden told a group of homosexual activists in Washington DC that gay rights trumps traditional values.

Evidently, in the mind of Ms. Murray, abortion trumps religious freedom and freedom of conscience.

ABC News quoted Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas: "Today's victory in the Hobby Lobby case is terrific news---but now is no time to rest. We cannot rely on the courts alone to defend our religious liberty."

Well said.

Dr. George Wood head of the Assemblies of God, issued a statement yesterday acknowledging the significance of the Supreme Court Ruling, but noting that unfortunately there are already those moving to amend or repeal the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Wood, himself a lawyer, has joined with other leaders in signing a letter to Congress urging elected officials to resist any effort change or eliminate the RFRA.

As Sen. Ted Cruz is suggesting, this is not a time to rest.

I'm asking you to contact your US Representatives and Senators and urge them to not amend or repeal the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

I am certain Sen. Patty Murray and her colleagues are already at work to undermine the Act.

Be Vigilant. Be Pro-Active. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Confident.