Monday, January 11, 2016

WA State in State of Denial Over Bathrooms

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Washington State will now require public buildings, including schools, to allow individuals to use bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex.

Shouldn't parents have a right to expect that when their children go to public school the boys will use the "boy's" bathrooms and lockers and the girls will use the "girl's" bathrooms and lockers?

The state says, "No."

The State is not only standing against the rights of parents, but against Nature and commonsense.

Homosexual activist Seattle Mayor Ed Murray was advocating for this last summer.

Governor Inslee is trying to dodge the issue---at least for now.

The policy, which activists say "clarifies" existing law, went into effect the day after Christmas.

Washington has crossed the threshold into a state of denial.

Although this policy, which changes existing law and was essentially created by Human Rights Washington, took effect December 26, it has been in the works since 2012.

It eliminates a previous separate standard for schools, which allowed them to look at locker room use for so-called transgender students, on a case by case basis.

Sharon Ortiz, Executive Director of Human Rights Washington and ACLU staff attorney Margaret Chen, both say this merely clarifies law that previously existed under state anti-discrimination law according to Seattle's Fox Q13 TV.

State Rep. Graham Hunt (R-Orting) plans to propose legislation this week that will allow businesses to maintain segregated facilities based upon an individual's genitalia.

State Rep. Laurie Jinkins (D) says the concerns over transgender bathroom access is about nothing more than fear-mongering.

Sure, normal people, including children, don't care if they are going to the bathroom or taking a shower next to a stranger of the opposite sex---any concern is just another act of "fear mongering" on the part of those out of touch conservatives and Christians.

This policy is the result of homosexual activists incrementally introducing it.

Seattle's Mayor Ed Murray has been celebrated by the Seattle Times and others for how he, as a state representative, then state senator, incrementally introduced so-called "same-sex marriage" over more than 10 years---claiming his domestic partners bill "was not," repeat, "was not" marriage. The day following its passage, the Seattle Times published an article titled, "Give Them The Name" because it was "everything but the name."

Washington State submitted.

Last summer Mayor Murray was nurturing this current policy along.

He told King 5 TV, "The move is meant to give people who identify as transgender, or who don't conform to a specific gender, a safe place to use the restroom."

He said, "The transgender community deserves the dignity and respect that most people take for granted."

What about a safe place for the normal kids (and adults) who are not confused about their gender?

Is there no need of a safe place for them? Or are they simply undeserving?

Is there no consideration for their dignity?

The Kitsap Sun is reporting that the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties recently crossed the line from at attempt at common sense to a state of denial---well, they didn't use those words---but they did report that the Y had previously instituted a policy that required transgender members to use private family locker rooms.

They are now apologizing for their missteps, saying, "We made some mistakes through lack of communication and lack of progress."

"Progress" in this brave new world is defined as "transgender members are now free to use the restrooms and locker rooms designated for the gender they identify with, not necessarily the gender listed on their birth certificates."

Governor Inslee Tweeted his approval of the Y's "progress."

Some Christian activists are busy trying to discover where the Governor stands on this issue.

I can help. He is all in because he has to be because of his philosophical and political positions, but the whole matter is so weird and distasteful he is trying to avoid speaking directly about it.

This is from someone close to the source.

Sue Beisley, standing outside the Bremerton Family YMCA, told the Sun, "I think it's great. It's time. This is the world we live in."

Is it?

Can you believe Washington State---politically and culturally---has been drawn into a discussion about going to the restroom? And those advocating for this revision of existing law are doing so with a straight face as though gender confusion is normal and should affect and involve all of us.

The Tacoma News Tribune raises the question of legality. Can an activist homosexual organization---Human Rights Washington--- oversee and facilitate the revising of an existing law?

Should the legislature not be involved in this revision?

The answer should be, "no." But then that would assume a degree of common sense.

Non-transgendered, non homosexual activists who are pushing this are drowning in political correctness, not compassion or fairness.

I understand there is more than a little concern among elected officials who know this is not appropriate behavior, nor is it compassionate.

As they convene in Olympia, I suspect we will see some definitive action on the matter.

How many so-called "transgender" folks are there?

The Stranger, a strong homosexual advocacy publication in Seattle, says no one knows how many, but the National Center for Transgender Equality's web site says no agency has been able to get a count, but they estimate the amount could range from 0.25% to 1%.

"And that," they say, "is the reason this will not be a problem, because there are so few."

It only takes one predatory individual to forever impact an impressionable child. This provides cover for such an event.

And what about the 99 to 99.75% who are not confused about their sexuality? Do we have no right to expectation of privacy when we go to the bathroom or take a shower?


The Stranger is warning homosexual activists to be prepared for Republicans and conservatives to attempt to overturn this policy and not be caught "flat footed."

I pray they are right.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning.