Wednesday, October 08, 2014

High School To Christian Club: "No"---Again

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Last school year his high school told 17-year old John Raney "no" to organizing a Christian club on campus.

John said at the time he felt "marginalized."

Liberty Institute, a Christian law firm, heard about the matter and stepped in threatening to sue the school district.

After a school district investigation, Superintendent Cheryl Pedisich reversed the ban on the Christian club and apologized to John.

This year they are telling John the same thing---"no," but are using different excuses.

Do they really think parents (and Christians) are that dumb, or just uninformed?

Last year the school district told WCBS News in December that the club would now be approved for formation, citing that the initial reason for rejecting the Christian kids was "apparently inaccurately conveyed."

She said the decision had been made by a committee---2 administrators and 2 teachers.

Raney said last year, "I felt violated, all me and my fellow Christian friends wanted to do was meet."

Welcome to 2014.

New school year, same Long Island New York school, same Christian kids, same request, same reason for the request.

Same response: "No."

Why did it become "okay" after the investigation, the involvement of Liberty and the interest of the news media last year but isn't "okay" this year?

Assistant Principal Christian Losee says they are saying "No" this year because there is no student interest in the club. And the school has "financial limitations."

John and 17 other students have already signed up for the club, so there is "interest."

If the school has money problems that require them to deny Christians equal access, why did they approve 4 new clubs this school year?

Liberty is calling the school again for another show and tell.

Mr. Sasser, with Liberty Institute, says, "This is not a complicated issue. Simply put, public schools cannot discriminate against religious clubs and must treat them equally, and provide them equal access to school facilities, as non-religious clubs."

John says, "I wanted to start the club because I thought it would be a safe space for Christians to meet and talk about their faith."

He says, "The second me and my friends mention God, they get all up in arms about it---like there's something wrong with believing in these things."

His mother, Trudy, is wondering why the school that claims to be the champion of tolerance, diversity, inclusiveness and "welcoming" is trying to shut up her son. And marginalize him.

I think we are beginning to know why. And so is she.

John said he and his Christian friends just wanted a "safe space" to talk about their faith.

Is there such a place anymore?

Read Palms 91.

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Pro-Active.