Friday, November 09, 2018

Democrats: "Impeach Kavanaugh"--"Take To Streets Over Sessions' Firing"

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Often said, and always true: Elections have consequences.

Top Democrat Jerry Nadler, who will now become Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, was overheard Wednesday discussing plan to impeach newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Across town, a former spokesman for the Justice Department, now with NBC, was on the air, calling for people to "take to the streets" over the firing of A/G Jeff Sessions, and the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting A/G.

Here they come. Be informed.

"Impeach Kavanaugh, but you can't do it quietly."

New York Democrat and soon to be chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerrold Nadler, took a number of calls while riding the Acela commuter train from New York to Washington DC hours after the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives in Tuesday's election.

The calls were related to impeaching Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

We know about this because the Federalist's Molly Hemingway---a conservative journalist---was sitting within earshot of Nadler. He didn't see her.

Hemingway is highly respected as a journalist. The Daily Caller is reporting what she heard.

Nadler claimed in one call that "there's a real indication that Kavanaugh committed perjury," claiming that he (Kavanaugh) misled about when he first heard about the second of several unproven allegations against him.

Nadler said Kavanaugh was "asked under oath when he first heard" about it, and Kavanaugh said it was when he read it in the news, but Nadler says he knew about it before that, based on an email they have seen.

Interestingly, Nadler's claim echoes a very misleading story that was put out there by NBC---they later admitted they got it wrong.

Nadler said to whomever he was talking with about this matter, "That's not technical, that's real"---apparently, the person on the other end of the line was not agreeing with him.

Rep. Nadler then said, "You can't do it quietly because word will get out that the FBI or the committee is reaching out to witnesses."

And then he trashed the FBI: "They didn't even do a half-a **, job. They didn't interview 30 witnesses who said 'Interview me, I've got a lot to say!'."

Now that this story has become public, Nadler and his people are denying it all. He says the conversation never happened---"absolutely false". Hemingway made it up.

She has a history of not making things up.

The Senate Judiciary Committee released its full and final report last Saturday. The 414-page report finds "no evidence" to corroborate any of the charges against Brett Kavanaugh.

The report notes that the committee has referred several individuals to the Department of Justice and the FBI who seemed to have made false statements against Kavanaugh.

The report also notes that the Committee has referred the matter of former FBI employee Monica McLean, who tutored accuser, Ms. Ford, before she appeared before the committee, although Ford denied it under oath. And McLean seemed to have tried to convince Christine Ford's best friend to change her testimony that disputed Ford's claim against Kavanaugh.

The report also confirms that one of Kavanaugh's accusers is a Left-wing activist from Kentucky who had claimed Kavanaugh raped her, has now told authorities she made up her story, hoping to destroy his nomination.

And a man, whose name is redacted, has come forward telling authorities that when he was 19 he had an encounter with a girl that he thinks was Christine Blasey Ford while he was in DC over spring break. Ford's account, he says, mirrors his encounter with her in a bedroom of a house in the same area.

He also says Ford was wearing a one-piece swimming suit under her clothing, which Ford also mentioned in her testimony. The man says while he was kissing Ford in the bedroom on a bed, a friend of his, Mark Judge, came into the room and jumped on top of them as a joke.

He also says Blasey-Ford was not resisting his advances.

Nadler will soon be in power...and apparently, he plans to take another shot at Kavanaugh, now a sitting Justice of the Supreme Court.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Ca.) has been yelling "impeach, impeach, impeach" at the president since the day before he was inaugurated. Don't think for a moment she and her cohorts won't try to get him as well.

I've said it before, it bears repeating: This is not primarily about Kavanaugh. It's about the Left's obsession with protecting the legal "right" to kill unwanted unborn children.

Abortion. From the worshipers of Baal to the Roman Empire, to America, abortion and infanticide is an obsession with those who forsake God. In the case of Baal and Rome, it was a religious obsession.

The attempts to destroy Kavanaugh because of his pro-life views are unconscionable. He is one of the most highly qualified Justices to ever sit on the Court. But that isn't the point for the Left.

Chelsea Clinton's recent comment that abortion is a "Christian" value, is pretty revealing as to where these people are all headed.

Taking to the streets over Sessions' firing.

In a different but closely related issue, Wednesday on MSNBC's "Deadline" show, former Justice Department spokesman Matt Miller said "people should take to the streets" over the firing of Jeff Sessions.

Why would NBC and their news channel be so supportive of Sessions?

They're not. They are panicked over Trump's appointing Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general.

Miller said,
“This isn’t like all of Trump’s other attempts to interfere with the investigation. He’s reached over and found the one person among dozens of political appointees at the Justice Department who has a preordained hostility, publicly stated hostility to the investigation. I think for people in Congress, they need to step up and object to this. I think for the broad public, this is the time to maybe take to the streets and say this is not what you expect out of the government. I have a message for people at the Justice Department. There are a number of senior political appointees at the Justice Department. Republican appointees who believe in the rule of law and believe in this investigation, believe in what Bob Mueller and Rosenstein have done. The country needs to hear from them in the next few days. This is a crisis moment. They need to step forward and make their voices heard, in mass resignations if necessary, to say they just will not stand for this abuse of the Justice Department’s independence.”

The reason for the panic.

In August 2017, in an op-ed published by CNN, Matt Whitaker, a former prosecutor, said that Mueller had come "dangerously close to crossing a red line" in the investigation by looking at Trump's personal finances and those of his business.

He said:
"It does not take a lawyer or even a former prosecutor like myself to conclude that investigating Trump's finances or his family's finances falls completely outside of the realm of his 2016 campaign and allegations that the campaign coordinated with the Russian government or anyone else."

He said, "That goes beyond the scope of the appointment of the special counsel."

Whitaker also said that "it's time for [Rod] Rosenstein order Mueller to limit the scope of his investigation."

And Whitaker has taken a hard line against leakers who have been feeding information to the press about the Russia probe.

Whitaker as interim or acting Attorney General is a very smart choice by President Trump.

Pray for the president. Pray for our country.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning.