Thursday, August 13, 2020

Introducing Kamala Harris

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Joe Biden sent an interesting email to his supporters Tuesday afternoon as he announced that Senator and former presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, is his running mate.

His email suggested that Kamala Harris may be leading the country by January of 2021.

In January of this year, he told his audience in Iowa that he would need to pick a younger running mate because, "I'm an old guy," and "I might die in office."

Who is Harris? She is ranked the most far-Left member of the Senate and the co-sponsor of the "Equality Act."

And I wonder how the Democrats will handle her father's family-owned slaves in Jamaica?

Be informed, not misled.

What is Biden really thinking?

In an awkwardly worded email to his supporters on Tuesday afternoon, Joe Biden said this: "I've decided that Kamala Harris is the best person to help me take this fight to Donald Trump and Mike Pence and then to lead this nation starting in January 2021."

"Lead this nation in 2021?"

What does that mean?

Clearly, Biden is thinking about his age and ability to actually serve if he's elected.

In fact, in January, Biden himself told an audience in Iowa that he would need to pick a younger running mate "who would be able to take over immediately" because he was "an old guy" who "might die in office."

In May Biden said he viewed himself as a "transition" president that would bring in "the Mayor Pete's of the world into this administration"---referring to Pete Buttigieg a former mayor and "married" homosexual.

Harris is 55. But is she "able to take over immediately"---and is that Biden's intention to ensure that the United States' first woman, multiracial president is a Democrat?

Regardless of what Biden is thinking, as election day looms, Christians must be informed---and aware of what Kamala Harris believes and how she plans to "remake" America.

Let's take a closer look.

Harris is the co-sponsor of the Equality Act.

Last year when it was introduced, the Heritage Foundation published an overview of the social impact its passage would have on the culture--giving 7 reasons why it should not become law.

The Equality Act puts boys claiming to be girls in direct competition with girls---several lawsuits are pending--and could put boys in girl's locker rooms.

The Equality Act would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to make "sexual orientation and gender identity" protected characteristics under federal anti-discrimination law.

Biden has pledged to get the Equality Act signed into law within his first 100 days in office.

The Equality Act undermines God's Creation model of male and female and God's model for marriage and family.

Harris is the most left-wing member of the Senate in 2019.

The non-partisan website rated Sen. Kamala Harris the most left-wing member in the Senate in 2019. In 2018,  Harris was ranked the 4th most left-wing, but 2019---the year she spent running for president, she moved to the furthest extreme.

During last year, she endorsed Ocasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal" and Bernie Sander's "Medicare for All."

GovTrack uses a system of ideology analysis to assign a score to members of Congress according to their legislative behavior by how similar the pattern of bills and resolutions they cosponsor are to other members of Congress. The measurement is relative to where members of Congress happen to be on a given ideology--or bill.

To show how the media will be promoting Harris, the New York Times called Harris a "pragmatic moderate" in their story announcing Biden's pick.

I wonder how the press will handle the fact that Harris's family owned slaves in Jamaica?

Kamala Harris's family owned slaves.

The radical far-left that is driving the Democrat Party now, has established that anyone who had anything to do with slavery is an outcast---no matter the circumstances or the point in history. Statues, pictures, murals---must be disposed of. Even our Founding Fathers are to be disposed of, written out of history as though they never existed.

So how will the press and the Biden campaign respond to the fact that Harris's family owned slaves?

Here's an overview of the story:

Sen Kamala Harris is a descendant of an Irishman who owned a slave plantation in Jamaica. That's known because her father, Dr. Donald Harris, is a professor at Stanford University---recently named "emeritus".

Dr. Harris revealed in 2018 in a lengthy ancestral summary that his grandmother was a descendant of Hamilton Brown, the namesake of Brown's Town in northern Jamaica.

He wrote in the Jamaica Global, "My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrissy Brown, a descendant of Hamilton Brown, who is on record as a plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown's Town."

A research archive of Jamaican records shows that at one point in 1817, Hamilton Brown owned scores of slaves. The majority were brought in from Africa, however, he also owned Creole slaves.

Kamala Harris has been an advocate for reparations, until she wasn't.

When asked by the press last year if she supported some kind of reparations, she said she did, but later told NPR that "reparations mean different things to different people."

Things are always presented differently to different people in the bubble of far-left secular progressivism.


Carmine Sabia writes in the Federalist Papers

"If Harris wants to pay reparation to the descendants of slaves she has a prime opportunity to put her own cash where her mouth is---she can start by writing checks to descendants of Jamaican slaves that her family owned and worked on their own plantations."

Frankly, I have little to no interest in what her ancestors did. My personal concerns are what she, with Biden standing on the sidelines and the press marching as her vanguard, can do now.

It should concern every biblical Christian and authentic conservative that a Joe Biden who is approaching cognitive dysfunction and the Senate's most far-left progressive member acting as his stand-in would be running the country should Biden be elected. Officially, if he was no longer functional.

It should also concern every biblical Christian that Harris is a star activist for the abortion industry, and is committed to redefining human sexuality as God created it with unrestrained support for the LGBTQ+ agenda.

It should concern the 6 to 7 million Pharisees of the so-called Christian Left who voted for Obama and Hillary because Trump is distasteful to them, that each of us will be held accountable for our actions and opportunities.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.