Monday, March 12, 2018

Rev. Flip Benham Arrested--- Yes, He's Jason and David's Dad

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The Charlotte Observer reports, "One of North Carolina’s best known conservative activists, Philip “Flip” Benham, was arrested Saturday in Charlotte and charged with communicating threats." The arrest reportedly happened during an anti-abortion protest.

Yes, Pastor Benham is the father of the twin Benham Brothers, Jason and David, who were dropped by HGTV because of their pro-life, pro-biblical marriage beliefs.

Here's the part the media initially preferred to not report.

The Charlotte Observer was quick to report on the arrest.

They reported the arrest, the time of the arrest, and the fact that the pastor was "given a $500 unsecured bond."

And they said, "There was no indication the69-year-old was jailed after the arrest."

The Observer quotes the group "Progress NC" saying, "We have long warned the city that the tactics employed by Benham and his crew could escalate"..."My volunteers and I are scared...I am imploring the city of Charlotte to do something about the violent behavior in front of my clinic."

No thought was given to the violent behavior within the clinic where babies are routinely extracted from their mother's womb and killed under the guise of "choice," "women's rights" and "women's health care," simply because the child is unwanted and inconvenient.

However, it was only in "updated" online issues that the Observer finally included the rest of what actually happened.

It was WSOC TV 9 that initially included the "other" part of the story.

TV 9 reported that the pastor was arrested for "threatening" a volunteer at a Charlotte women's clinic," a.k.a., abortion clinic.

"The volunteer," TV 9 said, "claim's the pastor threatened her life during one of his rallies"---"he menacingly and repeatedly told me I was dead."

The pastor's twin sons, Jason and David, shed some light on the matter in an interview with Christian Post.

You may recall the twins were dropped by HGTV a year or so ago as their new show was about to air because David had attended and spoken at a pro-marriage rally and both are active in public advocacy of Life and biblical marriage.

The Benham brothers have been enormously successful in real estate---yet have never lost their spiritual focus and biblical faith. And they are not timid about it. They are their father's sons.

The brothers said the secular media purposefully did not point out that their father was a part of a 250-member peaceful protest against abortion. And they were telling women going to the clinic that there is a better way than abortion, and they would help them should they choose not to abort their child.

And the elder Benham never threatened the woman. He quoted Scripture to her telling her, "You are dead in your trespasses and you are dead in your sins."

Benham says the woman immediately went to the county magistrate and got a warrant out for the arrest of his dad with no police report.

Jason says, "So our dad told us that the police officer who came to arrest him actually apologized to him more than a dozen times" saying, "I've never arrested somebody without a police report."

The brothers explained that this is not the first time. Their dad practices what he preaches.

His sermons are biblical---Pro-Life and Pro-Biblical Marriage. So are his actions.

How refreshing.

A look into the elder Benham's past life gives insight into his passion for Life and biblical Truth.

Pastor Benham says he doesn't know how many times he has been arrested for trying to rescue babies---and their mothers from abortion.

In his earlier life, Benham says he was pro-abortion and even encouraged people to get one--- he says he was happy when Rope v Wade passed.

He says he even encouraged people to get an abortion---he admits he even wanted his twin boys aborted, but his wife refused.

After her refusal, he says he wanted a divorce. But his story is one we have heard before. Everything changed for "Flip" Benham.

Today he has a number of people who work with him in offering help and assistance to women who choose not to abort their child. They come alongside them, stand with them and support them---including financially in some cases.

Benham says he just wants women to know they have a real choice. They don't have to abort.

Are they helping women?

He says, "From Jan. 1 to Jan 24, 70 women chose Life."

I would suspect at least 70 more probably made the same decision during February.

Contrast Benham's story with a column written in the Washington Post by staff columnist Ruth Marcus Saturday.

Marcus writes that she would have killed her unborn child if tests would have shown its "intellectual capacity" was impaired.

She makes the case for killing unborn children that test positive Down syndrome, saying, "I can say without hesitation that, tragic as it would have felt and ghastly as a second- trimester abortion would have been, I would have terminated those pregnancies had the tests come back positive."

A striking glimpse at what really divides America---What we believe about faith, family, freedom, and Life.

Be Informed. Be Faithful. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.