Thursday, November 02, 2017

The Disney Legacy---Evolving?

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Walt Disney declared his vision was to create the "happiest place on earth."

For decades, parents and kids have looked to Disney for fun and trusted entertainment.

However, the name "Disney" is becoming more and more associated with social activism---specifically, advancing the homosexual agenda---and less about entertainment that makes people "happy."

One of their well-known kids shows on the Disney Channel has introduced a homosexual character.

Heads up, parents and grandparents.

The conservative Christian group "One Million Moms" is warning parents that a Disney Channel series has introduced the network's first "gay" character.

The teen-based show, "Andi Mack," is taking a new direction as it begins its second season.

Monica Cole, the director of the million moms, says, "This is not a subtle character, this is not subtle hints like they've been known to do in the past, but this will be a main character on the program."

The program that was aired last week (October 27) was screened in advance by several homosexual groups and well received. It featured the character Cyrus Goodman and his struggle with feelings for another boy.

Terri Minsky, the creator of "Andi Mack," says the network wanted her to do "something different." They wanted to attract a bit older audience.

I knew some of the Minsky family in Hollywood when I was a pastor there. The family members I knew would not agree with this new "something different" show.

Someone, somewhere in the Disney chain of command, is not really trying to attract an "older audience"---they are blatantly trying to indoctrinate younger children.

CBN reported that "Earlier this year, Disney stirred up quite the controversy when it featured its first gay character in the live-action film version of 'Beauty and the Beast'."

"Then the so-called family entertainment company decided to add a two-moms lesbian episode of its children's show, 'Doc McStuffins'," they said.

Cole says, "There's no more skirting around the issue...They're blatantly pushing an agenda and airing inappropriate, adult content on a children's network."

She says clearly they are not only steering away from family-friendly entertainment, but they are sacrificing children's innocence in the process.

Entertainment and public education have become strong and dependable advocates for those seeking to destroy cultural norms that have been the foundation of every successful society and culture in the history of the world.

Faith. And Family.

Disney says they are trying "to appeal to children across gender, ability, and experience"... and that the company "strives to live up to its legacy via compelling storylines [and] inspirational and aspirational themes."

Cole has started a petition drive in hopes of convincing Disney to abandon these efforts to indoctrinate.

She says she hopes the effort will keep "other shows from introducing gay characters"---and if we are to be successful, we must speak up now.

I'm personally not big on signing petitions or boycotts because often they are about advancing the sponsoring organization as much as addressing the issue.

In this case, I fully support these mom's effort.

So does Franklin Graham.

He is calling on parents to boycott Disney's LGBT agenda.

He says, "They're trying to push the LGBT agenda into the hearts and minds of your children---watch out! Disney has the right to make their cartoons, it's a free country. But as Christians, we also have the right not to support their company. I hope Christians everywhere will say no to Disney."

This would likely make Walt weep.

It's pretty clear this was not what he and Mickey had in mind when they started out together.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Bold. Be Pro-Active. Be Prayerful.