Thursday, August 30, 2018

Mike Pence: "Christian Supremacist, Eager to Impose Religion on Nation"

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Author and CNN contributor Michael D'Antonio is warning the nation of the danger Vice President Pence presents to freedom and the American way of life.

He told CNN this week that "Mike Pence is really a Christian supremacist," and the first "such extremist that could become President of the United States."

And some thoughts on the dementia of the press in remembering John McCain.

Be informed.

More on the national threat of Mike Pence in a moment.

But first, some thoughts on how severely the press is suffering from dementia as the nation remembers John McCain.

The media is praising McCain as a beacon of heroism---and I agree that he was indeed a war hero and served his country valiantly---however, this same news media only 10 years ago portrayed him as a "hate-filled radical", "extremist", and accused him "of running crypto-racist ads" against presidential candidate Barack Obama.

MSNBC accused him of "almost subliminal racism" and CNN's Crossfire accused him of being "deliberately and deceptively racist" and the New York Times editorial board called McCain's ads a "racially tinged attack."

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If impeaching President Trump is the ultimate goal of the media---and I believe it is--- and the Left, fear-mongering about Mike Pence must already be on their minds.

Michael D'Antonio is so worked up about this, he is telling the press that Pence, should he become president, would be the first "Christian supremacist" in the history of the presidency.

He says Pence puts his religion above his politics---and that is frightening.

D'Antonio says,
"I think he's a pretty divisive figure. He would like to impose a religiously inspired politics on our country that means rolling back marriage equality, it means a ban on abortion, a whole host of policies that are religiously driven. He's very upfront about that."

Is this man unaware of the importance our Founders put on the Christian faith in founding this country?

Yes, all this is in his new book, and he's trying hard to sell the book---but I think he really believes at least some of what he has written and is saying to the press.

And he's getting a lot of face time with the press.

This may well be the proverbial "two-edged sword"---while he is doing his best to put his sword in the back of Mike Pence, he may be strengthening Mike Pence's case to become the next President of the United States.

D'Antonio also claims that Pence believes "those who don't share his Christian beliefs are going to Hell," and that's a "shocking thing to hear from a president."

He says Pence is waiting in the "shadows" for Trump to "stumble" so he can take office, because he sees Trump as a "pagan king" that he needs to "look after" to keep him on "the straight and narrow."

Then the author speculates, "If Trump resigned this year, Pence could be president for a total of 10 years (if he ran and won twice)."

Then, to re-emphasize, he says, "You know, he is very much anti-gay. He's anti-marriage. He wants to roll back Roe v Wade. All of these things are religiously inspired. He has a right to these positions but we should all be aware of them."

What's missed by Mr. D'Antonio is that Pence, like tens of millions of other evangelicals, is not "anti-gay or anti-marriage equality." He is pro-biblical marriage and pro-biblical teaching on human sexuality.

In one sense, I appreciate the work of Michael D'Antonio. He's created a great conversation.

He is more clearly defining the issues than many pastors are from their pulpits.

I think D'Antonio is on to something in regard to Pence being a biblical Christian.

And since D'Antonio raises the question of longevity: What if Trump isn't impeached and is elected for a second term---8 years, then Mike Pence is elected twice for 8 more years?

That would mean Trump-Pence until 2032---the secular progressive Left's Armageddon.

We need to keep an eye on VP Mike.

What Mr. D'Antonio may not have discerned yet, is that the God Pence serves is actually in control of human events.

Even Washington State's own Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, in the 1952 case, Zorach v Clauson, wrote for the Court, "We are a religious people whose institutions presuppose a Supreme Being," concluding that the Court could not "read into the Bill of Rights a philosophy of hostility to religion."

Douglas was hardly an advocate for Christianity, but he knew this nation was "a religious people."

Deeply rooted in God.

Wouldn't that be an interesting topic for D'Antonio and CNN?

The sovereignty of God.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be at Peace.