Thursday, January 24, 2019

War on Christianity Becoming More Bold--and Divisive

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Daily Wire columnist Matt Walsh writes that the war on Christianity is "just getting started."

Pop singer Lady Gaga told a sold-out concert crowd in Las Vegas last weekend, "Mike Pence and Mrs. Pence are the "worst representatives of what it means to be a Christian."

The media has become weaponized against Christians, while homosexual and abortion activists have commandeered our public school classrooms, the entertainment industry and even the Christian church itself.

The war isn't new, but it is certainly accelerating.

Be informed.

Columnist Matt Walsh not only wrote a column about it, he's also been appearing on various conservative TV and radio programs.

He says the war on Christianity has just begun and it's only going to get worse.

I agree, anti-Christian forces are ramping up their words and actions, but it didn't just begin.

Christianity began in a war of sorts---the Son of God revealing God's Truth to mankind---religious leaders hating him---politicians fearing him, and a misled public turning on him shouting, "Crucify Him, Crucify Him."

They did. And considered the matter taken care of. "Big sigh"---"we've finally put this controversial Man and His controversial teaching behind us and we can return to normal and move on."

The assault on God and His Word began early on with Satan's deception of a woman and her husband---two people who knew God and actually had a relationship with Him.

Walsh says, "We have officially entered a new phase in the culture war."

Indeed we have.

He says:
"Gone are the days when leftists pretended to see religion as a thing that should be relegated to homes and churches and private schools. That very small amount of extremely limited and qualified 'tolerance' is gone. They will not tolerate Christianity in any forum, especially a private school."

He notes that the Left has a predictable pattern, and they tend to find "perfectly timed" real-world examples to demonstrate whatever point they are already making.


He's right, and that was affirmed last week when Lady Gaga told a sold-out concert in Las Vegas that she is a good Christian and Mike and Mrs. Pence are not.

Gaga wouldn't matter, except millions follow her and buy her music.

While singing her song, "Million Reasons," she stopped to criticize President Trump for the so-called "government shut-down". Then she turned with a vengeance on the Vice President and his wife.

She said:
"And to Mike Pence, who thinks it's acceptable that his wife works at a school that bans LGBTQ, you are wrong. You say we should not discriminate against Christianity; you are the worst representation of what it means to be a Christian. I am a Christian woman...Christianity bears no prejudice and everybody is welcome."

And she instructs Vice President Pence to look in the mirror and see the disgrace and hypocrisy.

Count the times lately that America has heard entertainment personalities scolding us because our Christianity is out of step with pop culture.

In fact, there is currently a social media campaign, #ExposeChristianSchools trending on Twitter, blatantly targeting biblical Christian beliefs.

Gaga's sentiments are not isolated, they are an echo of most all the celebrities in the entertainment industry.

One tweet, identified as being from the "Holy Spirit" said:

I accept Adam and Eve as well as Adam and Steve. I'd also accept Adam, Eve, and Steve if you wanted to make it interesting. I really don't give af.

Don't let a Christian school make you believe otherwise.

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If the secular progressive, anti-Christian Left can claim one cultural victory that is nearly total, it is the infiltration and conquest of the public education system.

Life Site says:
"Public schools across the Western world---especially Canada, the United States and Great Britain---now serve as purveyors of post modern ideology, replete with 'social justice' classes and sex education that is designed to mainstream a wide variety of alternative lifestyles."

In a review of the content in public school books, Life Site, Breitbart News and others have found they are all consistent---using the same script.

Their premise is if children, even very young children, are not taught about gay marriage and transgenderism and a list of other perverted sexual behaviors, bullying will inevitably result.

And--if you oppose this curriculum, and you object to the idea that your children will be taught things that conflict with the values you teach at home---then "shut up, bigot. It's people like you that make kids kill themselves."

Bible-believing parents are not being told what's happening in public education until something in particular comes to light---excuses and promises are then made to "see that it never happens again," etc.

Lifestyle curriculum explores how two women can have a baby because they love each other, while history lessons study the links between different social justice movements, and art teachers are urged to "explore the way art has been and is being used to effect social and political change," including LGBT equality, race equality, and climate change-a.k.a. global warming.

The Christian Church.

The homosexual movement's success in conforming our culture can be traced back to the 1989 publication of the book, "After The Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays In The 90s."

Although the book was published without much fanfare, it became the handbook on how to manipulate the culture and cause people to believe a lie--- Including those in the Christian church.

The book discusses the fact that gays must be considered to have "been born that way" in order to get around the agenda's greatest obstacle ---the Christian Church.

This because of the clear teaching of Scripture on the subject of homosexual behavior and its inherent sinfulness.

In order to counter this obstacle, authors Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen advised gays to "use talk to muddy the moral waters, that is to undercut the rationalizations that justify religious bigotry."

How can this be done? The authors said:
"This entails publicizing support by moderate churches and raising serious theological objections t conservative biblical teachings. It also means exposing the inconsistency and hatred underlying anti-gay doctrines."

They also advocated that Conservative churches, define as "homohating," are to be portrayed as "antiquated backwaters, badly out of step with the times and with the latest findings of psychology."

As this rhetoric was amped up, mainline churches with declining attendance and membership began to embrace the message--"Love Wins," etc.

Concurrently, too many pastors in biblical churches became silent on this and other uncomfortable issues.

Today the homosexual strategy has caused churches to either become silent and powerless to speak the truth, or to become "gay affirming" trying with all their heart to fit in and relate to a broken, confused culture.

All this has laid the groundwork for the hostility now being directed toward biblical Christians.

The adversaries of Jesus honestly believed they had somehow silenced Him.

However, on the third day...

I believe there are those individuals and churches that are ready to rise for such as time as this, and speak the light of Truth in this present darkness---regardless of the resistance.

Count me in.

Be Faithful. Be Informed. Be Bold.