Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Grand Old Party Collapsing? Or Being Re-Born?

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Things are changing rapidly in Abraham Lincoln's political party.

And the change is driven by deeply held moral beliefs, not political whim.

Just 8 days before the first Republican presidential debate, PEW Research has discovered only 32% of Americans have a "favorable" view of the GOP.

"Favorable" views have fallen 9 percentage points since January. This in spite of a Democrat president who leads from behind---or not at all, and a Democratic successor who can't seem to tell the truth.

Even Republicans are becoming un-"favorable" toward their own party. Six months ago, 86% of Republicans were "favorable toward their own party, now only 68% are "favorable."

What's going on?

Sadly, here's the most revealing problem in the PEW Poll---at least in my opinion: Democrats are still trusted more to handle big issues, to "govern in a more honest and ethical way."

That's incredible in light of the scandals that follow Hillary Clinton, none the least of which is lying about classified email on her personal---in the basement of her house, Internet server, while she served as Secretary of State of the United States of America.

The American people seem to be more accepting of dishonesty from Democrats who do not have a political platform that reflects social, biblical values, than Republicans who do have a political platform that claims to hold to biblical, social values.

From American's inception, our Founders placed a high value on morality, urging people to evaluate the candidate's morality and character above all things. Including the candidate's honesty.

Many Washington State candidates crisscrossed the state from Port Angeles to Walla Walla, Colville to Cathlamet, Cheny to Chehalis, Metaline to Mabton, and Starbuck to Seattle promising Christian, conservative voters they would stand for their shared biblical values.

After receiving the citizen's trust, money and their vote---fast forward to Olympia. In the last hours of the state's longest legislative session, every Republican---except for 7, voted for a budget that includes more than $50 million for Planned Parenthood.

Even big business is publicly rejecting Planned Parenthood, claiming "they never knew them," and have never contributed to them.

But Republicans---except for 7, in Washington State could not even bring themselves to stand against funding an organization that sells baby body parts.

However, now 34 mostly, but not all Republicans, are calling for A/G Ferguson to "investigate" Planned Parenthood. Now that they have funded Planned Parenthood for another 2 years.

Is this merely a ruse so they can travel back to Sunnyside and Spokane, Chehalis and Chelan, Wapato and Washtucna, claiming with a straight face they took a stand against Planned Parenthood?

Sunday night the US Senate, under Republican leadership, did the same thing by funding Planned Parenthood with over a half billion dollars, in spite of the strong opposition by Senator Ted Cruz and others attempting to keep their promise to the people who elected them.

Conservatives and Christians are looking for a clear voice in leadership. Or at least an honest one.

Donald Trump, while perhaps the most skillful at capturing the attention of the public, is not the only candidate advocating for conservative causes.

Senators Ted Cruz, and others in Congress, including some of the presidential candidates, are taking an heroic stand for both biblical values and conservative causes.

We must take notice. Be Informed. Be Discerning.

And they are offering honest immigration positions, while Jeb Bush, as an example, is explaining his immigration policies in Spanish to Telemundo television.

The modern day GOP has perfected the craft of "Denouncing Democrats" but are at a loss to even slow down, much less stop President Obama's destructive agenda. And that of the far left secular progressives.

The Republican Party is doing what liberals did awhile back---but now find it unnecessary to do today; Putting form over substance---trying to fool the folks.

Attorney David Limbaugh wrote yesterday, "It's easy for the ruling class and its enablers to dismiss conservative opposition as misplaced fury, but grass roots anger is anything but random and cathartic."

He said we have witnessed "assault after brutal assault against the Constitution, our liberties and our values...And adding insult to injury, they continue to elect Republicans to office based on their promise they will try not only to stop Obama's momentum but also reverse it and make real headway toward saving this nation."

David says what many feel: "Time after time, they deliver instead outright betrayal."

With the same old excuses---"We're doing the best we can. We're powerless to do much, and if we try, the voters will be angry and we'll never win the presidency."

The ruling class in the GOP probably will not change their ways. Nor will some of those intimidated by the ruling class decline to follow them, even after promising otherwise back home.

But there is a growing number of people committed to changing who rules.

It is spiritually based, not politically based.

Spiritually based solutions consist of being an informed voter.

But there's more: An abiding belief that ultimately righteousness prevails---a belief in the power of God to change a culture, and discernment for those willing to be used by God. A deeply held belief that God will answer the prayers of His people and heal the land.

God bless Ted Cruz and the others who seek to do what they promised to do when elected to Congress.

God bless the 7 in Washington State who refused to bow to the State Republican leadership and again fund Planned Parenthood.

Honor these:

Rep. David Taylor-15th District, Rep. Graham Hunt-2nd District, Rep. Jesse Young-26th District, Rep. Elizabeth Scott-39th District, Rep. Matt Shea-4th District, Rep. Brad Klippert-8th District, Rep. Gina McCabe-14th District,

Thank you and God bless you.

Is the GOP about to collapse? Or about to be re-born?

It depends on how people of faith and conservatives respond over the next 16 months. Much hangs in the balance.

Be Informed. Be Pro-Active. Be Prayerful. Be Very Prayerful.