Friday, February 27, 2015

Media Mocks "Communication With God" aka "Prayer"

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Widely read columnist and commentator Taegan Goddard wrote this last Tuesday:

"Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker frequently says he's waiting for 'God's calling' to run for president, so he was recently asked under the public records laws to provide 'a copy/transcript of all communications with God, the Lord, Christ, Jesus or any other form of deity'. Walker's office responded that no such records exists."

Goddard then took his mockery to social media sending out this Tweet:

"Govenor Walker's office was unable to provide any transcripts of his conversations with God."

Yeah, but that's just one guy in the media.

It is, but the silence of most all other mainstream news media to even question Goddard is stunning. And revealing.

He has been appearing on various talk/news shows and is yet to be challenged by mainstream media.

It's disgusting that the same media who has dutifully reported that President Obama has said he has sought guidance through prayer, has now cast prayer as some kind of freakish extremism in the life of one of the most successful governors in America.

It's deeply concerning to think that our public discourse has fallen to this---publicly mocking prayer.

Breitbart News rightly points out that both "President Obama and Martin Luther King, Jr., publicly stated that they have sought guidance from God. Neither has ever been mocked by the media."

Is Goddard truly that ignorant, or merely that biased and bigoted toward Christian conservatives?

It's interesting that Goddard and now others would focus on Walker since there are a number of other Republican biblical Christians who will likely be running for the presidency as well.

Walker has been highly successful as the Governor of Wisconsin---and has been elected 4 times in a very liberal progressive state.

Is the far left in the media more afraid of Walker than say, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and other Christian conservatives who will likely run?

Perhaps. Who knows? Walker is a committed biblical Christian and the son of a Baptist pastor.

Not only has the media attacked Walker on the issue of his personal prayer for God's guidance, but on his refusal to comment on Rudi Giuliani's comments about Barack Obama's patriotism and Christian faith.

When grilled, Walker told the media he didn't know what is in Obama's heart.

That was not the answer they were looking for.

John Nolte wrote this week, "To protect Obama and blast Republicans, the media are now engaging in outright McCarthyism."

Nolte says, "The question you must now answer, and answer in a certain way, is no longer 'Are you now or have you ever been a communist'?"

Nolte says that because "Walker didn't vouch for Obama's Christianity and patriotism, the coordinated and effective media attacks are coming from all sides: 1) He's not ready for prime time. 2) He's racist. 3) He's extreme. 4) He's a bumbler."

Silence is now not good enough for the media. You must "affirm" or else.

Not only do we see this extreme demand directed at Christians who may become candidates, but toward the general public as well.

Look at the marriage issue. It isn't good enough to merely tolerate those who choose to practice homosexual behavior, and demand "marriage." You must celebrate it---and if you don't, in the case of marriage and even abortion---you are punished by law.

Ben Shapiro wrote yesterday, "This week, the media broke news that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said, at an event attended by prospective Republican candidate Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, that he does not believe President Barack Obama 'loves America'. This isn't news." Obama's Christianity was also questioned.

Shapiro notes all the non-American policies and values the president has pursued and concludes every one pretty much knows this.

"But," he says, "Giuliani wasn't the media's true target. The true target was Walker."

His is an interesting article that explains how the Republican Party has set itself up, to some degree, for this kind of public attack. I recommend you read it.

There is another, more important dimension to this episode.

This episode regarding Walker, Giuliani and others will repeat itself hundreds of times over the next 20 months.

Certainly there are highly motivated political differences that are manifest in our culture during political campaigns---particularly when so much is at stake.

But at the heart of it is an accelerated rebellion toward God Himself---and toward those who actually embrace and live out His principles and Truth.

It is acceptable to give lip service to Christianity in our current culture, we can even claim to "be" one, but it is becoming more and more unacceptable to actually live and act according to God's Word.

There is "civil Christianity" that gives mental assent to the concept of the religion, then there is biblical Christianity, in which people accept the claims of the Bible, accept Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God and the only way to God, appropriating His death and resurrection for our sins and eternal salvation.

I'm reminded of Joshua.

He was 110 years old and had seen it all. And he remembered it all. Summoning all the people (Joshua 24:1), he gave them a lengthy reminder of God's faithfulness and how and why they had gotten to this place at this time.

He told them of the evils and deceptive and destructive religions and philosophies that existed, calling on them to make a choice.

He said (24:15), if you want to serve those other gods, go ahead---"But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord."

A quick glance at America's history tells us why our forefathers came here in the first place. And how and why God blessed this new nation.

A glance at the culture today reveals the need for a reset, a restoration. That begins with a choice.

That begins with each individual choosing whom he will serve---publicly and privately. And how each will lead their household to serve.

Be Blessed.