Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Cartoon Network--Stealing Children's Minds

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The Cartoon Network has become more about stealing the minds of your kids than merely entertaining them.

Parents and grandparents should be alerted if your kids' or grandkids' entertainment includes the Cartoon Network, because it has now become a repository of unrestrained LGBTQ indoctrination.

Cartoon Network is aggressively reaching out to kids, rewriting gender norms, creating gender confusion while telling the kids, "We love you," while they deal with the confusion Cartoon Network themselves created.

Please. Be informed, not misled.

Cartoon Network tweeted this week "Whether you use he/she/them or something else, we acknowledge and LOVE you."

The Cartoon Network is no longer in the business of "entertaining" kids but "indoctrinating" them.

The Network announced on Twitter the new series is targeting youth with a caption highlighting the network's overt campaign to get children on board with the LGBTQ's mindset regarding human sexuality.

The new series of comic strips promote an over-the-top adherence to a number of separate gender identities when addressing others.

The campaign to steal your children is aggressive, not merely passive.

Faithwire says:

"'Gender pronouns describe a person's gender identity' the text from one frame reads'. Examples of pronouns are: she/her, they/them and ze/zir. A lot of people are learning about gender identity. If you're comfortable, you can share your own pronouns."

They also say: 

"In order to teach children this new radical brand of sexuality, two gender-confused characters---Kam and Alex---are seen teaching another character the LGBTQ-friendly way to introduce oneself using so-called'gender pronouns'."

The first character says: "Hi! My name is Kam. My pronouns are they/them."

The other character does the same: "Hi! I'm Alex! Mine are they/them, too! I feel seen."

Kam then teaches the kids explaining that "using such pronouns is the correct and tolerant way to go," implying that any refusal or unwillingness to go along with this new and confusing way of introducing oneself is disrespectful, hostile, and discriminatory. 

Kam continues: "Thanks, y'all. When people use my pronouns I feel respected, safe, and included."

This babble created by the LGBTQ advocates enthusiastically embraces the character who was previously unfamiliar with this new politically correct lexicon.

The third character agrees with excitement while learning this new progressive language being taught by Kam and Alex: "Your pronouns reflect...you! I've learned something new today."

Who is creating this abusive, destructive content?

The far-left, pro-LGBTQ organization, "National Black Justice Coalition" (NBJC), has partnered with the Cartoon Network to create the comic strips in this new series. The content is also introducing our kids to the group's politically correct "tool kit."

NBJC's "Tool Kit" reads: "Language is often a reflection of the culture, and when unchecked, can be used to perpetuate violence and oppression."

The indoctrination kit continues: "Words have the power to reinforce stereotypes, marginalize the most vulnerable among us, and support harmful ideas about race, gender, sexual orientation and gender identification, socioeconomic status and other factors. Language also has the power to be a revolutionary tool in dismantling existing power structures./ Language has the capacity to liberate and empower."

I'm told that the series launched Monday afternoon.

LGBTQ and BLM are always connected.

There's always a link between the homosexual movement and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Even a cursory look at the BLM website shows the linkage. Same with a quick look at NBJC.

Recently BLM removed the section on their site about their goal to redefine the "nuclear" or traditional family model to a new model that better reflects our culture. But the goal is still very much in play.

Shortly before Cartoon Network introduced its "gender identities" campaign, it attempted to reinvent United States history and science and invent its own narrative by publishing a cartoon claiming that America's education system embraces and teaches "systemic racism."

They then went into various historic events, for example, claiming that Lewis Latimer, not Thomas Edison, invented the light bulb. But Edison was given credit because he was white and Latimer was black.

Truth is, Edison did in fact invent the light bulb, but Latimer created the filament in the light bulb, making Edison's invention more effective, efficient, affordable and appealing to the public.

Why can't the truth work in telling the story of human progress?

Because the far-left radical agenda has never been about the "truth"--truth is fluid, always changing--it's always been about the end result. The consequence. Whatever it takes to achieve the goal.

And the goal is often not what it appears to be.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.