Friday, July 06, 2018

New Supreme Court Nominee: "Liberal's Armageddon"

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Associated Press says President Trump is "closing in on his next Supreme Court nominee, with three federal judges leading the competition to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy."

AP says the top three are judges Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh and Raymond Kethledge.

Any one of these three judges will be an "Armageddon" meltdown for the progressive Left. And a victory for those who believe in the Constitution and its original intent.

One of these candidates could be particularly explosive.

Christians, be informed.

The Associated Press said yesterday, "Working closely with a White House team and consulting with lawmakers and outside advisers, Trump has spent the week deliberating on the choice."

They say, "Mike Pence has also met with some of the contenders..."

President Trump has said he will announce his appointee Monday, July 9.

On a personal note, I'm taking off next week. We will not be publishing this Faith and Freedom Daily article next week, but will resume on Monday, July 16.

By all honest accounts, all three potential nominees are highly qualified to serve on the Supreme Court, however, the confirmation will not be an "honest account."

Any one of the three will come under all-out attack---personal and professional, by the Left, because all three represent all but an end to the Left's Marxist Utopian dream for America.

Matt Barber with "Christian Civil Rights Watch" told One News Now last Monday, "The reason the Left is melting down is because it knows a huge political event is unfolding that could create a 'sea change' in public policy for decades to come."

He said, "This is the single biggest political event to come down the pike in decades, with an opportunity here for President Trump to put another strict constructionist, or a constitutionalist, on the high court."

All three of these candidates are on the President's list he presented to the public during his campaign.

In addition to the council the president is receiving, he is, as promised, choosing from "the list." All potential candidates on the list have been vetted by trusted conservative organizations including The Heritage Foundation.

Town Hall says, "Some have wondered if Judge Brett Kavanaugh would be a reliable originalist."

Others have expressed concerns as well. From all I've read the concerns center around the fact that while he is a verifiable "originalist" now, his history indicates he could "evolve" toward the center, as some originalists have done in the past.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett could be both the most effective and reliable, but also the most explosive should she be picked by the president.

From what I've observed during the process, Judge Coney Barrett could well be the president's pick.

The Left, particularly Sen. Schumer but others as well, are already launching attacks on all three of these possible candidates.

But the opposition's most ferocious attacks have been against Barrett, a young, forty-something-year-old female constitutional conservative judge. Very conservative.

National Review notes that "Opposition to the eminently qualified, brilliant Supreme Court candidate invokes an ugly history of anti-Catholic bigotry."

When she was nominated to her current seat on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Sen. Diane Feinstein famously reproved her by saying that "the dogma lives loudly within you and that's of concern."

She would not be the first Catholic on the Supreme Court. Currently, with Justice Kennedy on the Court until his retirement the end of this month, there are 5 Catholic Justices---Alito, Kennedy, Roberts, Sotomayor and Thomas. The late Justice Scalia was also a Catholic. There are 3 Jews---Breyer, Ginsburg and Kagen.

I'm not advocating for an all-Catholic Court---in fact, I would like to see an evangelical on the Court since there are between 50 and 100 million evangelicals in America--however, I point out that the Left had no problem with Obama's Catholic, Sonia Sotomayor, but will melt down if Trump nominates Barrett.

Part of that is pure politics from the Left. But there's more.

Beyond being a Catholic, both she and her husband have embraced the evangelical belief of accepting Jesus Christ as personal Savior, and she is involved with a Charismatic Catholic group.

The National Review notes that she and her husband are members of Catholic ministries movement called "People of Praise."

"It provides," the Review says, "spiritual community, support for those in need, prayer and counseling, and guidance for successful marriages, among other things. More than 1000 couples have completed their Marriage in Christ program that installs habits of prayer and --this is shocking---conversation to improve relationships."

The Review says, "As for Barrett herself, it seems she lives her faith. She and her husband have 7 children including one with special needs and two adopted from Haiti. Her former colleagues on the Notre Dame law-school faculty, many of whom have disagreements with Barrett, unanimously endorsed her nomination to the Circuit Court, describing her as brilliant, generous and warm."

Her peers wrote, "She possesses in abundance all of the other qualities that shape extraordinary jurists: discipline, intellect, wisdom, impeccable temperament, and above all, fundamental decency and humanity."

But the Left will begin Monday to characterize her as a cultist should she be nominated.

Mona Charin, writing for the National Review, writes, "If Barrett is a glazed-eyed cultist, she's done an incredible job hiding it. She fooled her fellow clerks on the Supreme Court when she worked for Justice Antonin Scalia. Dozens of clerks, including some who worked for Justices Ginsburg and Breyer, endorsed her previous nomination, calling her 'a remarkable intellect and character'. She fooled her students, hundreds of whom signed an endorsement which read in part, 'Our religious, cultural and political views span a wide spectrum. Despite the many and genuine differences among us, we are united in our conviction that Professor Barrett would make an exceptional federal judge'."

"And she fooled all the Republican members of the Judiciary Committee along with three Democrats, who voted for her nomination."

If she is Trump's nominee, and she very well may be, let's hope the far Left doesn't fool Congress and the American people.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Faithful. Be Prayerful.