Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Twin Falls TV Now Blaming "White Racism," Not Refugee Rape

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KMVT---the main television station in Twin Falls, Idaho, is now claiming its "white racism" that is tearing the community apart---not the rape of a 5-year-old by 3 young Muslim refugees resettled in the community.

The rape was carefully video recorded by the boys.

But the local authorities and the local media seem intent on dismissing the matter, while local residents are demanding action---even inviting both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to visit the community to see first hand what Obama's policies are doing to this small community.

KMVT, the main television station in Twin Falls, Idaho, ran this story with the assistance of Nancy Taylor, a local activist and advocate for more immigration:

"I believe that there is a very small group in Twin Falls, a very small and vocal, who, for lack of a better word, are racist...A little girl was assaulted, and just because because people of color are involved, it becomes an issue. Unfortunately, children in this community are victims of crime every day, why isn't that an outrage?"

The "racism" not "rape" claim was the primary theme of KMVT's report on Friday's local press conference that was called to highlight the civic costs of the inflow of foreign labor into the small town.

It was also held to formally invite Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to come to Twin Falls and see for themselves how Obama's policies have created a firestorm in a once cohesive community.

This uproar began June 2nd when a 5-year-old American born girl was "allegedly" raped by 2 Muslim refugee boys, while a 3rd Muslim refugee boy videoed the rape.

The details are gruesome. I am not going to publish them here, but this is a link to the details of what the girl's father saw on the video, and what the prosecutor saw when allowed to view it.

The video is now sealed from the public.

The father recounts how he got a phone call at work saying his daughter had been raped. When he got home he recalls there were a number of people---neighbors and family there---and more standing outside his apartment just looking on.

When he walked into his home, someone had gotten a hold of the phone from the boys---they handed it to him and said, "Yeah, they recorded this...you need to look at this real quick, and I pushed play...I watched about 30 seconds."

The mother of the raped girl still has not seen the video.

The rape would have continued, except that an older resident of the apartments saw what was happening and confronted the boys.

I seriously doubt that KMVT's claim that "children in this community are victims of crime every day"--- implying that 3 boys raping a 5-year old girl is common place, is anything close to the truth.

I wrote about this issue a while back in an article titled, "What's Going On In Post Falls?" We did so because it was a story here in the Northwest, it had gained national attention---and by all accounts the local authorities were trying to cover it up.

It continues to be a growing national story, and the officials and the press are still trying to make it something different than it is.

Now Clinton and Trump have been invited to visit.

And those trying to get to the truth regarding the rape of a 5-year-old girl by Muslim refugees, are being labeled "racist" by the local television station.

The racism-not-rape claim made by the local television station was the central theme of their reporting of what was supposed to be coverage of a press conference.

KMVT completely ignored the message presented by the group who called the press conference and focused on whether the group is "racist."

This, in Twin Falls, is a microcosm of America in 2016.

I see at least 4 components in this cultural snapshot that reflect certain beliefs and motives in our nation.

1. Worldview

There are those in America who, for a variety of reasons, believe we should essentially dispense with borders all together. Billionaire George Soros and others, including Hillary Clinton, are deeply committed to globalism---a one world community, or "village."

Globalism is the cornerstone of far Left progressivism.

Progressivism has only one ultimate goal---personal power for those who lead, accomplished through centralization, consolidation and socialism. And that end does indeed justify the means among progressives.

Others of us, including myself, believe nations defined by borders, language and culture is God's model for the human race during this period in human history. God's model is clearly presented in Genesis regarding the matter of the Tower of Babel and God's response. Paul also refers to God's model in his New Testament writing.

Secular progressivism vs biblical, traditional conservatism.

2. Corporate Profit

Low wage refugees are a profitable portion of the local work force in agricultural communities---and elsewhere---but especially in agriculture.

In Twin Falls the food processing industry in particular, benefits from cheap labor.

Some of the leaders in Twin Falls want cheap labor at any cost to others, but may not be as proficient in masking their view as a Hillary Clinton or other far Left progressives.

Some in the local business and political establishment are eager to downplay the impact of refugee labor on Americans' wages and neighborhoods.

In Twin Falls, for example, Mayor Shawn Bariger, who's handling the "alleged" sexual assault has been less than forth coming with the community. The Mayor is also president of the Twin Falls Area Chamber of Commerce.

I get this. I grew up on an orchard in the Yakima Valley. It isn't complicated. When the fruit's ready, you've got to pick it. And if it costs too much to pick it, you worked on your orchard all year for nothing. Or worse.

I believe in free market capitalism.

But to destroy a nation as open borders do---I'm thinking of Germany and Europe---for the sake of this year's crop is very, very short sighted.

And it stands in opposition to God's plan for national sovereignty.

3. Media Bias

All media has a bias. For years it was fairly well masked from the public. No more.

The reporting in Twin Falls didn't even pretend to be objective---in fact they didn't even cover the message of the people who called the press conference.

This is often the case in small markets, but the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC,NBC,CBS,---you know the list, do the same thing---only with a little more finesse.

Silence is also used in reporting. Selective reporting tells the American people what the media wants them to know in the way they want them to know it, while not reporting on certain issues keeps the people in the dark---uninformed.

KMVT asked no questions on the statements made at the press conference. It only presented questions alleging racism on the part of the group who called the press conference---and all those in the community who oppose open borders.

4. Personal Profit

The local program that assists refugees in Twin Falls to "resettle" is the local affiliate of the politically powerful US Committee for Refugees and Immigration, which is a voluntary agency (VOLAG) in the billion dollar refugee resettlement industry funded almost exclusively by the federal government.

Ann Corcoran heads up "Refugee Resettlement Watch." She says the KMVT report on the press conference is "one of the most blatant examples of pro-refugee, anti-American bias I've seen to date in the media.

Corcoran says, "When a news media outlet fails to report what an organization holding a press conference actually says at the event, you really have to question if they are an objective reporter of actual news, or if they are instead simply a propaganda outlet for the powerful refugee resettlement industry and its local business allies."

She is an expert on the lucrative refugee resettlement industry. She follows the money.

The question then, would be "Is the rule of law being applied fairly and justly in this case?"

The answer seems pretty clear.

It's, "No."

The law is being bent to favor political correctness and other personal interests, while a 5 year old American born girl and her family suffer.

God help us.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.