Friday, November 06, 2020

Biden To Assume Nation's Leadership Before Inauguration

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Former Vice President Joe Biden will "address the nation as its new leader, even if Trump continues to fight in court" as soon as the press declares him the mathematical winner. 

Biden staff say "he plans to lay claim to being in charge of the country" even before he is inaugurated.

Adversarial regimes such as Iran, Russia, and China appear to be betting on Biden to emerge victoriously.

We'll see what God says.

Be informed, not misled.

Jen O'Malley Dillon, the Biden campaign manager told reporters:

"We're not really concerned about what Donald Trump says, we're going to use our data, our understanding of where this is headed, and make sure that the vice president is addressing the American people."

Apparently, Biden plans to "assume" the role of the president before he is president if the press declares he has won the election.

One thing Joe seems to be missing---or simply doesn't care about, is the fact that the votes have to be certified before the count is legit.

So-called Progressives always live in the land of make-believe.

Why the hurry?

The reasoning goes like this:

Biden advisers learned the lesson of 2000 when Al Gore hung back while George W Bush declared victory in that contested election, putting the Democrat on the defensive while Bush acted like the winner.

So if Biden is declared the winner by the press, he'll begin forming his government and looking presidential---and won't yield to doubts Trump might try to sow.

This began election evening when Biden addressed the nation.

What to expect should the press declare a Biden victory?

His people are saying, 

"To show momentum, Biden may begin transition announcements quickly, starting with senior staff appointments, that way they say, 'core aids won't have to worry about their own jobs, but will immediately be able to get to work'."

Biden's handlers are promising he will have a "healing tone" as he takes over leadership, will embrace science, and promote Dr. Fauci to the American public--- because Trump has threatened to fire him after the election---and will move with "unprecedented speed" in accomplishing this.

And they repeat, "We're not really concerned what Donald Trump says."

But half the country does care what Trump says and does, and whether he or Biden is president. So much for the "healing tone" before the "Big Guy" even gets his body into the Oval Office.

If he does.

As I write this for publication early this morning---at this moment-- the press has not declared anything other than their allegiance to Biden's candidacy, because of their hatred for Trump. And to that, they have been and are totally committed.

The Free Beacon said yesterday, "adversarial regimes like Iran, Russia and China appear to be betting on former Vice President Joe Biden to emerge victorious."

The Beacon reported that "Iran has welcomed Biden's comments to reenter the nuclear deal, saying that he will be forced to provide Iran with cash windfalls to achieve this goal."

The Beacon also reports that "Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps unveiled new ballistic missile launchers that it says are capable of firing automated missiles...that have been of great international concern due to the distances they can travel."

"Trump," the Beacon notes, "has moved to restrict Iran's access to this type of weaponry." But they say, "a Biden presidency could see restrictions on these missiles lifted, as the Obama-Biden administration did when it negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran in the first place---the deal that included billions of dollars of cash being flown in for the Iranian government in the middle of the night, Most of us remember the daunting pictures of pallets loaded with American tax payers cash unloaded with a fork lift onto the tarmac, while Iranians across town chanted 'Death to America'."

Victor Davis Hanson 

In an article published yesterday, Hanson or "VDH" as he is affectionately known---a historian, former professor and now Fellow at Hoover Institution at Stanford University, clearly laid out how the press, the pollsters, and Big Tech have carried Biden to the finish line---but not across it.


He says in conclusion, "If Biden wins, we should assume that in late January 2021, these same forces will regroup to frame a new post-election narrative."

He says, "Expect our Big Brothers to instruct Americans that the COVID-19 pandemic is mutating into little more than a bad flu."

He also says, sarcastically,  the "Biden vaccine" and miraculous "Biden recovery" will have ended the need for "Trump lockdowns" and the rioting, looting and arson will have miraculously disappeared because the disuniter and inciter Donald Trump is gone.

Our greatest concern, however, should be, "what is God saying through all this?"

Biblical Christians should keep praying and putting our trust in God and His Word for His desired outcome. 

I am fully aware that a number of Christian leaders and pastors have given a prophetic word that Trump would indeed be reelected.

Personally, I am praying for that for all the reasons we know.

I am praying that the lies and deceit and corruption will be exposed and that Trump will be reelected because he has championed the most important biblical beliefs and principles held by biblical Christians.

If God has ordained a Trump victory, no amount of voter fraud, dishonesty, Big Tech, little tech, the press, the pollsters, the politicians, or the demons from hell can overturn that.

Please continue to pray, and conclude with, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."

Be Prayerful. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Faithful.