Thursday, July 15, 2021

Fauci Funding Aborted Fetal Research

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Students for Life  Action is calling for the firing of Dr. Anthony Fauci, not because of his wobbly positions on the virus, but for his role in funding aborted fetal tissue research at the University of Pittsburgh.

Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life America, said at a rally last month in front of  Fauci's National Institutes of  Health offices, "We do not support the continued employment of Dr. Anthony Fauci amidst revelations that his office has been complicit in barbaric, inhuman research."

But he has said he does not support that kind of research. Is he contradicting himself?

Be informed, not misled.

The College Fix, a conservative student-led news organization, is all over this matter. A University of Pittsburgh spokesperson previously told the "Fix" that the public university "follows all laws and regulations governing fetal tissue research."

However, Kevin Zwick, an official university spokesperson, has been refusing to return calls to the "Fix" over the past several weeks.

Hawkin's organization is petitioning the National Institutes of  Health (NIH) to fire Fauci.

The Students for Life Action group has even worked with US Senators to share their concerns over the animal-human hybrid experiments that are being conducted.

Republican Senators, including Montana's Steve Daines, Oklahoma's James Lankford, and Sen. Braun of Indiana, have introduced an amendment to limit the federal funding of animal-human experiments, but it failed to get enough votes to pass.

What is Fauci's connection to this?

There is evidence that Fauci's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases sent taxpayer dollars to the University of Pittsburgh for research that included grafting human fetuses to rats. Fauci's group has given $62 million to Pitt. for research.

That evidence comes from a video last May that was taken by pro-life journalist David Daleiden and his Center for Medical Progress which has previously released videos about how Planned Parenthood traffics in fetal body parts. The allegations are part of a larger set of accusations against the public university and its role in abortion.

The experiments include scalping aborted 5-month-old unborn children to stitch onto lab rats, exporting fetal kidneys across the country, and killing infants delivered alive for liver harvesting.

Daleiden, whose videos confirm these activities at the University of Pittsburgh, says:

"Local Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania abortion providers supply the aborted fetuses, while Pitt Sponsors the local Planned Parenthood's operations, in what looks like an illegal Quid Pro Quo for fetal body parts."

"This," they say, "is forbidden by 42 US Code 289g-2 and 18 Pennsylvania Statutes 3216."

Furthermore, state law makes it a felony to experiment on a living fetus or to fail to provide immediate medical care to an infant born alive.

Pitt declares it "follows the law."

 And has launched a campaign to discredit Daleiden and his organization.

Follow the money

Forbes says that "Dr. Fauci made $417,608 in 2019, the last year for which federal salaries are available. That made him not only the highest-paid doctor in the federal government, but the highest paid out of all four million federal employees."

"In fact," Forbes says " Dr. Fauci even made more than the $400,000 salary of the President of the United State."

Forbes also notes that in an August 13, 2020, Instagram interview with actor Matthew McConaughey, Dr. Fauci was asked if he had millions of dollars invested in the vaccines. Dr. Fauci laughed and answered, "Matthew, no, I got zero! I am a government worker. I have a government salary."

If you're interested, his sidekick on the COVID taskforce, Dr. Debra Birx, was paid $305,972 in 2019. Vice President Pence was paid $235,100 in 2019. 

Pitt's defense.

The Center for Medical Progress has discovered that the university has additional ties to Planned Parenthood in that several faculty members at the university are, or have been, also employed by PP.

Additional PP employees with ties to Pitt no longer work at the university but had been trained by them in the past.

During a hearing, Daleiden highlighted the practices at Pitt that used fetal tissue, noting that scientists described "scalping 5-month-old aborted babies and grafting their scalps onto the backs of lab rats to keep them growing."

In one study, pictures of baby scalps with baby hairs can be seen on the backs of the lab rats.

In their own defense, the university made a statement defending this experimentation, alleging that the fetal tissue, which the Center for Medical Progress discovered to have included born-alive babies at times, "helped to cure life-altering diseases and injuries."

An exercise in choosing who will live and who will die. Seeking to usurp the role of Almighty God Himself. 

I suspect Satan is whispering to the high and mighty medical scientists, "You shall be as God"---and apparently, they're believing it.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.