Friday, January 27, 2017

Trump To ABC: " Heard About Big Pro-Life March?"

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Today thousands of pro-life advocates will March for Life---in DC, and elsewhere.

Typically, the "media" has ignored this annual march that involves hundreds of thousands of pro-life people across the country.

President Trump asked ABC's news anchor in Wednesday night's interview if he has heard about the March for Life on Friday (today), adding "Pro-lifers say you don't even cover them."

He's right. In fact, the media networks have devoted only 100 seconds---less than 2 minutes---on the March for Life over the past 4 years.

Things are changing. Maybe, just maybe the media will actually cover this year's march for what it is---but then again...

Yesterday on our live daily radio program, I mentioned the comments made by assistant news producer, Melissa Luck, at TV station KXLY 4, the ABC affiliate in Spokane Washington, which were reported in the city's newspaper, The Spokesman Review.

In a Facebook message that she called "a rant" or "a plea," she is calling out "media bashers" assuring the folks that "There is no conspiracy by trained journalists to fool or trick you into believing something..."

She says, "The media is not organized enough for a vast conspiracy." Then admonishes the people to check their sources, because if "you repeat something that isn't true" then "you are the one spreading fake news."

The "news" industry has extremely low trust from the American public. And it isn't without cause.

It became clear through the released, hacked emails a few months ago that John Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager---and long time Clinton colleague, was colluding with the news media regarding how and which questions would be asked, etc. In fact, the Chair of the Democratic Party was even forwarding questions to Hillary in advance of CNN asking them in a debate.

During ABC's exclusive first interview  with President Trump Wednesday night, the network ran a promo for episode 11 of the ABC show "Designated Survivor" in which an obscure cabinet secretary is "unexpectedly thrust into the presidency after an attack at the capitol during a State of the Union address."

"Who took the bullet?" asks the promo before the scene cuts to the hospital as surgeons operate on the victim, leaving the viewers with the distinct impression that the victim may be the president.

Did that promo ad just drop into that particular air slot because the engineers (or producers) are not organized?

And is that responsible behavior on the part of the network?

Was it intentional?

Back in February last year, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat joked about how an assassination attempt could end Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Since the passing of Mary Tyler Moore this past Wednesday, the press has, as it should, been remembering her and her work as an actress and performer.

I was struck as I heard an NBC affiliate news anchor say Wednesday evening, on the air, "Mary helped women move beyond child rearing and home making" opening the doors for women to work outside the home---referring to her iconic role as Mary Richards in the 1970s show where she played the role of a news reporter.

The truth?

In the 2013 PBS series, "Pioneers of Television: Funny Ladies" Moore explained that "despite her TV character's image on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' as a never-married working woman who became the feminist icon, she turned down Gloria Steinem's invitation to join the feminist movement."

Moore said, "I believed, and still do, that women have a very major role to play as mothers. It's very necessary for them to be with their children. That's not what Gloria Steinem was saying. She was saying you can do everything and you owe it to yourself to have a career. I really don't believe that."

In an interview in 2009, Moore told Parade Magazine, "When one looks at what's happened to television, there are so few shows that interest me. I do watch a lot of Fox News. I like Charles Krauthammer and Bill O'Reilly."

As you watch the "media" celebrate her as some kind of feminist icon---an icon shaped by what the media wants her to be--- please know that according to her own words, she was none of that.

These kinds of incidents are, unfortunately, too frequent on television. And the print media.

There is no need for an "organized effort" in the media to produce a "message" or a common far Left narrative.

It is well known that most, not all, but most in the media are liberal. Far Left progressive. A glance at whom they donate to during elections confirms this.

Among journalists, there is a progressive, far Left ideological consensus in the American news media.

They don't have to be "organized." The work of their hands and minds produces a consistent product---they call it "the news," but all too often it's little more than propaganda or indoctrination.

Fake News.

There is also the matter of what they "do not " report.

Purposeful Omission.

One News Now is reporting that more than 20 organizations have formed an alliance demanding that reporters and TV cameras show up for the annual March for Life today in Washington DC.

The Alliance for Fair Coverage of Life Issues says, 'The media are no longer the watchdogs for the American public, but the lapdogs of a liberal agenda committed to the destruction of life."

Media Research Center says ABC and the other networks devoted 35 seconds to March for Life in 2016 while the Women's March received 4,518 seconds of air time.

The Alliance says the media networks have devoted 100 seconds to March for Life over the past 4 years.

During ABC's exclusive first network interview with President Trump Wednesday night, David Muir, ABC's news anchor, asked Trump if he could "hear the voices" outside the White House who were protesting against him.

President Trump said, "No, I couldn't hear them, the crowds were large," he said of the Women's March.

Then he told Muir, "But you will have a large crowd on Friday, too."

Trump went on to tell him the March for Life crowd is "as large or larger," then added that pro-lifers say, "The press doesn't cover them."

That seemed to catch Muir off guard, he stammered a little, then said, "I don't want to compare crowd sizes again." Even though it was Muir who brought up the "crowd size" of the Women's March last Saturday.