Thursday, August 18, 2016

Target Missing The Bulls Eye, While Christians Are Hitting It

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Associated Press reported yesterday that Target Stores "net income fell nearly 10% and stores open at least a year fell 1.1%, reversing 7 straight quarters of gains."

AP also reported yesterday, that:

  • Target stock was off 7%.
  • Customer traffic fell for the first time in a year and a half.

Target explanation: "We fell short on 'Pay Less' position, turning off shoppers looking for essentials like detergent or basic T-shirts."

A financial expert says regardless of what Target says, the 4-month-long boycott by Christians and conservatives is at least part of the reason the company's revenue dropped more than a billion dollars in the last quarter.

This is about more than detergent and T-shirts.

Associated Press attempts to calm investors with a lengthy explanation of why all this is happening---lack of new products in electronics, disappointing business in perishables like fruits and vegetables and the disruption caused by Target's sale of its pharmacy business to CVS.

New Target CEO Brian Cornell, who was recently hired to "reinvigorate" Target, says, "Our No.1 focus is driving traffic back to our stores."

A boycott of Target Stores, launched 4 months ago by American Family Association, should also be considered in their "No. 1 focus."

More than 1.4 million Christians and conservatives have said they will not enter a Target store until they reverse their tight-fisted, squint-eyed commitment to, yes, transgender bathrooms and fitting rooms.

I'm 1 of the 1.4 million.

Personally, I rarely sign petitions or boycotts for 2 reasons. First, they are usually not highly organized and are not effective. Secondly, too many organizations, including some Christian organizations in Washington State, use "petitions" primarily as a tool to acquire names for fundraising promotions---and if the boycott or what-ever-it-is works, that's great too.

I am personally participating in this effort because I am confident that AFA is organized and properly motivated---even though I will likely end up on their fundraising list. And secondly, I feel that's what I, personally, was supposed to do.

Personal Conviction.

Dan Celia, a financial expert, told AFA that regardless of what Target says, the boycott is at least partially responsible for the company's decline.

He says, "Target reported that its earnings were up, but more importantly than the earnings are same store sales [revenue] ,which are down 1.1 % or $1.3 billion. And notably, same store sales are down for the first time in more that 2 years."

Celia also says they "also cut their 2016 outlook. After this report, we're seeing a pre-market drop of 2.6%."

Decisions have consequences. In this case, it is killing the value of the company.

Celia says, "Back in the middle of April, we saw Target share price at $84 a share, only to drop to $66 a share by the middle of May---all this in the middle of a boycott by shoppers...committing not to shop at Target stores. This is because Target made a conscience decision to appeal to 0.003% of the population at the risk of alienating 99.9% of the population."

He says to say that this "brilliant marketing strategy that led to the boycott had little impact on their numbers is naive at best."

He notes that AFA, after initiating the boycott, met with Target, explained the Christian, conservative point of view---and common sense view, asking for their cooperation in providing privacy in their bathrooms and fitting rooms.

Target mocked AFA and all who signed the boycott, refusing to address the concerns and affirming that they will continue to welcome transgenders into whatever room they choose based on which gender they happen to "identify" with. This, of course puts women and children at risk.

There have already been reported incidents where men have exploited this policy and have been caught taking pictures of little girls and women in fitting rooms.

Tim Wildmon, President of AFA, says he doesn't see how Target can afford to allow this trend to continue.

Clearly, the privacy and protection of women and children is not important to Target management.

Dwight Eisenhower once said, "War is a terrible. But if you're going to get into it, you've got to get into it all the way."

Sometimes conservatives, and biblical Christians in particular, conclude that the "abundant life" Jesus promised is defined by a life absent of conflict. Jesus also said He was sending His followers out as sheep in the midst of wolves.

On the radio today I will be talking a little about keeping our balance when taking a stand in our corrupt culture.

You may join me live at 9 AM PDT from anywhere in the world. Here's how.

Be Informed. Be Faithful. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.