Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Seattle Mayor Boycotts Religious Freedom

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Openly homosexual Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who led Washington State down the path of so-called "tolerance" to redefine marriage in the state, is now displaying anything but "tolerance."

He's angry because Indiana has chosen a different path than Washington did. They chose to honor religious freedom.

Indiana's Governor signed a law last week that reflects the federal Religious Freedom and Restoration Act signed into law by then President Bill Clinton.

Mayor Murray says, "The law doesn't reflect the values of our city."

Apparently Murray's view of his city includes no provision for religious freedom, because the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act absolutely does not discriminate against homosexuals, but rather protects the religious freedom of all people---unlike the newly minted laws in Washington State.

Angry Ed is now organizing a national boycott of Indiana.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence, who signed the law Friday, says there has been an "avalanche of intolerance" poured out on our state. Reports says the "liberals anger is off the chart."

"Its outrageous," Pence says.

Also, on Friday, Barronell Stutzman, the owner of Arlene's Flowers in Richland. WA. was officially fined $1,001 because she declined to compromise her biblical values on marriage.

There is also an "And" in the ruling.

The $1,001 fine is a token offer to coax her to compromise her faith.

The "and" if not complied with, will destroy her financially. She says she will not "compromise her faith in Jesus regardless the cost."

Mayor Murray's spokesman told the Seattle Times, "Murray will begin working with other mayors to see if there's a way to re-evaluate having the US Conference of Mayors in Indiana" where it is scheduled for next year.

Interestingly, 7 of the top 10 convention cities in America already have that law in their state and it hasn't had any negative affect on their convention business.

In addition to Murray's immediate ban on city sponsored business travel to Indiana for any reason, he will "additionally direct all city departments to conduct a review of current contracts to identify any the city may have with businesses in Indiana."

Indiana Governor Pence points out that the federal Act was signed into law by Bill Clinton 23 years ago and that 20 states have laws to reflect the federal law. He says, "It lays out a framework for ensuring that a very high level of scrutiny is given any time government action impinges on the religious liberty of any American."

Murray wants none of that. No room for scrutiny in this brave new world.

Pence says this isn't even about "disputes between individuals, it's about government overreach..."

Homosexual activists, speaking through an accommodating press, are telling the nation "this is a license to discriminate."

Note just how "accommodating" to the homosexual agenda ABC's George Stephanopoulos was on the "This Week" show last Sunday.

Gov. Pence was easily justified in telling George, "We've been doing our level best George to correct the gross mischaracterization of this law that has been spread all over the country by many in the media. And frankly some of the media coverage of this has been shameless and reckless...I'm not going to stand for it."

Note how Q13 TV opened their story on this: "Mayor Ed Murray has forbidden the use of city funds for travel to Indiana in response to a controversial new law that could discriminate against specific groups."

Unfortunately, current leadership in Washington, a state that has been home to 6 generations of my family, has along with a complicit press, created a new norm: Government Overreach.

And it may be reaching a boiling point.

Barronell Stutzman is experiencing the full weight of government---and the full wrath of the homosexual agenda.

The agenda has never been about "tolerance" or "equality, "it's about "special rights" for a "special class" who have chosen to participate in a specific sexual behavior, which they claim is an "identity."

The State is leading her to the gallows of financial ruin---because of her religious convictions and beliefs.

Kristen Waggoner, Stutzman's lawyer, told the Christian Post:

"Today's judgement affirms the court's earlier decision that Barronelle must pay a penalty for her faith and surrender her freedom and conscience," Waggoner said in a statement. "The penalty and fees imposed today are only the first punch. The ACLU, on behalf of the same-sex couple also suing Barronelle, has asked the court to award them penalties, fees, and costs, which will financially devastate this 70-year-old grandmother's retirement and personal savings. The message sent by the attorney general and the ACLU to the people of Washington is quite clear: surrender your religious liberty and free speech rights, or face personal and professional ruin."
Even though Stutzman faces the possibility of personal and professional ruin, she had the "option" to escape from her legal crisis if she had agreed to accept Ferguson's settlement offer, the day after she was found guilty in court, which was to pay a fine of $2,001 and agree to provide her services for gay weddings. Stutzman, however, felt she could not turn her back on Jesus in order to save herself or her business.
"Washington's constitution guarantees us 'freedom of conscience in all matters of religious sentiment.' I cannot sell that precious freedom," Stutzman wrote in a recent letter to the attorney general's settlement offer. "You are asking me to walk in the way of a well-known betrayer, one who sold something of infinite worth for 30 pieces of silver. That is something I will not do."

The Bible is very clear on the issues of human sexuality and marriage. To embrace and enforce laws that stand in absolute contradiction to the biblical model is indeed the path of a well known betrayer who sold out Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

And to attack freedom of religious expression and conscience in this way is an affront to those who founded this great nation, to those who fought to preserve our freedom, and to the next generation.

May we all find the courage to stand in our own circumstances with conviction equal to that of a 70 year old grandmother in Richland who promises, "I will not betray Jesus. I will not betray my faith."

Be Courageous. Be Informed. Be Prayerful.