Thursday, November 14, 2019

America's "Day Of Shame"

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Franklin Graham called yesterday's so-called impeachment inquiry "A day of shame" for America---calling it "historically shameful"---"all with the world looking on."

Within hours, his message drew 30,000 comments and 60,000 shares on Facebook alone.

The hearing actually began and ended with a lie.

Be informed.

Franklin said,
"It's a day of shame for America. The media is calling the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry 'historic' and it is---historically shameful. That our politicians would bring this kind of harm to our country over a phone call, with the world watching, is unbelievable."

The "shameful" lie.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) closed yesterday's impeachment hearing with a final denial of any knowledge of the identity of the "whistleblower."

He said, "I do not know the identity of the whistleblower, and I'm going to make sure that identity is protected."

As the hearing opened, Jim Jordan, a Republican committee member, told Schiff,
"Of the 435 members of Congress, you are the only member who knows who the whistleblower is, and your staff is the only staff who has had a chance to talk with that individual."

Jordan continued, "We would like that opportunity. When might that happen?" Schiff claimed he did not know who the whistleblower is.

No one believes that.

Not even the Washington Post. They have reported that Schiff's office has been in contact with the whistleblower.

The New York Times says that Adam Schiff learned about the outlines of a CIA officer who wanted desperately to file a whistleblower report.

The Times said,
"He deliberately mislead the public about his office's connections with the whistleblower and reportedly knew about the complaint before it was filed."

Staff members have been advising the whistleblower from the beginning.

Schiff knows who is blowing the whistle. Pretty much everyone knows.

The shameful whistleblower.

The whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella. Eric's professional profile looks like this:

  • Worked with the DNC Operative, Alexandra Chalupa (whose name has been redacted from hearing documents) in the creation of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.
  • He was fired from the National Security Council in 2017 for leaking information to the press and others. He then returned to the CIA.
  • He worked directly under James Clapper.
  • He worked with Joe Biden.
  • He served in the Obama Administration.
  • He worked with John Brennan.
  • He is a registered Democrat.
  • Ciaramella coordinated and took guidance from Adam Schiff's staff.

He filed a whistleblower complaint on August 12 over President Trump's July 25th phone call with the Ukrainian President Zelensky where Trump and Zelensky talked about rooting out corruption in Ukraine. He was not on the call. He only heard about it. His report was filled with inaccuracies.

The shameful inquiry.

Yesterday Rep. John Radcliffe (R-TX) forced Chairman Schiff to address his plan to minimize the voice of Republican lawmakers during the impeachment hearing---by monopolizing the time.

He forced a visibly irritated Schiff to outline his made-up rules which gives him almost unchecked power in these hearings.

Ratcliffe said, "If possible, we would like to know the rules before we get started."

It is well known the Democrats had planned and staged the first hour of the inquiry to be a "blockbuster" in the words of one of the planners of the show.

Even NBC's Geoff Bennett said, "I'm told by a Democratic source familiar---that if the Americans only tune in to the first hour, they will get an earful. The first hour, I'm told, is designed to be a blockbuster."

And it was designed to give the press plenty of misleading sound bites for last night's evening news,

The shameful press.

Nancy Pelosi called yesterday, the first day of the impeachment inquiry, a "sad, oh so sad day for democracy."

It tells you just how "oh so sad" the progressives are when you see them including drag queens in the journalist pool covering the show.

He calls himself "Pissi Myles" when he dresses like a woman and performs. He came to the inquiry yesterday as a registered journalist.

NBC reported on the attendance of "the award-winning drag performer," even composing a headline that would have made the Founding Fathers seriously contemplate abandoning their American experiment: "Drag Queen Sashays into Trump Impeachment Hearing."

Last week, the Washington Times reported that a recent poll shows that "majorities said that coverage was skewed, confusing and disappointing," regarding news coverage of the impeachment process.

The poll also found:

  • 63% say media coverage of the impeachment process is "frustrating".
  • 80% of Republicans, 62% of independents, and 52% of Democrats agree.
  • 55% of voters say the coverage is disappointing; 75% of Republicans, 55% of independents and 37% of Democrats agree.
  • 52% overall say the coverage is skewed: 71% of Republicans, 52% of independents and 33% of Democrats agree.
  • Only 32% overall say it is trustworthy; 1`1% of Republicans, 24% of independents, and 59% of Democrats agree.

Franklin Graham's advice regarding a response to the "shame."

Franklin says,
"As Christians, as those who follow and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, let us pray throughout the day and all of these proceedings. Pray for our nation, pray for our leaders, and pray for President Donald J. Trump."


Be Prayerful. Be Informed. Be Prayerful.