Thursday, February 21, 2019

New Pro-Life Movie "Roe v. Wade" Meeting Resistance

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Academy Award winner Jon Voight, who stars in the new upcoming pro-life movie "Roe v Wade," says they have met several roadblocks of resistance.

But, he says, he believes God is asking Christians to protect the values of families in these times.

He is no stranger to personal family fractures, but he believes God is helping his family to heal.

Voight told the Christian Post on the red carpet at the Movieguide Award show February 8,

"Family is so important and family is being attacked by people who are really trying to tear down the fabric of our society, it's true."

He said, "I don't want to get into any kind of conspiracy stuff but it's really happening so we have to protect the values of our country and the values of our family...we have to protect that aspect."

The Movieguide Awards Show will be broadcast on Hallmark on Feb. 25 at 10 PM E.T.

The film "Roe v Wade" is currently in post-production and scheduled for a fall release.

The film is pro-life, and very timely given the new legislation in New York allowing abortions up until the time of birth. Virginia, Vermont and New Mexico have also introduced similar bills. Other states are planning to do so as well.

Voight says he believes "God is asking us to help Him" on the matter of abortion.

In fact, the 80-year-old actor is quoting from Isaiah, when he notes that God says:
"Who will go for me, and the prophet says "send me."

He says regarding the matter of the sanctity of life,
"There's no question that, that's real. We're being asked to do something so what are we going to do? Are we going to sit back and let it roll right into the ditch or step up and save the ship at stake?"

Although he acknowledges that society is being bombarded with counter biblical values, Voight insists that there are still people God has standing in the gap.

The veteran actor says that "those who speak the truth will have the victory."

He says:
"There are many people who are really strong people, very bright people and very good people who have said 'send me'. That's why I have to think that there's no doubt of that. It's all been written, we will win the battle."

Voight says, "It's going to be hard and we're in it right now and we know its hard but this battle will be won by those who pursue the truth; they will prevail."

Voight, a well known veteran actor in Hollywood, stars in the Roe v Wade film along with other well-known actors Nick Loeb, Robert Davi, Corbin Bernsen, John Schneider, and Stacy Dash---all are saying, "Send me."

As you can imagine, this film is not something Hollywood and the far Left secular progressives are looking forward to being seen in theaters this fall by millions of people.

Facebook has already begun its attack by banning ads for the film. Resistance will increase over the next several months.

Jon Voight knows first hand about how families come under attack.

The Hollywood Reporter has chronicled the family challenges Jon has faced over the years with his daughter, actress Angelina Jolie.

The Reporter has said they are working to restore their relationship following her divorce from actor Brad Pitt (who was raised in an evangelical family) and their public custody battle.

Jon says he is praying for his entire family.

It would be appropriate for us to pray for Jon, his family, and this film project.

There is no question the fury of hell itself will come against this project, because as the family goes so goes a culture.

And the sanctity of life is under attack.

Be Informed. Be Prayerful.