Thursday, February 26, 2015

"I'm Gay. And I Want My Kid To Be Gay, Too"

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Many parents would like to see their children follow along in their footsteps, at least in some ways, but an op-ed published by the left leaning Washington Post this week is very revealing about what homosexuals really believe about their sexual orientation.

And the importance they place on indoctrinating children.

Sally Kohn, a writer and CNN political commentator, in writing for the Post admits she wants her daughter to be a lesbian like herself.

I thought they were born that way.

The advocates will say every parent has hopes and dreams for their child---Ms. Kohl is merely hoping her daughter was "born that way" too.

But they should read her article and note the steps she is taking to ensure her daughter follows in her footsteps and embraces her lifestyle.

It does not appear this lesbian mother is counting on genetics to make her dreams come true.

In a stunning but not surprising parallel, Ms. Kohl's efforts to indoctrinate and influence her own daughter mirrors that in the public classroom.

A new study out this week reveals that Kohl's plan works in the classroom---and will likely work in her home.

Sally Kohn writes in her Washington Post op-ed this past Tuesday she will support her 6 year old daughter's career ambitions whether she wants to be a dentist or an artist, but when it comes to matters of the heart, Kohn wants her daughter to grow up to be just like her 2 mommies.

"The idea that folks are 'born gay' became not only the theme of a Lady GaGa song, but the implicit rational for gay rights," Kohn writes.

The tone and text of Kohn's article suggests strongly that Kohn is counting on upbringing and indoctrination more than genetics to achieve her goals for her daughter Willa.

This is how Kohn describes the process of achieving her goal:

"We've bought every picture book featuring gay families, even the not very good ones, and we have most of the nontraditional-gender-role books as well---about the princess who likes to fight dragons and the boy who likes to wear dresses."

And she continues:

"When my daughter plays house with her stuffed koala bears as the mom and the dad, we gently remind her that they could be a dad and a dad. Sometimes she changes her narrative. Sometimes she doesn't. It's her choice."

Are we dealing with genetic disposition or choice?

Kohn admits her daughter has a crush on a boy she rides with on the school bus---which she lamented to a friend in an email. Her friend offered her advice, ending with "Bet it wouldn't bother you so much if her crush was on a girl."

My point is not that parents have no right to influence their children. Quite the opposite. I believe every parent has the right and responsibility to "train up" their children.

My point is that parents and authority figures do in fact influence the lives and beliefs of children. This is especially true in the case of parents.

This op-ed is a glaring example of the hypocrisy woven into the homosexual agenda.

In court and in the public square they proclaim they are born that way, can't help who they are and identify their rights and demands by identifying with the actual Civil Rights Movement, while in the privacy of their own lives make every effort to be sure their kids choose to be gay.

Ethnicity is not the equivalent of sexual behavior. Are blacks or Hispanics concerned that their children may not be black or brown?

This same hypocrisy and resolve to indoctrinate children is seen in the classroom and the entertainment industry.

Every day kids in public school are subjected to this same narrative, with the same end in mind.

While most will not admit it as Kohl has, a new expanded generation of gays is not only a wish, but an intention.

It all comes down to who will teach the child. And what they will teach the child.

A newly released survey reveals that a growing number of American families are choosing to home school their children.

Over 2 million families are now home schooling, and in almost every case they say the reasons are (1) they believe the quality of public education is failing, and (2) they object to the methodical indoctrination against their religious beliefs and values in the classroom.

The importance of parental influence cannot be overstated in a child's early development. Ms. Kohl knows this---so must Christian parents.

Neither can the effect of daily influence of indoctrination in the classroom be overstated.

The Barna Group reported last year that a startling 59% of church going millennials 30 and older fell away from church at some point in their young adulthood.

These are church kids.

This new study by National Home Education Research Institute that was taken with over 1,000 participants over a two year period, compares the life results of those who were exposed to Christianity in their home and church but went to public schools, with that of those who were raised in church, but were home schooled.

The in-depth study strongly indicates that the public school experience most likely played a significant role in tearing down the Christian beliefs under which they were raised.

NHERI President Dr. Brian D. Ray says, "The intimate participation of parents in their children's education and spiritual development is unmistakable."

Well documented statistics prove those who attended public school were the most likely to shed their Christian faith as young adults.

Homeschooled students were nearly three times more likely than public school students to have strong Christian beliefs.

Compared with those who mainly attended public school, Christian school students were 27% more likely to have strong Christian beliefs as adults.

What about same-sex "marriage?"

Among homeschooled, 16% said they supported same-sex marriage, while 29% of those who attended Christian school and 33% of those who attended public school said they supported such "marriages."

Surprisingly, those who had attended private secular school were the most likely to support same-sex "marriage"---46%.

Churched millennials who attended public school were the most likely, of this group, to have cohabited with a sexual partner later in life.

Of the others, 28% of private school students, 22% of Christian school students and 9% of homeschool students said they had engaged in co-habitation.

Ms. Kohl is certainly on a track that can greatly enhance the possibility that her child will choose to be gay.

The question for people of biblical Christian faith would be, "Are you on the right track?"

If not, why not?

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Blessed.