Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Pelosi Reveals Why Conservatives Question Motives Of The Left

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Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful Democrat in Congress, appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

In making her case by echoing Chinese Communist Party talking points, she left no doubt why conservatives do not trust progressives to run our country.

On our daily radio program this morning, I'll have some concluding comments about the demonstrations against some of the"lockdown" policies, including the demonstration in Olympia on Sunday.

Be informed.

Pelosi confirms what every conservative already knows.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, appeared with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

Ironically, she affirmed much of how conservatives already feel about the far-Left agenda.

Pelosi was reminded of her comments earlier on ABC about Trump calling the virus a "hoax," with no push back, or even questioning from the ABC host.

That smear against Trump has been discredited and debunked as false so many times it's surprising she continues to bring it up. But she does.

Even left-leaning Political Fact says it's false. They say Trump never called the coronavirus a "hoax." Check out the link.

Wallace reminded her that she had visited San Francisco's China Town in late February, inviting and encouraging people to flock over to the district---there was no problem or reason not to do so. When asked why she was putting political correctness over public safety---or that she too, perhaps, did not understand the gravity of the virus at that time, she explained.

In her response, she conflates criticism of China with criticism against Asian-Americans---which is literally a Chinese Communist Party damage-control talking point.

Then she exceeds the racism claim and blames Trump for both bigotry and xenophobia claiming he is targeting Asian-Americans.

She also calls the virus, "the flu."

With Pelosi and others in her party running interference for the authoritarians of Beijing---fixated on destroying Trump---the good people in America are not very trusting of the Left. For good reason.

When they see China's puppet government---whom Pelosi is quoting, in Hong Kong exploiting the current crisis to arrest pro-democracy leaders, whose millions of supporters cannot engage in mass protests on their behalf, they are not encouraged.

Check out this Tucker Carlson video:

When conservatives see the Left advancing their secular progressive agenda, we remember the times we have heard Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx quoted to leftist cohorts: "Never let a crises go to waste" in advancing the far-Left socialist agenda.

We see that happening during this crisis. It's not reassuring.

And Fox notes,
"There are concerns that drones being used to enforce coronavirus lockdowns were donated by a company with ties to the Chinese government, raising concerns that the nation that blamed us for allowing the virus to become a pandemic has sneaked a powerful espionage tool into rival Americans skies.

Late yesterday, Fox News obtained a "Back To Work" plan crafted by a bipartisan group of 50 lawmakers.

The Problem Solvers Caucus plan is a bipartisan, evenly divided---Democrats and Republicans--group of 50 House lawmakers who have crafted a plan to reopen the US economy safely and help businesses recover from crippling mandatory shutdowns in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

This will be a news item throughout the day, today. You can read and/or copy the plan here.

On our daily radio program this morning, I'll be continuing our chat, which I began yesterday, regarding a Christian, biblical response to all of this.

Here's how and what times you may join me.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be not afraid.