Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Finding Joe...Biden

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Following the last virtual town hall meeting, Joe Biden disappeared.

Posters with Joe's picture under the large print "LOST" began appearing in several cities.

Even CBS News noted they couldn't find him.

Joe has been found, and will now be hosting his own online TV show from his home to give "shadow briefings" in which he will "expose the lies President Trump is telling the public."

The era of "shadow briefings" has begun. The natural extension of a shadow government.

Be informed.

In the past week, Joe Biden, according to Bo Erickson with CBS, had only been seen 6 minutes on the air---strange for a man who has repeatedly run for president, and now appears poised to become the Democrat presidential candidate to beat Trump in November.

His last appearance in the virtual town hall with Bernie Sanders didn't end well. It was awkward, to say the least. Joe seemed startled when he saw his wife walking on stage following his closing comments, then he stood staring at the camera before being led off stage.

Some Democrats who support Bernie, were asking if Joe knows he's running for president?

In fairness, I think he does. This, as mentioned, will be his third try.

Biden's new "shadow briefing" show.

Sunday, Biden told a group of 72 donors in a tele-fundraiser "it's time for America to come together in the face of a crisis," and he slammed Trump and the Republicans for "botching the economic rescue legislation."

"Botching the economic rescue legislation" has to do with Nancy Pelosi trying to move millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood in the rescue legislation.

I mentioned this yesterday on the radio.

The Hill reports that one of the reasons the legislation did not proceed through the house as Pelosi had promised, is because she was trying to load in millions of dollars for Planned Parenthood.

Two weeks ago Republican lawmakers discovered the attempt and called it. She tried again this weekend---again destroying the opportunity to move the legislation forward in this time of crisis.

If we get real about it, Pelosi and the Left are more concerned with killing unwanted, unborn babies, than saving the lives of already-born children and their families.

Beyond the tragedy of the delay, is the irony that Joe claims his daily streamed video "shadow briefing" is to get the truth to the American people. More on that in a moment.

Yesterday Speaker Pelosi was explaining to the press that the reason the legislation could not go forward was that "the Republicans were holding it up to promote their anti-abortion agenda."

She urged the Republicans to stop playing politics with this much-needed legislation.


The real purpose for Biden's "shadow briefings."

Mr. Biden's home has been fitted with high-speed Internet for his "shadow briefings" that will be broadcast from the home, the press says, "as a counterpoint to Mr. Trump's daily press conferences."

They converted a recreation room, basically, into a television studio. The "briefings" began yesterday. Joe had announced that his first "shadow briefing" would begin at 11:30 AM eastern or "thereabouts."

He said, "We need to tell the American people the truth, the unvarnished truth: where things stand, where they're heading, what has to be done to head it off."

He said, "They'll do anything we ask them."

Unvarnished truth.

A quick look at Politifact reveals that Biden's unvarnished truth looks differently than "truth" looks to most of us.

A few of the false statements politifact reveals are:

"Because the Federal Reserve recently cut interest rates to near 0%, "the Fed will be of little consequence now. They've already used what leverage they have." False. ( March 18, 2020)
TV ad shows President Donald Trump saying COVID-19 is Democrats "new hoax." It's been proven that several minutes were edited out of Trump's words and he didn't say that at all. False. (March 15, 2020)
"Obama administration didn't lock people in cages." The Obama administration actually built the cages the media kept including in their stories in support of Biden's lie. (September 13, 2019)

There's much more. But the unvarnished truth about Biden's inability is fully exposed in an article written by Kevin Williamson for the National Review.

A brief overview of Williamson's article:

"He's unfit for the presidency."

  • There are two possible explanations of Biden's inability to tell the truth about things: One is that his mind is failing him, the other is that his honor is. Either disqualifies him.
  • He is either lying with malice aforethought or his mind is failing him. Either disqualify him for the presidency.
  • The most dramatic instance is about the circumstances surrounding the horrifying deaths of his wife and daughter in a terrible car accident. It is not the case, as Biden has told many times, that they were killed by a drunk driver, an irresponsible truck driver who "drank his lunch" as Biden puts it. The driver was not drunk.
  • Williamson wonders what it would be like for the family of the man who was behind the wheel of the truck, probably haunted by the episode for the rest of his life---while dealing with the fact that Biden has repeatedly lied about the driver.
  • Why would Biden lie about the death of his wife and daughter? Why would he lie about the already heroic efforts of American soldiers? In both cases, to make the story more dramatic, to give himself a bigger and more dramatic narrative arc.
  • Biden lies about matters great and small. He lies about his trip to Afghanistan. He lies about the death of his wife and daughter. He is wildly dishonest about his role in the Iraq War and the 1994 crime bill, landmark moments in his legislative career that later became political liabilities.
  • Back in 1987, he plagiarized the words of Margaret Thatcher and Neil Kinnock for his own speeches.
  • Plagiarism is a life long problem. This year he was caught filling out his policy papers with uncredited ---stolen---material from advocacy groups.
  • Williamson says, "The Democrats are ready to go into November with nothing better to say for themselves than, 'Our liar is better than their liar'. It is doubtful they will even be morally conflicted about that."
  • He is unfit for the presidency in every way and the Democrats owe the country better than to nominate him in the pursuit of their own selfish partisan interests."

Joe is up and running with his TV show about telling the Americans people the "unvarnished truth." He felt it went well Monday. Most who watched didn't. But they say, it will improve as he gets comfortable with the setting.

This is a report from the Hill on how it went for Biden on his first day.

I bet it will also get more and more entertaining as he gets more comfortable.

You can also bet that the press will be pulling video clips from his comments, putting them up against Trump on the evening news. Probably this week.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.