Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hillary--A Profile Of Conflict

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It is written, "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways."

"Man," of course, refers to mankind, or as the so-called secular progressives prefer, "humankind."

When Donald Trump called for the Clintons to "shut down the Clinton Foundation" or for "an investigation of the $100,000,000 Foundation," the progressive Left and uninformed citizens dismiss it as just "politics."

When the Boston Globe---a leader in biased news reporting and unwavering supporter of Hillary and her policies, call for Hillary to shut down the Foundation, it should cause all good people to take a closer look.

A closer look reveals her profile---not Kennedy's "Profile of Courage," but a "Profile of Conflict."

When the Boston Globe, hardly a Republican or conservative newspaper says, "Clinton must suspend donations if she wins the presidency," it's clear this is not a partisan issue.

As Clinton's emails continue to be made public, it is becoming more and more clear how Hillary, as Secretary of State, intermingled official State Department business with Clinton Foundation business, during her time as Secretary of State.

In addition to sharing employees between the US State Department and the Clinton Foundation, Hillary also gave out perks---including appointing people to important positions for which they were unqualified.

ABC, probably inadvertently, brought one such incidence to light.

Rajiv Fernando, a Democratic donor who has given up to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, was named to the International Security Board in 2011 when Hillary was serving as Secretary of State.

Reporters at ABC asked in August of that year for a copy of his resume.

We now know because of the emails that have been made public, that the Clinton offices went into panic mode. The newly made public emails show that there was a scramble to come up with a response to ABC.

One of the emails written by a press aid as Hillary's people discussed how to handle the situation said, "[It] appears there is much more to this story that we're unaware of..."

Now the American people are making the same comment. There is indeed much more to the story than we have been aware of.

The emails also show that Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain had been stiffed when he asked for a meeting with Hillary through normal State Department channels.

However, the emails show that Huma Abedin, Hillary's top State Department aid, when contacted by Salman then went through the Clinton Foundation, for which Abedin also worked---where Salman has steered more than $32 million--- and his meeting was set up immediately.

These emails show more than a half dozen similar instances.

Slim Fast founder Daniel Abraham, who has given at least $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, wanted a personal meeting with Hillary, so Abedin asked Hillary just before 5 PM if she would meet personally with her. Hillary's response was immediate ---"will the plane wait if I can't get there before 7-8?"

Obviously there was no problem holding the State Department plane for a last minute meeting with a Foundation donor.

Judicial Watch has filed a report on these kinds of conflicts and others. I strongly suggest you review this link to their report. Be informed.

Perhaps the Clinton Foundation has done some good things, but this tandem operation between the Foundation and the US Government is a clear conflict of interest. And this activity is a pattern, not one incident.

It happened with such consistency that it has become the profile of a very conflicted person.

While money seems to be the guiding light for the Clintons---who by their own admission were "broke" when the came to Washington, their double mindedness includes other interests as well.

Hillary claims to be the banner carrier for "women" and women's rights, yet the stories are long and many of how Hillary has played a significant role in silencing the women who have spoken out about being sexually abused or even raped by husband Bill.

Hillary's claim to "fight for women's rights" regarding abortion has significantly contributed to the more than 59,000,000 abortions since Roe v. Wade in 1973.

Look at this "Real Time" abortion clock. Watch the numbers increase as you watch.

Look at the number of abortions in the US today.

These are not fetal masses, they are human beings, created by the coming together of a man and a woman---a human being that God knew when it was formed in the womb.

Hillary also claims to be a champion for African Americans.

Now look at the number of black babies aborted since Planned Parenthood was founded---originally by eugenicist Margaret Sanger---a women who believed and said publicly, blacks should be "exterminated" from society. She is quoted as saying, "We want a race of thoroughbreds."

When receiving the Margaret Sanger Award, Hillary praised Sanger's "vision." Saying "I admire Margaret Sanger enormously." She said she is "in awe" of Sanger.

There's more on Hillary's relationship with Sanger and her Planned can read it.

Hillary is the profile of conflict---double mindedness---lacking wisdom---being driven like the waves of the sea and tossed by the wind.

It is also a description of the believer who lacks patience and wisdom and faith that God is in control.

James chapter 8 also reminds us all to be "doers of the Word, and not hearers only" because saying we believe God's Word but not living by its teaching is "self deception."

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.