Thursday, November 08, 2018

The Tale of Chuck and Patty

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The predicted "blue wave" was at best, a "ripple."

Every secular progressive media darling lost Tuesday.

Beto O'Rourke who was "destined" to beat Sen. Ted Cruz, (R-Tx.) then move on to run for president in 2020, went down in flames.

Yes, the Dems won the House, but the Republicans increased their majority in the Senate.

Now head democrats in the Senate, Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY) and Patty Murray (WA.) are, along with others, trying to sort-of delegitimize the Senate by pretending the so-called "Senate Popular Vote" is a legitimate option.

Be informed.

Alert: US Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned yesterday. Matt Whitaker, who currently serves as Chief of Staff for Sessions will become the "acting" A/G until a nominee to replace Sessions is announced. What do we know about Whitaker? I'll be talking a bit about that on our live radio program today. You may join me live from anywhere in the world. Here's how.

Why would senators turn on their own institution?

The Daily Caller says, "Every liberal media darling lost [Tuesday] night. Beto O'Rourke went down in flames, along with the fever dream that he could run for president in 2020."

They report, "Republicans won the governorship and the Senate seat in Florida and the governorship in Georgia. Each of these races were covered obsessively by the media in the hope that they'd all fall for Democrats. All the free media amounted to nothing in the end."

You will recall that former President Obama was holding rallies all over the place in Georgia and Florida, while Oprah did the same---even going door to door in some neighborhoods.

Laura Ingraham suggested they both should have egg on their face, but true progressives see it differently.

Since the Democrats didn't win the Senate---they actually lost seats---they have now begun to attack the very institution in which they were elected to serve.

Senate leaders Chuck Schumer (NY) and Patty Murray (WA), and their colleagues, are hoping their constituents are not well informed.

They are now pushing a tale---I'll call it "Chuck and Patty's Tale," even though others are also telling the tale---that the idea of the "Senate Popular Vote" is for real, and should now be given serious consideration.

Uninformed citizens including some Republican "moderates" are falling for the tale. The media loves it.

Here's the tale.

The Washington Post explains it like this:
"Democrats didn't win everywhere Tuesday night, despite their clear momentum. They won over the House and some governor's seats, but they also lost seats in the Senate, making their path back to the majority there more difficult than it was before. "

WAPO asks, "How could that be?" Then answers its own question: "Unfairness, of course."

Of course. Unfairness.

"Now that the results have rolled in," the Post reports, "some have begun citing a so-called Senate popular vote. It goes like this: Democrats won lots more votes, but they somehow lost seats."

While Democrat leaders are whispering behind closed doors, considering how to beat our Founding Father's well thought out, prayed over system, the Post publishes a list of tweets by activists, including a journalist with NBC who are demanding the "Senate popular vote" become the rule.

Mark tweets: Senate popular vote: Democrats, 40,558, 262 votes (55.4%); Republicans, 31,490,026 votes (43%). Senate seats: Republicans +3.
Mikel tweeted this: "Democrats won the popular vote tally in the Senate by 12% yesterday. (9 million votes!) Stop pretending Republican Senate pick--ups represent some kind of 'will of the people'."

Joy Reid, with MSNBC, predicted this is going to lead to a "legitimacy crises."

She tweeted:
"Hugely important point just now. If the outcome of the midterms is that Republicans lose the popular vote for House and Senate, as they did with the White House, but due to gerrymandering emerge still controlling all three (and the Supreme Court)? Legitimacy crises."

To their credit, the Washington Post writer is not buying the tale.

In fact, he writes,
"The Senate popular vote is bogus for a whole lot of reasons. It's true that the Senate isn't set up particularly favorably for Democrats---there were 30 red states in the 2016 election and 20 blue ones, and the many small red states such as Wyoming have the same number of senators as exponentially more populous blue states such as California and New York---but the Senate popular vote is not a stat that tells that tale."

Most thinking people can figure out that if more Democrat seats are up for reelection, it stands to reason that Democrats will do well in the popular vote. That's exactly what happened in this election. Democrats were defending 26 states, and the Republicans just 9 states.

This is how our Founding Fathers defined "inclusiveness" and "fairness" and "equity".

Secular Progressives, throughout history, always seek to destroy that which they cannot control.

If they can't force a Colorado baker to bake a cake for a so-called homosexual "wedding," they try to destroy him.

If they can't force a Richland, Washington florist to create flower arrangements for a so-called homosexual "wedding," they try to destroy her.

If they can't control the Senate, they try to delegitimize it.

This same thinking, now that Chuck and Patty's partners have the majority in the House, will lead the "progressives" to a different, but corresponding tale.

With Speaker Nancy Pelosi probably leading the pack (I hope she does), the party that spent the past two years complaining about money spent investigating the intelligence community's role in creating the Russia hoax will now spend millions of dollars investigating the hoax itself hoping to make it true.

The good news.

Republicans added to their majority in the Senate. That's a fact. That means judicial nominees and administration nominees will be easier to confirm. Moderate Republicans---including newly minted moderate Senator Mitt Romney--- will no longer have to be catered to on nominations and President Trump can pretty much be assured his nominees for Cabinet positions will be confirmed. This would also be true should another opportunity to nominate for the Supreme Court present itself.

The Senate also ratifies treaties like the new US-Canada-Mexico trade agreement even more likely.

James Madison, our 4th President and "Father of the Constitution," said:
"We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all of our political institutions upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God."

Good counsel for all of us.

A particularly good first step for those needing to kick their addiction to using big government, under their leadership, to control the people and our institutions and set the moral compass for our nation.

The Ten Commandments lead to a much better place.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.