Monday, June 08, 2020

Bush 43, Romney, Powell, Mattis, Kelly And Others Seeking New World Order?

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The New York Times seized the moment, publishing a long and labored feature story about how "Republican leaders" are publicly taking a stand against Trump in the 2020 election, supporting Joe Biden, and asking other Republicans to do so as well.

Last Monday they filed official documents to form a super PAC called "43 Alumni for Biden."

Colin Powell from the Bush administration and Generals Mattis and Kelly, both formerly in the Trump administration, have joined the parade to elect Joe Biden.

Be informed.

The New York Times breathlessly notes that "It's one thing in 2016 for top Republicans to take a stand against Donald J. Trump for president: He wasn't likely to win anyway, the thinking went, and there was no ongoing conservative governing agendas that would be endangered."

"The 2020 campaign is different," the Times says, "Opposing the sitting president of your own party means putting policy priorities at risk, in this case appointing conservative judges, sustaining business-friendly regulations and cutting taxes---as well as the volcanic wrath of Mr. Trump."

The Times either ignores or is uninformed as to how important the sanctity of life is to the conservative evangelical and conservative Catholic.

Many of us gave our money and our vote to George W. Bush, knowing his father was liberal and his mother and wife were pro-abortion, but believing he was none of that.

Mitt Romney is the consummate "loose cannon" rolling to and fro on the deck of life's "ship of fools." This new movement was made for Mitt. He hates Trump and is still smarting over his presidential losses in 2008 and 2012, attached to several other political failures. I'm uncertain how his LDS Church can justify politically supporting his positions because most Mormons I've known in politics were conservative, but apparently, they do---or have to this point.

It is an organized movement.

It's not just a few words lamenting Jeb Bush's embarrassing loss in the 2016 primary election.

Or Mattis, Kelly, or others deciding they don't like Trump.

Last Monday the group formally filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, forming a super PAC called "43 Alumni for Biden"---named for the 43rd president, George W. Bush.

The Hill noted that the paperwork filed with the FEC lists Karen Kirksey as the PAC's custodian of records and treasure. Kirksey is a former Treasury Department official from the Bush 43 administration.


Romney can't seem to get past his past political failures and he seems to have an abiding hatred for Trump personally. Only God really knows his heart.

One interesting possibility in Romney's obsession to get into the Oval Office could be driven by what is known in Mormonism as the "White Horse Prophecy."

Last October, Judith Freeman, author and fellow Mormon, wrote an op-ed in the Los Angles Times reflecting the generational ties of her family---the Flake family and the Romney family.

It's an interesting story involving the ancestors and their many wives, polygamy, and unpaid debts, but in her story she says:
"Mitt and I have yet another connection, stranger and even more powerful than polygamist ancestors. It's something every child growing up in a Mormon household in the 1950s had drilled into their heads."

She says we were told:
"One day, the Constitution of the United States will hang by a thread and a Mormon, or a group of Mormons, will save the nation."

She says:
"This was not a casual statement. It was repeated over and over, year after year, in Mormon congregations across the land; it wasn't only Mitt, the privileged son of the governor of Michigan; or like me, the daughter of a shoe salesman in Ogden, Utah...This is what we were all taught."

"The White Horse Prophecy," she says, "was supposedly uttered by the founding prophet of the church, Joseph Smith, in 1843...The words he was said to have pronounced while standing before a copy of the apocalyptic painting 'Death on a Pale Horse', by artist Benjamin West."

She says "for years it was repeated by bishops, prophets and leading Mormon politicians, including Ezra Taft Benson, Eisenhower's Secretary of Agriculture and later president of the church. Even Utah's Orrin Hatch, now retired, but the longest-serving Republican senator in US history has referred to it in the past."

Continuing, Freeman writes,
"Mitt Romney's father, George, said in 1967, when he was a US presidential candidate, that 'the question of whether we are going to proceed on the basis of the Constitution would arise and at this point government leaders who are Mormons would be involved in answering the question."

Perhaps this is a motive in the heart and mind of Mitt.

D W Wilber published an article yesterday suggesting Generals Mattis and Kelly should take some advice from General MacArthur.

After affirming his gratitude for their service to America, Wilber asks if these two distinguished Generals really believe things were better under President Obama----and would be under a President Biden?

He suggests that maybe the generals weren't paying attention when Obama declared his goal was to bring about a "fundamental transformation" of the United States.

Asking if they remembered, he reminded them,
"Barack Obama publicly complained about the US Constitution preventing him from doing what he wanted to do"---quoting Obama---"I have a telephone and a pen," warning he was going to do what ever he wanted to do in spite of what the Constitution says.

"Perhaps its time for both Generals Mattis and Kelly to do a little soul searching," Wilber suggests. And he suggests it may be time for them to follow General MacArthur's advice, and "just fade away."

Cathie Adams, former chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, shared her thoughts about the new pro-Biden Republican PAC.

She told One News Now:
"I think you are looking at a group of individuals who are very unhappy because they were very fast at work creating what they wanted to be a new world order. And we also know that George W. Bush [43] joined with his father [the 41st president] to writer an anti-Trump book. Of course,. he never said a thing about Obama."

Adam continues: "But the new world order was being advanced under both Republicans and Democrats until Donald Trump was elected. This is all about the new world order..."

Wilber makes the same case from a different point of view. He says to the generals,
"If you haven't seen what has been taking place, how a coordinated, multifaceted, and expansive conspiracy to undo a presidential election through unconstitutional means that has been underway since November of 2016, then I wonder how you could have risen to such a high rank in the United States Marine Corps?"

He says,
"The preservation of our liberty and freedoms which President Trump doesn't threaten at all, but which is indeed threatened by the radical Leftists in the Democrat Party, has been on full display for over three years now."
"It's time to consider what kind of country we'll have under another Democrat administration," he warns.

Indeed. Biden, or his successor, will deliver an America our Founding Fathers never even considered, and an America no one has ever imagined, except the far-Left radicals who now have their hands on the throat of the Democrat Party and want to place them firmly on the throat of a free America.

Be Informed. Be Discerning Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.