Friday, December 08, 2017

New York Times: "Men Are Different Than Women"

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Stunning, but true.

The New York Times is reporting that "stereotypical beliefs about gender differences remain strong" ... "Even in an era of transgender rights."

Yeah, some of us already knew that before we read the survey published by Pew Research this week.

The New York Times reports, "Men are tough; women are in touch with their feelings. Men are providers; women are nurturers. Men punch back when provoked; women should be physically attractive."

Most of us knew that as well.

The Times article is written from the findings of an in-depth survey by Pew Research, not necessarily a conservative company.

I would suspect both Pew and the New York Times were a bit surprised by some, if not much of these findings, given the fact that there is such an aggressive assault on traditional gender roles and differences.

The Times mentions at the top of their article, "Even in an era of transgender rights, a surge of women running for office and a rising number of stay at home fathers, most Americans believe men and women are fundamentally different, and that masculinity is more valued than femininity."

The survey is fairly extensive. You can read both the survey and the New York Times interpretation of the survey in its entirety from the links above.

The Times notes some surprise in their remarks---"Even in an era of transgender rights."

Clearly, there is an all assault on all things traditional and all things biblical. I think the surprise was that there has not been the impact on the general population that is reflected in the news media---everybody "isn't" doing it. Or in this case, believing the gender fluidity stupidity of the far Left---and its reporting in the press.

Interestingly, the survey found, and the NYT reports, "There is a partisan divide about whether these gender differences were the result of biology (and thus unlikely to change) or societal norms. More than half of Republicans said biology determined differences in how men and women parented, expressed feelings or spent their free time. About two-thirds of Democrats described society as the primary driver of these differences."

While the press can only describe this divide or difference in political terms---it isn't political at all. It is people who hold a different worldview. One biblical, one secular---so-called progressive.

It is written, as a man (or woman) thinks in his heart, so is he or she.

The study found that women are more likely than men to attribute gender differences to nurture rather than nature.

About 87% of respondents said men and women expressed things differently, but 66% of women said it was based on societal expectations, while more than half of men thought it was because of biological differences.

The NYT said the survey supports the idea that some root causes of sexual harassment and discrimination are revealed in the survey, i.e., "nearly half of men feel pressure to join in when other men talked about women in a sexual way."

And the Times says the survey affirms that "Sexism is widespread, and baked in from a young age."

Earlier this year the Los Angles Times published an op-ed, which asked, "Are Gender Feminists and Transgender activists Undermining Science?"

The well thought out, well documented article says, yes, they are. And the article says, "Distortion of science hinders progress. When gender feminists start refuting basic biology, people stop listening, and the larger point about equality is lost."

And this from someone who supports the feminist movement.

In the 1980s, Dr. Jim Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, was often a guest on my television program. He repeatedly said he was concerned about the attempts by secular progressives to feminize boys and masculinize girls.

Last year David French, writing in the National Review exposed the "Born That Way" myth of homosexuality and transgenderism. Again, well documented and well sourced.

French says in the world according to LGBT, "just as there are black and white, there are gay and straight. One's sexual orientation, like one's race, is fixed and immutable at birth. The process of 'questioning one's orientation isn't a process of deciding but of discovering."

However, in the real world, this narrative has always run counter to observed reality.

French writes, "Human sexuality is not so neatly and cleanly divided and determined. Circumstances and culture matter, as does morality. So it should come as no surprise that---upon closer scientific examination---the LGBT Left's case collapses. Sexual orientation and gender identity are nothing like race."

He draws heavily from studies done by Johns Hopkins University, that have shown feminist and homosexual activists through their activism, have initiated a socialization process of indoctrination toward certain sexual behaviors.

We are not born as "blank slates," as the activists are so fond of saying---and the press is fond of reporting.

The Left has repeatedly declared the debate on human sexuality to be over.

French says, "In my experience, proponents touting the 'blank slate' view are willing to agree, in private conversations, that neurological sex differences do exist, but fear acknowledging such as much publicly will justify female oppression."

This is backward. Through the harassment charges and accusations we are seeing today, female traits are seen as inferior and less worthy of respect by those who hold a non-biblical worldview.

This is the real issue nobody wants to address.

The Left is trying to sell their vision to the public without any social competition or moral alternative to their secular worldview.

Advocate secularism, silence Christianity.

French says, "The Judeo-Christian model, by contrast, is aspirational, calling on people not to do what they want, but what they 'should'. "

He notes that "Admittedly, this path is far easier for some than others...The Left's path is alluring, but offers a self-indulgent path down to cultural ruin."

Whether the general public has completely thought all this through, or not. Human nature tells us all that men and women are different.

And Pew has affirmed it.

The ancient prophet Jeremiah (6:16) understood this when he said: "Thus says the Lord: Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; Then you will find rest for your souls."

The record shows that the people of Jeremiah's times chose not to walk in the old paths and suffered the consequences.

I pray we will make a better choice.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Bold. Be Faithful.