Friday, August 07, 2020

Killing America, One City at a Time--in the Name of Compassion

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The Seattle Times is reporting that "in the culmination of years of activists' efforts to stop the removal of homeless camps," the City Council voted Wednesday to dismantle the programs tasked with seeking "alternative shelter for the homeless, then removing their camps."

The Times notes that this is actually a victory for the activists because nothing is happening.

What's happening in Seattle is a profile of what's happening in cities across the nation. And it involves more than just the homeless issue.

So-called secular "progressivism" is killing America.

Be informed, not misled.

Chaos in Seattle.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan objects to the plan because it will "force 10 layoffs," she says.

Clearly Durkan, like other Democrat progressives running cities across the country, misses the bigger picture. Or refuses to deal with reality. Or doesn't care what ultimately happens as long as she can claim "progress."

Removal of camps have been essentially suspended since the virus outbreak, but the city has failed for years in dealing with the homeless issue.

In 2016 the Seattle Times did an investigation and found that the city's previous programs had not been working, and dealing with the homeless issue was "disorganized and chaotic, resulting in few referrals to shelters and a lawsuit over campers' lost belongings."

There's much more, but the Times concludes that homeless efforts have failed, suggesting the process is "just chasing the same people around the city in a game of cat and mouse."

Seattle isn't the only failing city.

The Hill, not a conservative publication, published a story recently, warning readers about the relentless move toward the left of the Democrat Party---and how it is destroying New York City.

They note that in the 1970s NYC was "a toxic brew of out of control crime, collapsing quality of life and rising cost of living that drove wealthy residents out of the city, taking their tax dollars with them." Starved for revenue, the city cut the budget, crime increased, creating a downward spiral of destruction.

The Hill says that the youth of today can't believe that in those days people actually put signs on the dash of their car-- "No Radio" trying to ward off nightly car break-ins, and would carry a $20 dollar bill in their pocket to appease muggers working the streets in broad daylight.

They credit Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Bloomberg for turning things around. Mostly Giuliani.

How? It was simple, The Hill says: "What was their magic formula? Tougher policing, a business-friendly approach on regulations and taxes, and cleaning up the city."

All this rejuvenated the city and it once again became the "Big Apple."

The story details how the same destructive downward cycle is occurring in NYC again, "and" the not conservative publication says: 

"If Biden were to win the presidency, the damage from Democrats' leftward lurch will infect the entire country. But the AOC/Biden agenda will be most keenly felt in America's cities."

The Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal have also addressed this issue.

Progressivism isn't progressive, it's cultural Marxism.

Marxism appeared on the scene in Europe in the mid-19th century. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels claimed that capitalist society was doomed to fail and on behalf of the masses, they presented their version of socialism.

But the socialist revolutions generally failed--The Bolshevik Revolution miserably failed. So did others aimed at changing the West forever.

Aside from Mao's communist takeover of China---which happened in Eastern culture, not Western---the only socialist movements that succeeded were those forcibly imposed by Moscow on most of central and eastern Europe resulting in an "Iron Curtain" darkening the continent for the next 40 years.

Followers of Marxism were disappointed.

They needed a new strategy.

Years later, people like Gramsci, Marcuse and others created what became known as The Frankfurt School in Germany and determined that Marx had gotten it wrong regarding Western civilization and instead of a "revolution", what was needed to bring down western civilization was "a long march through western institutions" designed to embed Marxism into all the cultural institutions.

Their primary targets were to abolish the traditional family, deny specific roles for male and female---father and mother, teach sex and homosexuality to children--the younger the better---in public school under the guise of "sex-education", mobilize women as revolutionaries against men through aggressive feminism, open borders to abolish national identity, cause people to become dependent on the state through welfare programs, and co-opt the news media and entertainment.

The Christian church was seen as the most formidable roadblock to their progress.

The cultural Marxists and their newly indoctrinated followers coming out of public education seized and fed the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Through the sexual revolution, all institutions that established order and traditional societal norms and values, traditions, and ideas were canceled.

Marx's economic theories had failed, but his wicked offspring in Cultural Marxism seemed alive and well.

Cultural Marxism is the father of the Democrat Party's identity politics and political correctness. It is the father of transgender insanity, gender confusion, and normalized homosexual behavior. It is the father of racial polarization. It is the father of open borders and citizen rights for illegal aliens. It is the father of anarchy that has given rise to mass shooters and movies that celebrate hunting humans as sport, and the riots that are burning, looting and closing our cities.

It is birthed from the father of lies. Satan himself.

It is the spirit that has caused churches and Christians to depart from the faith, and embrace the progressive left's agenda in the name of inclusion and equity and compassion for those whom they have victimized with their message from hell. Open borders, abortion, same-sex "marriage" and twisting of Scripture to support it is common parlance among the religious left, like protestant Rev. Jim Wallis and Catholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

The last step for the Cultural Marxists would be economic Marxism. Socialism.

So it won't surprise you that Michelle Obama was pondering day before yesterday on her widely listened to podcast, how useful coronavirus could be in achieving economic equity, calling the virus "an opportunity to think about how wealth is distributed..."

Will she consent to be Joe Biden's VP pick?

Karl Marx would be pleased with all this. Our Founding Fathers would weep.

More importantly, what are you going to do?

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Involved.