Wednesday, February 15, 2017

NFL Tackles Texas Bill To Protect Women

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The National Football League (NFL) has told the State of Texas that if they pass a law intended to protect women when they go to the restroom---they may "shun" the state when scheduling future Super Bowl games.

This, of course, would cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars.

Texas has responded.

The Trump administration has also responded to the "transgender" agenda.

Associated Press is reporting that President Trump's administration has quickly responded to the "transgender" issue that public education, the entertainment industry, confused progressives in general, and now professional sports seem to be obsessed with.

AP says, "A day after Jeff Sessions was sworn in as Trump's attorney general," he has taken action to "withdraw a motion filed last year" by the Obama administration that essentially stops what the activists call "progress."

Sarah Warbelow, legal director for the Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual "rights" advocate in the country, says they were "incredibly disappointed" by the filing last Friday.

She said, "Our concern is that it's a very clear signal that at a minimum the Department of Justice---and possibly more broadly throughout the Trump administration---will not protect transgender students."

The specific issue involves a lawsuit against the Obama administration, which was trying to force all states to comply with a directive to change out all restrooms to accommodate people who are biologically one gender, but "identify" as the other gender.

Last year, 13 states filed suit challenging President Obama on the matter.

Texas is one of those states.

In late March---next month---the US Supreme Court is set to hear a "transgender" case involving a 17-year-old Virginia girl who now claims she is a boy and wants to use the boy's bathroom at the high school.

The HRC and other homosexual advocacy groups are trying to get their ducks in a row before the case goes before the Court.

With a divided Court (until Judge Gorsuch is confirmed), it is concerning to the 99.9% of Americans who are not "transgender" that the Court will either side with the activists or be evenly split, thus referring the case back to the lower court that has already ruled that the high school be forced to accommodate the 17-year-old.

Now the National Football League feels they, too, must go to the bathroom.

Bill Bumpas and Chris Woodward at One News Now have written an excellent article: "NFL pushing its weight around--again."

They note that "Just days after Houston hosted Super Bowl LI, the National Football League has thrown a challenge flag towards Texas for its consideration of a legislative proposal that would require people to use the bathroom consistent with the gender listed on their birth certificate."

The league told Texas last Friday:

"If a proposal that is discriminatory or inconsistent with our values were to become law there [Texas] that would certainly be a factor considered when thinking about awarding future events."

Texas is scheduled to also host this year the women's Final Four basketball championship and the men's Final Four in 2018.

However, the Super Bowl schedule is set through 2021 and none of them are scheduled in Texas.

Bumpas and Woodward also point out that Georgia, which was attempting in 2015 to pass a religious freedom law in the state, came under the same threats by the NFL.

A restroom is great when you need one, but America is getting a bit weary of this ongoing crusade to put confused men in restrooms with our mothers, sisters, and daughters.

Target thought they would seize the day when North Carolina passed a similar bill. Target launched a national campaign touting that every Target store would accommodate every "transgender" according to how they happen to "identify" on any particular day.

Americans took action. We all know we may need to use the restroom from time to time, but millions decided they could get along without Target.

Millions stopped shopping there.

Target's stock took a very negative hit and the sales and store foot traffic plummeted.

Excluding the Super Bowl a couple of weeks ago, the NFL television viewership has been down this past year.

Some feel watching football players who are paid tens of millions of dollars to "play football" kneeling or turning their back toward the presentation of our National Anthem is at least in part responsible for the loss of viewers.

This kind of nonsense isn't going to make things better.

Justin Danhof with the National Center for Public Policy Research told Bumpass that the NFL is pushing inclusivity, while the NFL itself has a problem.

He said, "How many Asian-American running backs do they have? How many female wide receivers do you see? How many female owners does the NFL have?"

The San Antonio Current isn't happy with the governor or the bill. They're reporting that the bill---Senate Bill 6---is "misleadingly called the 'privacy act' ...and would block trans-Texans from using a public bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity..."

The Current also says, "Up until now, Gov. Abbot remained relatively quiet" about Senate Bill 6.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has been, as they say, "carrying the ball" in pushing S.B. 6, of which he is a sponsor.

But now, they say, the Governor is "mocking the NFL with this tweet:

"NFL decision makers also benched Tom Brady last season. It ended with the NFL handing the Super Bowl trophy to Brady."

The sports channel ESPN picked up the anti-Texas narrative, as they most often do, with this opening: "Texas governor Gregg Abbot mocked the NFL's 'decision makers' on Twitter after the league issued a veiled criticism of a proposed 'bathroom bill' in the state."

What if...athletes would do their sport, singers would sing, actors would act, entertainers who entertain, and news reporters would report, rather than teach?

What a wonderful world.

Things will get better.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.