Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lexington, Mass. Cancels "American Pride" Prom

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Lexington, Massachusetts was ground zero for the Revolutionary War, with the "shots heard round the world" being fired and the first battles fought in this town.

However, 240 years later, "American Pride" is considered offensive to the school system, and some of the students they are trying to indoctrinate.

The prom committee voted to have "American Pride" as the theme of this year's high school prom.

That fits...doesn't it?

After all, up the street from the high school is the monument that commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord---the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

The monument itself, erected by the community in 1799, declares it was erected to honor "The Freedom and Independence of America, Sealed with the blood of her sons."

Aren't we proud of that?


Assistant Superintendent Carol Pilarski says the "American Pride" theme "would not be inclusive."

Prom canceled.

What are the students who daily walk or drive past one of America's most important national monuments to Freedom thinking?

They're thinking this is about something much more important than a school prom.

The school district officials have not relented, but are now saying that the kids must carry the theme "National Pride" but not "American Pride" because that "excludes" other nationalities.

They have rescheduled the prom for late April. The theme will be "National" Pride. Not "American" Pride.

Is the school district teaching that other "nationalities" are "not" Americans? Or that they cannot assimilate and be proud of this country? Aren't we all, save the Native American Indians, from some where else?

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, "White" students compromise about 83% of the student population. Asians represent 14% with Hispanics at 2% and Blacks at 1.2%.

Is the school district suggesting that all the non-white students---Asian, Hispanics and Blacks are not welcome to have pride in America, because American pride is reserved for white students only?

The district officials say they are comfortable if the kids want to wear red, white and blue, but no "American" pride.


This is a current example of how disoriented our culture has become---especially public education.

Many of the kids the school is attempting to indoctrinate are not buying this nonsense. Neither is a growing number of adults all across the country.

Student Ethan Embry says, "In my opinion, it's a lot of hypersensitivity to being politically correct."

Student Sneha Rao told Ch. 7 News, "People consider America to be a melting pot, so the fact that it was even considered offensive is what people are a little surprised about."

The school district's motto, "The Historic Past Meets the Progressive Future" might give Sneha, and others a clue as to where the district is actually coming from.

Much about the 'Progressive Future," not so much about the "Historic Past."

Ethan got it right. It's hypersensitivity to being "politically correct."

In fact, Assistant Superintendent Pilarski was asked, "You don't think it's one of those ideas that might be too politically correct or trying to please all the people all the time?"

Her response? "I don't believe that's the case, no."

Political correctness has led this school district, under the guise of "inclusion," to stick its finger in the eye of those who took a stand for liberty and freedom in that very town 240 years ago.

While the school officials are drowning in political correctness, lets take a quick look at what the people of Lexington believed in 1775 and were willing to lay down their lives to defend.

A quick look at what happened in Lexington:

The first shots starting the revolution were fired in Lexington. On April 18, 1775, British General Thomas Gage sent 700 soldiers to destroy guns and ammunition the colonists had stored up. They had also planned to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock, the two key leaders of the patriot movement.

Dr. Joseph Warren learned of the British plans and sent Paul Revere to alert Hancock and Adams. Most all of us are aware of Paul Revere's role in this event. Although the British captured Revere, the message that the British were coming was delivered to the Colonists.

When the British soldiers reached Lexington the next day, Captain Jonas Parker and 75 armed Minutemen were there to meet them. The Minutemen were greatly outnumbered. The British soldiers fired on them killing 8 Minutemen and injuring 10 others.

The British marched on toward Concord, while the Colonists secretly moved and hid their arms and ammunition. As the British continued their march, local farmers and townspeople were gathering, while the Minutemen were responding and gathering.

By the time the British soldiers reached Boston, 73 were dead, another 174 were wounded. In that day's fighting, 49 patriots were killed and 39 were wounded.

America had taken its stand for liberty and freedom. The die was cast. The rest is history. The history the Lexington Public School officials are either discounting or denying.

This is the exact inscription on the monument near Lexington High:

Sacred to Liberty & the Rights of mankind!!!
The Freedom & Independence of America,
Sealed & defended with the blood of her sons.
This Monument is erected
By the inhabitants of Lexington
Under the patronage and at the expense of
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
To the memory of their Fellow Citizens,
Of Lexington and ASAHEL PORTER of Woburn,
Who fell on this field, the first victims to the
Sword of British Tyranny and Oppression
On the morning of the ever memorable
Nineteenth of April, An. Dom. 1775,
The Die was cast !!!
The Blood of these Martyrs
In the cause of their God and their Country
Was the Cement of the Union of these States, then
Colonies, and gave the spring to the Spirit, Firmness
And Resolution of their Fellow Citizens,
They rose as one man to Revenge their Brethren’s
Blood, and at the Point of the Sword, to Assert
And defend their Native Rights,
They Nobly dar’d to be Free!!
The contest was long, Bloody and Affecting.
Righteous Heaven Approved the Solemn Appeal
Victory crowned their Arms; and
The Peace, Liberty, and Independence of the United
States of America was their Glorious Reward.
Built in the year 1799.

Today, in many ways, this battle is repeating itself. Freedom loving people are fighting, not on the grassy fields near their homes, but in the courts and public buildings of this country. They are confronted, not by the British, but by their own government that has exceeded its intended role, and its auxiliary educational system that attempts to indoctrinate our young and diminish and marginalize the God who gave us our rights and freedoms. And to minimize the efforts of those who stood and gave their lives in defense of liberty and freedom.

Today, each citizen becomes a "monument" to remind the next generation. Each of us will become a monument to freedom and liberty and the grace and mercy of God, or our inscription will reflect a frightened, confused person who suffocated in the swirling waters of political correctness and rebellion toward Almighty God Himself. We will not be remembered for our convictions, but forgotten because of our silence.

Be Proud. Be Thankful. Be Pro-Active. Be Free.