Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Mueller's Special Counsel Stacked With Democrat Donors

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Robert Mueller's Office of the Special Counsel began its rollout of indictments this week which are supposed to "get to the bottom" of Russian collusion in the 2016 election.

It's very likely that "the bottom" will not include many Democrats because Mueller's office is stacked with Democrat donors.

Not to worry that the charges brought against Manafort are up to 12 years old and completely unrelated to Trump or his campaign---they got him, and the news media is breathlessly reporting that "President Trump's former Campaign Manager has been indicted."

Here's an overview of what the mainstream media is choosing not to tell us in their daily missive---which they call "news."

Susan Stamper Brown wrote in Town Hall, "Odds are, indictments for Democrats won't be a high priority, given Mueller's special counsel is stacked with Democrat donors."

She says, "For the past year, all we've heard is that Russia helped Donald Trump yank the presidency out from underneath Hillary Clinton's pantsuit-covered cankles. If justice was really served, Clinton's pantsuit would be orange and her cankles locked with shackles."

Brown says, "If things were fair and just, some in the Democrat National Committee would be locked up too."

"Think of it," she says, "a major US political party colluded with their party's presidential nominee to, by extension, hire an ex-spy who colluded with Russians and concocted a dossier filled with 'salacious and unverified' (as former FBI Director James Comey once described it) accusations against an opposition party candidate."

Pat Buchanan agrees with her. Yesterday he wrote, "Well over a year after the FBI began investigating 'collusion' between the Trump campaign and Vladimir Putin, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has brought in his first major indictment."

He says, "Manafort has been charged with a series of crimes dating back years, though none is tied directly to President Donald Trump or 2016."

Last weekend began with Mueller's office leaking a heads up to CNN that indictments were coming. This set up control of the news headlines for the weekend, and beyond.

And it set up the march to bring down Trump using a special counsel stacked with Democrat donors.

In October of 2015, the Washington Free Beacon hired a research group called Fusion GPS to do deep diving dirt research against Trump---personal and professional. The purpose was to bring him down.

The Washington Free Beacon claims to be conservative, however, they are a spin-off of Bill Kristol's "The Weekly Standard" and is run by Kristol's son-in-law.

The Standard, once a dependable conservative publication, now controlled by Kristol, has become a strong adversary of Trump---Kristol has led in the "Never Trump" movement.

These publications are funded in great part by hedge-fund billionaire Paul Singer who does not support Trump.

Singer also is a major donor to the GOP.

By May of 2016, it was apparent that Trump had disposed of the other primary candidates---several of whom the Standard, the Beacon, Kristol, Singer, Romney, and others had picked to become the party's nominee.

The Beacon bailed out of paying for the research at that time, so 2 new clients stepped up to continue payment on the dirt diving research---Hillary Clinton's campaign and the DNC itself.

In an effort to hide who was actually paying for what became known as the "Russian dossier," Clinton and the DNC engaged the party's law firm---Perkins Coie, to handle the money.

Clinton and the DNC paid the firm $12.4 million. Perkins Coie then used part of that money to pay Fusion GPS.

Buchanan points out that this is where it gets very interesting.

He says, "In June 2016, Fusion GPS engaged a British spy, Christopher Steele, who had headed up the Russia desk at MI6, to ferret out any connection between Trump and Russia."

Steele began contacting his old MI6 and KGB friends to see if he could produce some dirt on Trump.

Thus the story was born that Trump consorted with prostitutes in Moscow years ago and that now the Kremlin was blackmailing him, and could control him as president.

Steele passed this to Fusion GPS, who in turn passed it on to the press in hopes of getting it published. However, the press could never verify it---even a little bit--so it was labeled as "unsubstantiated and salacious allegations."

Trump's family said they were with him in his hotel years ago when he was in Moscow on business. They all said it was absolutely not true. None of it.

Apparently, the media, who wanted it to be true, had to agree.

In January of this year, John McCain admitted that he, as a Senator, had gotten hold of the so-called "Russian dossier" information and passed it to the FBI.

In March, CNN reported that in February, the Washington Post reported that the FBI "reached an agreement" to pay Steele, the former Russian spy "to continue his work" because "US intelligence agencies reached a consensus that the Russians had interfered in the presidential election..."

Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley recently told the Washington Examiner, "The idea that the FBI and associates of the Clinton campaign would pay Steele to investigate the Republican nominee in the runup to the election raises further questions about the FBI's independence from politics, as well as the Obama administration's use of law enforcement and intelligence agency for political ends."

Brown says this is a "mindboggling mess" ----a special counsel "stacked with Democrat donors is charged with investigating Republicans for crimes of which Democrats are likely guilty. God help us."

Pat Buchanan, who has just about seen it all in politics, says, "We have Free Beacon neocons, never-Trump Republicans, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC, a British spy and comrades in Russian intelligence, and perhaps the FBI, all working with secret money and seedy individuals to destroy a candidate they could not defeat in a free election."

He calls it something like "Murder on the Orient Express"---"everyone on the train has a hand in the plot."

"If you want to know why Americans detest politics and hate the 'swamp' that has been made of their capital city," he says, " follow this story all the way..."

Buchanan is more pessimistic than I am.

He says, "The real indictment here is of the American political system"---I agree. "And," he says, "the true tragedy is the decline of the Old Republic."

I believe God is doing something special in this Old Republic---something eternally important in our country.

I believe He has and is hearing our prayers according to II Chronicles 7:14, and He is forgiving and restoring and healing for His eternal purposes.

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.