Thursday, April 30, 2020

Joe Biden--The Democrat's Dilemma

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On Tuesday of this week, Hillary Clinton---finally---endorsed Joe Biden for President of the United States.

It is said, "political endorsements don't really help that much."

While that may be true, the lack of endorsement, or even the timing of one, does say something.

With Joe's diminishing ability to communicate publicly, and now the sexual assault accusation from a former employee---now author Tara Reade, Joe Biden has become a dilemma for the Democrats.

What will the party of the Left do regarding a presidential candidate for the November 2020 presidential election?

Some thoughts on why progressivism, humanism, and relativism always, ultimately fails.

Be informed.

On Tuesday Hillary said this while endorsing Joe Biden:

“I am thrilled to be part of your campaign to not only endorse you but to help highlight a lot of the issues that are at stake in this presidential election,” Clinton said. “I want to add my voice to the many who have endorsed you to be our president. Just think of the difference it would make right now if we had a president who not only listened to the science, put facts over fiction, but brought us together.”

Hillary, of course, didn't mention the sexual assault accusations against Biden.

But Tara Reade, the accuser, did. She immediately gave Fox News a statement:

“I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. I voted for her in the primary. I’m a lifelong Democrat. But yet, what I see now is someone enabling a sexual predator and it was my former boss, Joe Biden, who raped me. Hillary Clinton has a history of enabling powerful men to cover up their sexual predatory behaviors and their inappropriate sexual misconduct. We don’t need that for this country. We don’t need that for our new generation coming up that wants institutional rape culture to change.”
“I will not be smeared, dismissed, or ignored. I stand in truth and I will keep speaking out,” she added.

The accusation.

Reade alleges that Biden assaulted her while the two were in the basement of a Capitol Hill building in 1993.

“He was whispering to me and trying to kiss me at the same time, and he was saying, ‘Do you want to go somewhere else?’” Reade, in a recent interview with the Associated Press, said, 'I remember wanting to say stop, but I don’t know if I said it out loud or if I just thought it. I was kind of frozen up'.”

Reade said she moved away from Biden, who responded surprisingly: “Come on, man, I heard you liked me.”

The Biden campaign has denied the allegation, though the former vice president himself has yet to address the matter.

Why did she wait until now to make the accusation?

In a Monday interview with Business Insider, Lynda LaCasse, a former neighbor to Reade, said the two discussed her alleged allegation against Biden between 1995 and 1996.

“I remember her saying, here was this person that she was working for and she idolized him. And he kind of put her up against a wall. And he put his hand up her skirt and he put his fingers inside her. She felt like she was assaulted, and she really didn’t feel there was anything she could do.”

“She was crying,” LaCasse continued. “She was upset. And the more she talked about it, the more she started crying. I remember saying that she needed to file a police report.”

“I don’t remember all the details,” she added. “I remember the skirt. I remember the fingers. I remember she was devastated."

The Business Insider, linked above, and Fox News also linked above has much more information on the accusation. It is not going to go away for Joe until it is addressed.

The Insider gives this brief overview:

  • Tara Reade, a former staffer in Joe Biden's Senate office, has accused the Democratic presidential nominee of sexually assaulting her in a congressional hallway in 1993.
  • Now Reade's former neighbor Lynda LaCasse, a Biden supporter, tells Insider that Reade told her about the alleged assault in detail in 1995 or 1996: "This happened, and I know it did because I remember talking about it."
  • A former colleague of Reade's also told Insider that Reade talked in the mid-1990s of being sexually harassed by her former boss in Washington, DC.
  • The women have come forward just days after video emerged of a woman that Reade says is her mother calling into CNN's Larry King Live in 1993 to talk about her daughter's "problems" with a prominent senator.
  • Biden has not addressed the accusations, but a campaign spokesperson says they are false.
  • This coupled with the fact that Joe Biden's ability to communicate publicly is noticeably in decline, he has become the Democrat's dilemma.

What will happen? Will Biden be on the ballot in November?

Rick Manning, a long time political observer who leads Americans for Limited Government, appearing on one of the radio programs on American Family Association radio network this week said: "Democrats were already concerned about Biden's mental abilities and then came sexual assault accusations from Tara Reade."

Manning said,
"Even though it appears prominent Democrats are jumping on board to endorse him---most recently---Hillary Clinton...between June 1 and July 4 they'll be shocked to discover there are credible charges against Biden and, oh, by the way, there's real questions over whether or not he can handle the job and he's just declined, And so at that point, they'll pick who they want."

Ben Shapiro sees it a little different and says the main point of all this is the double standard of the press.

David Leonhardt of the New York Times expressed concern about progressives in his column last month. His concern, he said, was because "a warped sense of public opinion among party activists has hurt the electoral prospects of Democrat candidates."

He says they misread the polls leading them to believe that Americans are a profoundly progressive people who haven't yet been inspired to vote the way they think.

In other words, their philosophy is the problem.


Jesus taught (Matt 7) that a wise man builds his house on the rock. Judeo-Christian biblical values and principles.

He taught that the foolish man builds his house on the sand. Hollow, shifting, evolving "truths."

A first grader can understand that when the rains come down---the storms--the house on the rock stands. The house on the sand collapses.

According to Jesus, one man is wise, the other is a fool.

Watch this 2-minute video, smile, and decide which one you want to be.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Hopeful. Be Prayerful.