Monday, April 17, 2017

Homosexual Advocacy Day, A.K.A, "Day Of Silence"

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Under the guise of "making ant-bullying, harassment, and name calling unacceptable in US schools," the Gay and Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is once again sponsoring their "Day of Silence" in thousands of schools across the US this coming Friday---April 21.

Parents and grandparents---Heads up.

GLSEN's observance of the so-called "Day of Silence" supposedly protests bullying in the schools.

Their website says, "It helps bring us closer to making anti- LGBT bullying, harassment and name-calling unacceptable in US schools."

Cultural issues writer Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute says the event is just a pretense that promoters have been using for more than two decades to politicize during instructional time.

She says, "Everyone opposes bullying of any students for any reason. You don't need an event sponsored by GLSEN to oppose bullying in public schools. Every school has anti-bullying policy; every school has disciplinary consequences for bullying."

Higgins explains the real reason for the event, which started back in 1996 on the University of Virginia campus.

She says, "The central goal of this day is to silence conservative voices on perspectives on the nature and morality of homosexual activity, or the health risks embedded in the homosexual and in the responses to gender dysphoria."

The "Day of Silence" is not about "bringing us closer" to eliminating bullying, it's a way to dominate the school day, shutting down the process of education in favor of indoctrination.

And the all out effort to indoctrinate is working to some degree.

Young teens are "trying out being transgender" to appear "different" to their peers or to gain attention, a leading gender expert says.

Psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Stathis who runs a clinic near Brisbane's Lady Cilento Children's Hospital says he's seen a lot of adolescents "trying out being transgender" to stand out.

He says, "One said to me, 'Dr. Steve...I want to be transgender, it's the new black'."

He, as other experts in Europe and elsewhere, say the kids he sees usually grow out of gender confusion as they reach puberty.

However, the drumbeat of indoctrination from the far Left progressives and predatory homosexual activists confuse kids during their most vulnerable years.

Public education is their willing accomplice.

Last year transgender teenager Jazz Jennings starred in Microsoft's Christmas themed ad and National Geographic featured a 9-year-old transgender child on the cover of its January issue.

Microsoft, National Geographic and the thousands of schools who honor the so-called "student-led" Day of Silence are in effect shaking their fist in the face of God.

American Family noted this assault on children a few months ago, and published on their Facebook page:

"Human sexuality is binary by design. Binary means there are two and only two options according to medical science--a child either has a XY chromosomal pattern or an XX. These genetic markers which indicate God's master design for humanity and create the capacity for human reproduction."

Does anybody really believe the "Day of Silence" is designed to stop bullying?

I urge parents or grandparents to first discover if your child's school is participating in the "Day of Silence" which is scheduled in most schools this Friday--April 21.

Secondly, I urge you to keep your child home---and tell the school why you are doing so.

And finally, pray for your child or grandchild every day. The assault on these kids is merciless.

From Planned Parenthood to the homosexual advocacy groups, to the far Left secular progressive activists, they are always seeking new and more effective ways to indoctrinate children.

Be Informed. Be Bold. Be Prayerful. Be Vigilant.