Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Christian Group Launches "Revival Movement" To Defeat Trump's GOP

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A Christian Left group led by Pastor Doug Pagitt and fueled by opposition and anger toward Trump and the Republican Party has launched a multi-state touring "revival" meeting---its purpose is "to flip Congress for the common good" in the upcoming mid-term election.

The lineup of speakers and worship leaders is a who's who of the so-called "Christian Left."

The "revival" kicked off yesterday.

Be informed.

Led by Minnesota Leftist Pastor Doug Pagitt and fueled by opposition to President Trump and his conservative policies, the "revival meetings" feature live worship music and a rotating cast of left-leaning so-called Christian leaders, authors, and activists who will all make the case that Christians must vote for Democrats.

However, I noticed Frank Schaeffer, the atheist son of Francis Schaeffer, in the list of speakers, so not all even profess to be Christian.

The meetings are called "From Fear to Faith" rallies.

Pagitt says,
"A lot of people we talk to are in a crises of their faith because they really feel like their leaders and their overall Christian narrative has turned in such a way that things that they thought were commitments and unshakable values of human rights and family values and decency have just been sold out for a bowl of porridge."

He says, "There is a real crisis."

There is. It's a profound crisis of misunderstanding of Scripture---or simply teaching false doctrine.

How does a so-called Christian or religious Left believer rationalize not only voting for, but advocating for others to do so as well, politicians who are obsessed with protecting and expanding abortion when God says, "You shall not commit murder?"

How do you reconcile blessing and celebrating homosexual behavior when God says it is "an abomination?"

How do you affirm with Scripture the notion that God's Love affirms sin, when God's love sent His only begotten Son to the cross to atone for that sin and offer forgiveness, deliverance and restoration "from" the sin, not affirmation "of" the sin?

And it takes a great deal of twisting and bending of Scripture to create support for open borders and globalism in the name of compassion, when Scripture is very, very clear on borders as described in Genesis and affirmed in Acts---yet a one world, globalist message it is part of the "Christian revival" touring the country.

Pagitt, who pastor's Solomon's Porch Church in South Minneapolis, says, "We don't just say we are running it like a revival. It really is a revival. The theme of it is 'From Fear to Faith for the common good'."

Most of the rallies feature music from New York City church and bar musician Vince Anderson and soul singer Meah Pace.

I noticed they listed about 25 speakers who will rotate among the "revival meetings" which included Brian McLean, Frank Schaeffer, Shane Claiborne, Pastor John Pavlovitz, Pastor Rob Schenck and Rev. Jaccqui Lewis, a minister at Middle Collegiate Church in New York City who is well known for advocating for "racial equality" and the LGBTQ agenda.

The traveling revival's statement says that "Trump is a hazard to the well being of a lot of people and to the planet and needs to be restrained."

Pagitt says the aim of the revival may feel very partisan, but it isn't---it's an objection to "Trump's policies on refugees, healthcare, immigration, and the 2017 tax overhaul and poverty."

He says, "We are saying to a lot of these voters who voted Republican in the past that maybe it is time to offer your vote on behalf of someone else and to not think of your own self interest when you is a little surprising that this comes as fresh news to Christian people who are often very selfless in other areas of their lives."

Is he suggesting biblical Christians should vote against their biblical values as an act of biblical giving and charity?

He is.

Considering that many conservative Republicans voted for Trump and Republicans in 2016 because of the promises to advance pro-life policies, he explains this new "truth" like this, in regard to abortion:
"Some people use that as an easy block because some of these people have been voting this way since 1972 and abortion is still legal in this country. So, it is not a very wise voting standard. If that is what you are doing, it is not really working. Making abortion illegal and reducing the number of abortions are not connected to one another."

Is he really saying that overturning Roe v Wade would not affect the number of abortions Planned Parenthood and the other "women's health care" operators in America capitalize upon every year?

He is. And there's more. He says,
"We have three decades of information now that tell us about what we can do to reduce the numbers of abortions in this country. You can be anti-abortion and not have to feel like you are compelled to vote for people who put kids in cages or limit the number of refugees or takeaway health care or who are hawkish on war. Those things don't have to go together and if they keep telling you they are, they are lying to you."

In the thinking of the religious Left---if you want to reduce the number of abortions you should vote for pro-abortion activist politicians.

He promises his "revival" is "not trying to change people's minds," he and his troupe are merely trying to assist those who have already changed their minds.

And he is reminding the converts that midterm elections are typically not well attended, so there is a great opportunity for the religious Left.

On that he's right. Most voters don't participate in mid-term elections for all kinds of reasons. This religious Left Awakening is counting on that.

NPR has published an in-depth article titled, "On the Sidelines of Democracy," which explores why many people don't vote in mid-term elections or at all, which is also directed at getting their public radio audience out to vote next month.

In an introduction to the article, NPR says, "The 2016 presidential election tilted to Donald Trump with fewer than 80,000 votes across three states, with a dramatic impact on the country, yet only 6 in 10 eligible voters cast their ballots in 2016."

They go on to document the typically low turnouts in midterm elections---which further underscores the opportunity for the hard left secularists in lock-step with the misguided religious Left to reverse the "dramatic impact" of the Trump presidency and the Republican conservatism.

To my friends in the religious Left. You are being misled and will be held accountable. Re-think before you re-act. And pray about it with an open heart. Do you really believe helping to elect a pro-abortion politician will?

To my biblical, conservative friends. I cannot overstate the importance of this midterm election.


Be Faithful. Vote. Be Informed. Vote. Be Vigilant. Vote. Be Discerning. Vote. Be Prayerful. Vote.