Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Biden's Border Crisis

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The Biden administration has repeatedly called the disaster at our southern border a "challenge," not a "crisis." And they've made that distinction consistently.

However, by this week even the press couldn't declare the emperor's clothes to be beautiful anymore...because everyone whose mind is not clouded by pot and progressivism knows the southern border is a "crisis," a "fiasco," a "disaster"---by any measurement.

So some in the press did what they are supposed to do: started asking questions.

The answers are more astounding than the denials.

Be informed, not misled.

From the White House transcript, this exchange took place earlier this week:

Q: Thanks. Just two quick ones, Jen. Given how fast-moving the situation has been, does the president believe that his administration has a handle on what's happening on the southern border right now?

MS. PSAKI: We certainly do, Let me just give you a bit of an update on a couple of steps that we're taking. You know, first, let me say that, like COVID---obviously a different issue, but we recognize this is a big problem---the last administration left us a dismantled and unworkable system. And like any other problem, we are going to do doing everything we can to solve it."

A clear-thinking Senator Ted Cruz was having none of that. So he posted this: "Joe Biden halted wall construction, implemented catch and release, rescinded Trump era-policies to control entry, dismantled enforcement and deportations all while promising amnesty for illegal aliens."

"Instead of having a handle on the situation, Biden created a crisis."

President Biden has now brought in FEMA to solve it.

How bad is it?

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy pressed press secretary Jen Psaki about why FEMA was brought in.

He asked, "Does FEMA's arrival at the border mean the administration feels what is happening down at the border is a disaster?"

Doocy pointed out that FEMA's mission is to help people (quote) "before, during and after disasters."

"Is this now a disaster?"

The response began with how much she liked his mask, ending somewhere near---"it's complicated," and, "it's a big challenge and we're using every lever of government to help address that."

Doocy reminded her that the Biden administration had told illegals south of the border that now was not the time to come, asking, "Does that mean that the federal government now is moving beyond the message of the last couple of weeks?"

Her answer: "No we're doing both, and it's a complicated problem....We are sending the message clearly to the region. Now is not the time to come. But we also want to ensure that people are treated with humanity who are we are doing both."

Their message is not clear, it's a mixed, confusing message. And it's not that complicated if you have fixed values as opposed to evolving values.

Earlier this month the US reached a record high number of migrant children in the custody of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and over 100,000 migrants were encountered in just the month of February.

The situation at the border is so bad that the editorial staff at the Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece titled, "The Biden Border Mess."

WSJ editors write:

"FEMA typically addresses unpredictable calamities like hurricanes, but this border mess is man-made. US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported nearly 397,000 encounters with migrants in the first five months of fiscal 2021, which began in October."

It's a detailed article, and a stinging rebuke to President Biden, concluding with this: 

"Even modest reforms won't pass without public confidence that the government isn't inviting a rush of illegal migration that overwhelms the border and produces a human crises. An urgent White House rethink is necessary."

I don't know if he is thinking, but President Biden announced yesterday that he has decided to visit the border soon.

And speaking of lack of confidence in government; Rasmussen Reports published a survey yesterday  that shows nearly half of all voters don't believe Biden is even doing the job of president. 

While 47% of voters believe he is actually functioning as president, 47% don't believe he is. They think that others are making the decisions behind the scenes.

And this nonfunctioning presidency is having real consequences.

Mayor Chris Riggs of Gila Bend, AZ. told Fox News that his city is "completely in the dark" on migrants being dumped in his city, and the federal government can't even give him background information on the illegals they are dropping off in Gila Bend. He says they are just dropping them off with no health records, names, etc.---nothing, saying, "It's your problem now." He said he's begging for some kind of information..."And we're not getting anything."

The small city is not affluent. But the mayor says even "giving them a bottle of water and a sandwich when they're dropped off is going to cost the city tens of thousands of dollars."  

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA.), House Minority Leader, visited the border a few days ago and noted that "President Biden has a goal of maybe our families can get together on the fourth of July, but he's spreading COVID throughout" our country with his policies---or lack thereof.

And reminds us regarding our overwhelmed border officials: "You know that $1.9 trillion, the biggest spending we've ever done? There's not $1 dollar in there to help them. They're taking it out of their operations."

Where the illegals can be tested for COVID, border cities are finding that as many as 25% of the undocumented, unknown migrants are testing positive for COVID. Once inside the US, they are given a future court date---sometimes more than 2 years in the future, and released into our country. Most never return for their court date.

Jesus and Strangers

There should be no question that Jesus, Paul, and the Old Testament are abundantly clear on how God's people are to treat the "stranger," the "one," the "foreigner."

Jesus and the OT prophets made the case that strangers are vulnerable. America has always treated them with respect and dignity. And compassion.

However to argue, as the religious left does, that from these admonitions we should open our borders, without restraint or control---and that's what is really driving the policies of the left---is a miscarriage of Scripture.

The Left, Jim Wallis, his Sojourners organization, and others would have America believe that from these verses regarding "strangers" we should build a theology and an immigration policy that concludes that it is immoral not to accept whole communities of aliens or violent criminals, and that is contrary to systemic biblical teaching.

Jesus was certainly not confused about who the "stranger" really is.

The "stranger" passages were not directed at the mass illegal immigration being advocated today by the so-called "progressive left."

Although the religious left takes the Scriptures on the "stranger" to mean thousands, even millions of illegal aliens invading a country, you see respect for an individual in the teaching.

Being the "Word" Incarnate, why would Jesus teach something that clearly contradicts Old Testament teaching on borders and national identity? He wouldn't.

And neither should His church.

Neither is God the author of confusion, yet our border crisis fiasco, challenge, mess, whatever you want to call it, is a living testament to a confused group.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Vigilant.