Thursday, February 11, 2016

Muslim Students Seize and Convert University Classroom to Mosque

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Muslim students at a German university have seized control of a classroom designated as a "silent room" or study room and converted it into a mosque.

They have erected a wall to segregate genders, are installing feet washing facilities and signs instructing women to "wear the veil---and do not wear perfume."

This is a profile of how multiculturalism destroys.

Muslim students have been demanding the public university turn the room into an exclusive Muslim prayer room, or makeshift mosque for some time.

After a series of demands and complaints, the university decided to close the room.

However, 400 angry Muslim students quickly signed a petition demanding it be reopened, alleging anti-Muslim prejudice on the part of the university.

On Wednesday, the university responded with an open letter.

For those who don't read German, the letter, I'm told, explains that the institution is strictly secular and gender separation is illegal in German public institutions.

Eva Prost, a spokesperson for the university, says, "There have been demands from Muslim students to turn the room into an exclusively Islamic space ever since it was set up, but the university has repeatedly resisted."

She says, "There has never been a prayer room for Muslim or Christian students."

Without warning, the university says the Muslim students "arbitrarily altered" the room.

I would say so.

An improvised wall has been erected to separate men and women. The Quran is now prominently displayed, feet washing facilities have been provided and prayer rugs have been brought in.

Flyers are being distributed instructing women to wear the veil. There is also a separate entrance through which women must enter.

The university's open letter says, "Female visitors of the room were repeatedly intercepted at the entrance by Muslim male users and told they only had access to a small, more confined space, compared to the larger part reserved for men."

Eva says, "All this we cannot accept. Elimination of gender discrimination we must protect, because as a State institution, we are committed to the Basic Law."

She also said these kinds of controversies are "not normally debated so hotly" in Germany.

She explains that the events on New Year's Eve in Cologne has brought much more attention to these kinds of issues.

By all accounts, Germany's culture is buckling under the pressure caused by essentially opening their borders to Muslim refugees.

This is a list of nearly 30 international stories from Breitbart News covering the chaos in Germany just since New Year's Eve.

You will note if you review them, Cologne police have now received over 1,000 complaints after New Year's Eve sex assaults, sex assaults more than doubled at the Cologne carnival, a German town has shut down schools after authorities received a letter written in German and Arabic threatening "infidels," Cologne police are now passing out fliers: "In case of Sex Assault: Breakaway, Scream, Repel." And there's more.

I agree with Eva---"All this we cannot accept."

But it's happening in her country, and no one seems to have a solution----many are admitting the "genie is out of the bottle," Germany can never fully recover.

America is in the political throes of making the most important political decision in recent history---perhaps ever.

Who will be president?

I believe all Christians are called upon to involve themselves in this process.

But we must be properly informed and spiritually led.

There is a hurricane of hot air blowing from the mouths of political pundits and candidates. You can hear most anything you want to hear in this one-of-a-kind presidential campaign.

The best advice, I believe, is to take a moment, or two or three, and cut the noise. Be still...

"Be still and know that I am God."

When your turn to vote in the primary comes around, you'll know exactly who to vote for.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be At Peace.