Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mock Slave Sale At Middle School

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A black 5th grade student has been "sold" by white kids in a lesson---in public school--- about colonization and slavery.

CBS 2 reports, "When it comes time for fifth graders to learn about the history of colonization and slavery, it's always a sensitive subject."

Of course it's sensitive---and one of the reasons for lack of healing on the subject of slavery is the misguided obsession on the part of public education to indoctrinate rather than educate.

And the dogged determination by some, including a former US President, to continue rubbing salt in the deep wounds of racism, for political reasons.

What was the teacher thinking? What was the motive?

CBS 2 is reporting, "When it comes time for fifth graders to learn about the history of colonization and slavery, it's always a sensitive subject."

As CBS 2's Jessica Layton reported, parents like Tracey Jarmon-Woods said it became even more painful after what took place in a fifth-grade classroom at her son's school in Maplewood" (New Jersey).

Tracey said, "There was a sale of a black child by white children in the classroom. If you're demoralized---sold on a block in 2017---it may affect you the rest of your life."

What "happens in the classroom" does in fact "affect you the rest of your life."

CBS 2 has put up a discussion page on Facebook.

A letter has been sent to parents saying the impromptu reenactment of a slave auction by students was done while the teacher was out for a medical procedure and a substitute was in charge of the class.

"The activity was not part of the curriculum, not part of the teacher's assignment, not condoned by the classroom teacher, and not authorized by the district," the letter explains.

The District Superintendent, John Ramos, has also addressed the incident saying, "There was no intent to be provocative or demeaning---The context is important to know."

We get that. It was almost nobody's fault. It never is. This stuff just happens.

However, this is not the first time something like this has happened in this same district.

Inappropriate posters displayed at another school in the same district (South Orange School)---on the same subject--- also upset parents.

However, the Superintendent explained it very differently to this group of concerned parents.

In a note to those parents, Ramos explained that the assignment is part of a larger three-part Colonial America project.

CBS 2 has found that this has been a part of the curriculum for at least a decade, and the curriculum gives 5th graders an option to create an advertisement---one suggestion is a poster for a slave auction.

Students are told to select a slave colony, research it and then are given a "menu" of tasks, which includes creating a colorful poster advertising an event that might have happened during that time in history and in that colony. The assignment listed several examples including a slave auction.

Supt. John Ramos is washing his hands of all this, claiming to one group of parents it is in no way part of the curriculum, while explaining to another group that they don't understand the context.

Parent Susan Hyon says, " I am mortified. These images actually hurt my heart." Another parent, Mon Jon, says, "This is appalling...We are a community built on diversity, not destructive ignorance and segregation."

One parent wrote on Facebook, "Educating young students on the harsh realities of slavery is of course not the issue here, but the medium for said education is grossly insensitive and negligent. It is completely lost on me how this project could be an effective way to teach any student in any age group about American history."

A student told CBS 2, "We're always in damage control, and it's getting absurd honestly."

He's right, government run education is always in damage control because it is no longer about "education."

I am fully aware that there are many Christian, conservative teachers in public education---including some in my family, however, the "complex" of government run, so-called public education is in crises, and this story exposes just how---in the words of a child, "absurd it is."

I can't know the motives of those who create these kinds of environments in the classroom, but it's pretty clear they are either terribly uninformed and ignorant as one parent observed, or are more intent on indoctrination than education.

It isn't only pushing racism and rubbing salt in wounds that desperately needs healing.

Homosexual activists have all but taken over the teaching of health and human sexuality in the government run schools.

Multiple homosexual advocacy groups---GLAD, Human Rights Campaign, etc.--- provide curriculum materials that lead our little children to consider if they might be "gay" or "transgender" or "gender fluid"---a boy "locked in a girl's body" or vice-versa as normal--- at a time in their life when they can't even grasp those concepts much less make the decisions being placed in front of them.

That is beyond indoctrination.

It's child abuse.

And the activist counterparts from Planned Parenthood, etc., regularly create a classroom environment that normalizes sexual activities to children, with the emphasis on birth control and abortion from puberty, only mentioning abstinence when pressed by parents.

When cornered in their indoctrination, this episode over a class "selling" a black kid so they can "learn about slavery" is the template of response---deny, lie, make different explanations to different groups, hold meetings, call in counselors and finally, if necessary, apologize.

CBS 2 reported that Superintendent Ramos has apologized for any "unintended offense or hardship."

Isolated incident?

I wish. It happens daily somewhere in our vast complex of so-called education.

Yesterday, Todd Starnes, with Fox News reported a story involving a group of New York mothers who have organized to fight back against what they call the radical left wing indoctrination that has infested the school system in Saratoga Springs High School.

In this case, the teacher is "teaching" about fascism during WW II, including President Trump with Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler.

Graphics for the class include cartoons of these individuals featuring "early warning signs of fascism."

Starnes says initially the entire lesson plan was online, but when he started asking questions of the high school, the lesson plan was suddenly hidden behind a password protected wall.

The Superintendent is defending the lesson, saying that "teaching about fascism as a political movement in the context of World War II is part of the curriculum."

How does President Trump fit in with WW II and fascism? "Well," the Superintendent says, the "cartoons are to introduce debate."

As this group of mothers apply pressure and publicize this incident, there will be letters, explanations, counselors will be brought in, and parents will be told it's all just a misunderstanding.

But I am almost certain, this class will evaporate when these moms turn up the light. And the heat.

Parents. And grandparents. Pray for the children, and...

Be Informed. Be Active. Be Bold. Be Vigilant.