Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Network News: 19 Minutes Smearing Catholic Kids, 58 Seconds Covering "March For Life"

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The false and deceptive reporting by our national news organizations cannot be overstated.

Media Research Center's "News Busters" revealed yesterday that the networks devoted 19 minutes to coverage of false accusations of racism against Covington Catholic teenagers attending the March for Life, in contrast with only 58 seconds spent on the actual March itself---which drew tens of thousands of pro-life advocates to DC.

Be informed.

Media Research Center's News Busters reports that between Saturday night and Monday morning, NBC, ABC, and CBS spent 19 minutes and 5 seconds of air time on smears of racism against the Catholic teens who were confronted by Left-wing activists.

However, these same networks combined devoted only 58 seconds to the actual March for Life event held on Friday at the National Mall in DC.

False and deceptive reporting.

This is the text of the story NBC broadcast on their evening news:

NBC Nightly News 
January 19, 2019
6:42:38 p.m. Eastern

JOSE DIAZ BALART: A troubling scene many are calling racist, played out in Washington yesterday, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Some students harassing an older Native American, a Vietnam vet in the midst of a special ceremony. Tammy Leitner has more.
[Cuts to video]
TAMMIE LEITNER: It was meant to be a time for indigenous people to be seen and heard. But this viral video taken during Friday's rally in Washington has sparked outrage and confusion. The video appears to show dozens of youths wearing Make America Great Again hats mocking Native American elder and Vietnam veteran Nathan Phillips. Many jeering and others looking on.
NATHAN PHILLIPS: They're singing and I heard them saying, build that wall, build that wall. You know, this is indigenous lands. We're not supposed to have walls here, we never did, for a millennium.
LEITNER: Some of the youths may be from Covington Catholic, an all-male high school in Kentucky. Although, it’s not clear if everyone in the crowd was from the school. The Diocese of Covington saying in a statement, “the matter is being investigated and we will take appropriate action, up to and including expulsion.”
It's unclear how the event started. Tonight some wondering how this peaceful rally became a sad display of disrespect. Tammy Leitner, NBC News

ABC's "This Week" host Martha Raddatz asked Republican Oklahoma Sen. Jim Lankford, "What's your message to those teenagers? And has the president created this environment doing things like calling Elizabeth Warren 'Pocahontas'?"

Ironically, Democrat New York Senator and newly announced presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand wasn't asked a single question on the same program about founders of the far Left wing Women's March in DC being accused of anti-Semitism.

ABC's Good Morning America and their World News Tonight provided 9 minutes and 35 seconds of airtime attacking the Catholic high school kids and only 6 seconds on the March for Life event they had participated in.

CBS spent the least time of all on the left wing activists---4 minutes and 21 seconds on the rowdy Catholic kids, and 8 seconds on the March for Life event.

We now know their news story about the Catholic kids was false.

On Monday's Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, Tucker slammed the media people by name who had attacked the Catholic kids with all the power of the American media.


Because we have now learned that the story the news media presented to America---and the world, is deceptive and false.

Carlson asked if the video that the networks played over and over and over really describe what happened. He said, "Amazingly, almost no one in the American media did that."

Tucker named names, and called out a number of the network reporters, some of whom he has worked with in the past. More of his comments are found in the link above. I would encourage you to take a moment and read them.

The Unraveling.

Matt Vespa watched all this unfold over the weekend, then watched it all begin to unravel yesterday. It's fake. The Native American, the harassing of the Native American---the whole thing.

Then Matt wrote this:

The media went after a bunch of high school students at the March for Life last weekend because they hounded a Native American man named Nathan Phillips and shouted, “build the wall” during the alleged confrontation. And by alleged, I mean, it never happened. It was another fake news story peddled by the anti-Trump opposition media.
The students weren’t hounding Phillips. Phillips approached the group who had gathered by the Lincoln Memorial. The students did sports chants to drown out the obscenities hurled at them by a group of Black Hebrew Israelites who were also at the memorial. The Hebrew Israelites is an organization that believes its members are descendants from the tribes of Israel. They’re allegedly a racist and black supremacist group. Phillips supposedly tried to get between the groups and started beating his drum in front of student Nick Sandmann. And alas, the image of Sandmann and Phillips that sent all of liberal America into a hate-filled frenzy directed at the kids. Why? Well, some of them were wearing Make America Great Again hats. The misdirected hate and hostility has led to doxxing, death threats, and the closing of Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky due to security concerns.

Phillips says he was participating in the Indigenous Peoples March. From the first beat of his drum to the last, he was consumed in prayer.

Perhaps. He also said he was a Vietnam Vet. He isn't.

Ironically, it was "The View," yes, ABC's "The View" that truthfully answered why all this was drummed up in the first place.

Whoopi Goldberg said yesterday, "So many people admitted they made snap judgments before all the facts came in...Why is that?

Joy Behar responded: "Because we're desperate to get Trump out of office."

Phillips says he hopes this is a teachable moment. I'm not sure what his lesson might be, but it certainly is a teachable moment in regard to the media.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.