Wednesday, August 07, 2019

NYT-- How The Media Is Manipulating The Public During National Tragedy

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Print media, broadcast media, and social media are manipulating how Americans feel and what they believe regarding the national tragedy of mass shootings last weekend.

Here are two specific instances with the Times and Facebook.

Be informed.

Be Vigilant.

How the New York Times manipulated people's beliefs and emotions yesterday.

The far-Left New York Times caved to the leftist Twitter mob with a major switch in headlines between its first edition and its second edition.

The New York Times first print edition's headline read: "Trump Urges Unity Vs. Racism."

The so-called "progressives" saw the edition and reacted, in some cases violently to the NYT because they did not approve of the "news" the New York Times was reporting.

Many of the messages from the Left, I won't include in this text or quote on the radio, but some can be quoted, like medical doctor Eugene Gu: "We demand evidence-based medicine and evidence-based science. It's about time we demand evidence-based journalism too. The NYT and other media outlets rely on preconceived narratives over truth based on evidence. Trump is a white supremacist who must be called out." Gu canceled his subscription.

Thousands were posting on Twitter instructions on how to cancel your New York Times subscription.

Even Beto O'Rourke decided to criticize the NYT---sort of: "Unbelievable," he posted.

CNN 's Joan Walsh tweeted,
"I canceled my subscription. I know a lot of folks tell me I'm wrong. I will miss it. But I can't keep rewarding such awful news judgment. "Trump Urges Unity Against Racism" is almost as bad as their full page Comey letter coverage just before 2016 election."

Within a few hours the New York Times got their clear marching orders and changed the second edition headline to read: "Assailing Hate But Not Guns."

This proves 3 things we already knew.

  • The progressive Left is fine with threatening and attacking the press as long as the attacks are coming from the Left.
  • The New York Times is not an independent news organization with principles and integrity. Rather, its business model is providing comfort food for leftists, a business model it's not willing to risk under any circumstance.
  • The New York Times underscores what we already knew: The news media is not about "news"---it's about agenda-driven activism.

How Facebook plans to manipulate what you say and what you read tomorrow.

Although Facebook has repeatedly denied---even before Congress--- that it practices what is known as "shadowbanning", Facebook applied for and received last month a patent for shadowbanning technology.

Shadowbanning is covert censorship of content without notifying the censored.

The New American is reporting that Facebook has received a patent for technology that will limit the reach of blocked content while continuing to "display the blocked contact to the commenting user such that the commenting user is not made aware that his or her comment was blocked."

They published this:

Despite the fact that Facebook executives denied the practice in congressional testimony in April, the company was awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) earlier this month for an automated system that would “receive a list of proscribed content and block comments containing the proscribed content by reducing the distribution of those comments to other viewing users” while continuing to “display the blocked content to the commenting user such that the commenting user is not made aware that his or her comment was blocked.” A better definition of shadow banning would be hard to write.

Recently Facebook was exposed for using a "deboosting code" against conservative Project Veritas for unwanted content, including other content from conservative users.

Facebook is not the only social media platform that is manipulating public opinion and beliefs.

Left-wing "Vice" magazine admitted that Twitter engages in the practice of "shadowbanning" against conservatives as well.


1. Christians, myself included, have hailed the development of the internet as a great opportunity to share the gospel to the world. And millions of us have and are doing so. However, we must be keenly aware of who owns the platform from which we speak. And we must remember they do not share our beliefs, and in fact often work against the spreading of our message of forgiveness, redemption, and restoration through the power of Jesus Christ.

2. I can only imagine the level of opposition that will be leveled toward conservatives in the upcoming 2020 election. Forget "Russia." The enemy is within. We must be informed, but the channels from which we receive information must be carefully chosen.

3. Sir Walter Scott wrote these words: "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

The media--- print, broadcast and social media, is intent on manipulating what you see and hear. They are committed to an agenda that is based in secular progressivism. An anti-Christian world view. In their minds the end justifies the means---whatever it takes.

Manipulation has consequences.

Biblical Jacob's story is one of manipulation, deceit and redemption. You likely know his story. There are several ironies in it.

Just as Jacob had deceived his father, Rachel's father deceived Jacob. Just as Jacob had pretended to be Esau, Leah pretended to be Rachel. Just as Jacob had dressed up in Esau's clothing, Leah dressed up in Rachel's wedding clothing.

At some point these hundred billion dollar media empires will stumble---maybe fall, but in the meantime, be very discerning as to what you hear and what you believe.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.