Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Candidate Clinton--What If She Can't Continue?

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Long time ABC political commentator, and unwavering supporter of the secular progressive Left, Cokie Roberts told NPR yesterday how the party could be looking to handle things if a replacement is needed.

She said Democrats are "very nervously beginning to whisper about having her step aside and finding another candidate."

How would the Democrat Party choose a replacement?

Do the 2 major political parties have rules to guide such an event?

Truth is clouded by deception in our present culture. Who is responsible?

Cokie Roberts said, "The fact that it comes now when the polls are tightening and Democrats are already saying that Hillary was the only candidate who could not beat Trump and it is taking her off the campaign trail, canceling her trip to California--it has them very nervously beginning to whisper about having her step aside and finding another candidate."

NPR asked, "Could that really happen?"

Roberts said it could but it's "unlikely to be a real thing."

Roberts did, however, float the name of, you guessed it, Joe Biden---who is older than Hillary, "But then again," Cokie said, "so is Donald Trump and by the way we know nothing about his health."

Donald Trump announced yesterday he will be releasing his personal health records this week.

But "floating" Joe Biden's name is different than actually replacing Hillary with Joe---isn't it?

The Republican Party has fairly clearly defined rules if a candidate either dies or is forced to drop out.

The RNC has to either convene a new convention or take an official poll of the RNC's state representatives to select a replacement candidate. They would likely, I'm told, move the vice-president candidate up on the ballot.

However, the Democrat Party is murky---not so clear. Think, blurred lines.

The Democratic Party "reserves the right to replace a candidate who dies or drops out" but doesn't provide additional details in its by-laws.

So in the tradition of progressivism and relativism, the Democrats would make up the rules as they go along.

Here's a brief overview of what the Democrats might be "nervously whispering about."

Tim Kaine

NPR did an in-depth article about Kaine when Hillary chose him as her running mate. The short version is that he and she are on the same page regarding abortion, the homosexual agenda, and other social issues. Their differences are more related to trade, etc.

Other Candidates who also ran---or almost ran

Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren (almost ran--and is also almost an American Indian). NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, Virginia's Jim Webb, second DNC runner up Martin O'Malley.

Chelsea Clinton

Heat Street notes there is a long standing tradition in American politics of spouses stepping in after an unexpected death. They note Missouri's Jean Carnahan who stood in for her husband Mel after he died in a plane crash 3 weeks before the Missouri Senate election. After Mel won posthumously, she served in the senate for 2 years.

Senator Olympia Snow first entered politics after the death of her husband who was a Maine state representative.

Mary Bono was elected to replace her husband Sonny Bono after his death due to a skiing accident.

Bill Clinton is prohibited by the 22 Amendment of the Constitution from running.

If it were to be a Clinton, it would likely be Chelsea, who at 36 is just old enough, in terms of the Constitution, to be president.

Filing Deadlines

Most state's campaign filing deadlines have already passed.

However, for the Democratic Party replacement, should they decide to do so, it appears that as long as thee replacement candidate has the blessing of the Party they could have Clinton's name replaced up to a month before the election day, in that ballots are generally printed 3 weeks before election day---however, early voting and electronic voting is changing that.

Congressional Action

It is possible that Congress could postpone or move election day. While they have that power under the Constitution, that would be extreme and probably would not happen.

You likely know, or have heard, Dr. Drew Pinsky was fired from CNN, his final show will air September 22, for speculating on Hillary's health.

In a radio interview he said, "We've seen the black male doc with what appears to be a Diazapan Epi-Pen by her side...and what appears to be an ear mic so they can feed her lines to her."

Dr. Drew than commented on how her health record that has been seen, showed outdated treatments some as old as the 1950s, which implies she may have submitted her mom's health record. He said several doctors have suggested she may have Parkinson's...."whatever," Dr. Drew said, "it is clear the DNC is aware and hoped to carry her through to election" perhaps planning to have Obama announce Hillary has asked him to be her interim...

CNN removed Dr. Drew's interview from their web site, however, the Washington Free Beacon captured it before it was removed and have now published it.

In its silence, the church has compromised, and become confused, creating a culture that is reeling in chaos.

John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church, spoke of this encroachment: "As the most dangerous winds may enter at little openings, so the devil never enters more dangerously than by little unobserved incidents; which seems to be nothing, yet insensibly open the heart to greater temptations."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., said this: "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is cooperating with it."

Deception is clouding the Truth in our current culture.

Memo to the Church:

Stand up. Speak up.