Thursday, November 05, 2020

The Battle Rages--As Counting Continues

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As the world watched intently, America did what America does---we voted-- on the most important issues to face America since Abraham Lincoln ran for reelection in 1864.

We voted to decide whether our country will move decisively toward our founding values and principles, or toward a leftist, secular progressive, socialist nation looking more like a European socialist country than the United States.

Unfortunately, fewer white evangelicals supported Trump/Pence Tuesday, than in 2016.

Will the country continue as our Founding Fathers envisioned when they alerted England's King they were separating from him and his country... "with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor?" 

Or will we become the cultural Marxist nation Kamala Harris,  Bernie Sanders, and Ocasio-Cortez have been advocating lately?

Many questions remain, but some things are becoming quite clear.

Be informed, not misled.

It's apparent that few questions were answered on Election Night. In fact, the Trump campaign has now filed lawsuits in several states. The election results may well end up in the hands of the US Supreme Court.

The battle rages

At 2:21 AM Election night, President Trump announced there were many questions regarding the vote counting and he planned to address them legally. That's happening as we speak.

I'll be talking about the latest turns and twists in the election on our radio program today. Please join me

Trump said, "We were winning everything, and all of a sudden it was just called off." Many questions exist.

True. But some questions were answered.

The pollsters and the media were dead wrong. Did it negatively impact the conservative vote?

The tone of  Election Night media coverage was eerily similar to 2016 when TV's talking heads and leftist journalists experienced a gradual descent into madness after realizing the expert predictions were wrong. Hillary was losing.

The Boston Globe said yesterday: "Among the losers on election night were America's pollsters," noting that in 2016 the pollsters had Hillary with a comfortable lead over Donald Trump heading into the election.

"They were wrong," the Globe says, and "In 2020, the pollsters were apparently wrong again."

Long and tedious explanations were made all day yesterday as to why these brilliant people missed it again---as badly or even worse than in 2016.

One explanation appeared in several different articles I read, and it bears repeating. It goes like this: 

"Trump supporters have been lying to and ignoring pollsters in an effort to blindside Democrats and create a cover of 'underestimation' of Trump's ability to drive turnout in rural areas and capture a higher than expected portion of the Latino vote."

So, it was not actually the pollster's fault they were wrong, it's the fault of Trump supporters who chose to not participate with them.

One pollster said, "I'm resigned to being flogged for another four years..."

I'm not interested in "flogging" them, but I'm deeply interested in ignoring them the next time---and encouraging others to do the same.

All this begs the question: Would the far left pollsters in America purposely inflate the numbers of a Biden or Hillary or Kamala running for reelection---or even a Bernie Sanders giving it one more shot?

Why wouldn't they? They've done everything possible to carry Biden over the finish line.

We've also learned that white evangelicals did not support Trump/Pence as strongly as in 2016.

The Washington Post, and several other news outlets, say exit polls (if you can believe them) have revealed that the Trump/Pence campaign did not receive the amount of support from white evangelicals they received in 2016.

In 2016, they received 80% of the white evangelical vote. Tuesday they received 76% of that vote. The Post points out that even Mitt Romney received 78% of the white evangelical vote in 2012.

If this is true, it would be tragic that the 4% who chose not to support Trump---and in doing so, at least by default, supported Biden, helped elect the most far-left progressive in the US Senate as vice president---who will most likely replace Biden during his first term, should he be elected.

We also learned a special insight about Mike Pence and his political career from his daughter.

Charlotte Pence Bond, author, and daughter of Mike and Karen Pence shared this powerful message on Election Day.

She says the family was at a dude ranch and were taking a hike, noting that her dad was deciding at the time whether he should make another run for Congress after two previously unsuccessful bids.

At the time, she says:

"My dad had a successful career in broadcast media and law. He could have continued on that path, but found himself pondering a deeper pursuit into politics---and that's when the Pences' saw something truly transformative."

"My mom and my dad are standing on this cliff...and they look out over the cliff and they see two hawks and they're flying. But they're not flapping their wings, they're just kind of gliding together, and the wind is just kind of carrying them along."

"My mom says to my dad, 'If we're going to run again, we're going to run as those two hawks---no flapping. We're going to let God lead us up to a position or not. We're going to glide...we're not going to try to get there on our own."

She says her mom felt the family should just let God "carry them" if they planned to embark on another political run.

Pence went on to be elected to Congress before later becoming the governor of Indiana in 2012, and then vice-president of the United States just four years later.

She says the entire journey has taught the Pence family to focus on God and His path for their lives.

"Looking back," she says, "it's powerful to see the ways that God is faithful and He does have a plan."

Then she said this: 

"I want to encourage you: if you're nervous today---on election day---just remember that God has a plan for us. Regardless of the results of elections, we respect the person who God has placed in authority."

She urged people to seek God in their own lives, and "Be ready for whatever God is calling you to do."

Wise words.

Be Informed. Be Obedient.  Be Discerning. Be Vigilant.  Be Prayerful.