Monday, October 28, 2019

70% Of Our Kids "Likely To Vote Socialist"

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Ever wonder how our kids really feel about something?

A new survey has found that 70% of Millennials are "likely to vote socialist"...And 1 in 3 perceives communism as "favorable."

In fact, 27% of them view Donald Trump as the "biggest threat to world peace."

Other, lesser threats to world peace are Kim Jong-un (22%), Vladimir Putin (15%) and China's Xi Jinping (12%).

All appears well in the land of make-believe.

Given the factual history of despots and dictators, how did American kids get here?

Be informed.

The survey.

The survey, conducted by the "Victims of Communism." was polled by YouGov. It found that 70% of Millennials are likely to vote socialist and that 1 in 3 millennials perceive communism as "favorable."

The survey is part of the Victims of Communism's annual report on "US Attitudes Toward Socialism, Communism and Collectivism.

The poll also found that "A little over half of the Millennials polled said the Declaration of Independence 'guarantees freedom and equality' better than the Communist Manifesto."

Breitbart News, after studying the poll, noted this:

At the same time, socialism became less favorable overall in 2019, dropping from 42% favorability in the 2018 poll to 36% favorability this year. Moreover, Generation Z saw favorability drop from 48% to 40%, while Millennials only saw a drop of 1%, from 50% to 49%.
36% of Millennials view communism favorably, up 8% from 2018; 35% of Millennials see Marxism favorably, up 6% from 2018.
The survey adds: “50% of Millennials say they are ‘somewhat likely’ and 20% of Millennials say they are ‘extremely likely’ to vote for a socialist candidate, doubling from 10% in 2018, Americans overall are more hesitant about voting for a ‘democratic socialist’ than they were last year (53% ‘never’ or ‘hesitant’ in 2019 versus 47% in 2018).”
Breitbart also notes that "many Millennials came of age during the global financial crises---and the election of President Barack Obama."

We are seeing the result of "New Civics" in public education.

Founding Father Patrick Henry said, "When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object."

"Liberty" is no longer the object of public education, nor is it the language of freedom.

A few years ago, a fine Christian family shared with me how their granddaughter, who had been raised in an evangelical church, had traveled to a communist country with a university-sponsored study group to study civics from that country's perspective. Their granddaughter returned home "hating America" and everything it's about.

In 2017 Joy Pullmann, the executive editor of the Federalist, wrote a report titled, "Public Schools Are Teaching Kids To Hate America Under the Guise of Civics."

She says,
"US civics education, if it exists at all, is being transformed into a political machine to push left-wing causes, undermine American government, and incite civil unrest"--- quoting from a 525-page report from the National Association of Scholars.

The mother of five and best selling author continues:
"The 'New Civics' uses attractive, bi-partisan sounding words like 'civics' and 'service learning' to trick Americans and their representatives into allowing progressive political machinery to hijack public funds and young minds."

The following is a brief overview of her report---with my own comments included.

Americans are forgetting America.

This new anti-American approach is supplanting traditional civics---teaching kids about the structure and ideals of American government, basics about her history, and citizenship duties such as military service, voting and jury duty.

Poor civics instruction has increased over the past half-century, contributing to the broad decline of American civic life.

A series of surveys from 2008 to 2011 found that college graduates tended to know less than the average American about basic government functions.

Civics education gives us the capacity to be Americans. Above all, civics education is supposed to teach students how to be citizens rather than subjects, how to be self governing rather than governed, and how to be free without usurping the freedom of others.

If a citizen's knowledge of, and consent to this social compact disappears, so does America.

Fundamentally Transforming America.

Or in the words of Barack Obama, "fundamentally remaking America."

Sociologists and scholars who study these things are calling this purposeful attack on traditional values and principles, the "New Civics."

This means teaching students that citizenship means looking for grievances, then agitating for bigger government to address them. It also means giving students college credit for "service learning"---which means paying tuition to perform unpaid work for leftist organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

Even some Christian colleges have been drawn into this "New Civics" trap.

Look at any protest, and you will see the fingerprints of "new civics" working to make these radical protests a daily occurrence, creating a perception that America is "ungovernable" except through progressive policies.

As you wade through the used needles and human feces of most far-Left East and West coast cities, you see the grand results of progressivism.

"New Civics" is polar opposite to America's founding principles. It began organizing with the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, New Civics workers organized against President Trump beginning the day of his inauguration---continuing to this day, hundreds of thousands of students walked out of class to demonstrate against global warming/climate change a couple of months ago, and were celebrated for doing so.

The "New Civics" organizers want to make absorbing their ideas and working for their organizations a graduation requirement for all college and high school students.

Federal service-learning, higher education, and curriculum grants have all aligned to the New Civics and are helping drive it nationwide.

Taxpayers are funding the dismantling of America through New Civics.

The most recent reports estimate that US higher education spends at least $40 billion per year on New Civics. Students at just 400 of the 4,726 higher ed institutions spent 155 million hours on service rather than studying just in 2014. It's more today.

The "New Civics" agenda is so pervasive in public ed, it is being transported to math and other disciplines.

"New Math" curricula in K-12 use quantitative analysis to explore disparities in public school funding, loan structure variations for low-income home purchasers, and injustices in court decisions.

The "New Civics" should be called "anarchy."

The New Civics advocates have taken advantage of the goodwill of us ordinary folks who have trusted educators to educate our kids. They have lied to and misled the public.

New Civics is actually "anti-civics." It teaches kids how to be bad citizens, how to dismantle rather than preserve and improve our country.

New Civics teaches young people to revolt against the country that, among other things, educated them, provided for their security against foreign aggressors, and secured liberties most people in the world never had and still don't have.

America has preserved the God-given freedom of speech these indoctrinated kids use to bash America.

Hearing the calculated indoctrination of the progressive Left---secular and religious, these kids have little to no defense to the propaganda.

How will our kids know, if they are not taught? With the ushering in of the New Civics, we have ushered out the "old paths" of unchangeable Truth, by removing God from the classroom, the board room and the public square.

Patrick Henry also said, "When people forget God, tyrants forge their chains."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.